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Answer: Bastian
Answer: his back :P
Answer: easiest question eva!
Answer: Joey Lawrence. :)
Answer: cuite
Answer: Chris Pine's sexy fine smile<3
Answer: Jared looking to our right<3
Answer: taylor sea behind him
Answer: my Robbie
Answer: KZe
Answer: Sam Claflin
Answer: Jared is angelic. In the background is his brother...
Answer: Ryan Kwanten
Answer: AW my clown
Answer: Ryan Kwanten
Answer: posing with stuffed animaux <333
Answer: Henri castelli
Answer: Matt Smith holding Karen Gillan in the first episod...
Answer: John Barrowman♥
Answer: Fernando Andina
Answer: Hugh Laurie (:
Answer: Bowie baby
Answer: sweet team downey *-*
Answer: John Barrowman!
Answer: young baby faced Jared<3
Answer: stunning human being <3
Answer: Antonio Banderas <3 <3 <3
Answer: Robbie neck
Answer: Liam with his Hunger Games group
Answer: seeeexy! :D
Answer: My tall dearly beloved
Answer: Leto
Answer: Taylor Lautner!
Answer: Taylor Daniel Lautner! xoxo's
Answer: Since our Knepper Queen is absent, I'll just post s...
Answer: Matt looking up <3333
Answer: Edward Cullen with blood dripping from his sexy vam...
Answer: soorryyyyy
Answer: robbie yesterday on Arrow
Answer: angry Knepper
Answer: Kellan younger<3
Answer: I think all girls are into eyes... I l’amour my Rob's...
Answer: luv him in blue
Answer: Marie is soooooooooo beautiful
Answer: I don't like perfect. I l’amour flaws
Answer: Dave! <3
Answer: Oh Kristen and Robert are naughty Lolol
Answer: Ian Somerhalder with a guitar, though it's only par...
Answer: Robert Pattinson in Remeber me
Answer: Ianto Jones.
Answer: Zac Efron
Answer: my gorgeous Robert with his Cosmopolis director,Dav...
Answer: Adam GREGORY!
Answer: salut cute cowboy
Answer: The sexiest "couch potato" alive - Jensen Ackles <3...
Answer: my gorgeous Robert and his gorgeous,spiky hair(i ha...
Answer: <33 <33 <33
Answer: :O
Answer: my creep in the dark, even creepier
Answer: gorgeous boy
Answer: ...very seldom for downey...maybe that one...^^
Answer: John Barrowman autograph♥
Answer: aaww Jared
Answer: BowBow
Answer: savage David
Answer: Jared
Answer: oh david, do that to me
Answer: Rob - wouldn't recognize him
Answer: pretty boy
Answer: like this?
Answer: Jamie in a car<3
Answer: It's super easy to spot my sexy Robert in this corbeau, corneille...
Answer: My Aaron performing at the Oscars<3 soo attractive
Answer: Twilight étoile, star Kellan Lutz in a pool for a photoshoo...
Answer: <333
Answer: l’amour his goldies
Answer: Rob IS the background which is outta focus
Answer: Robbie boy
Answer: Zac Efron.
Answer: aww what a chiot
Answer: Naughty barrowman!
Answer: wanna have these B)
Answer: Matthew dressed like a clown and riding on a little...
Answer: my baby,with Kristen Stewart,in a scene from BD 2 i...
Answer: Its a car door:
Answer: Just telling me how much he loves me hehe XD
Answer: Christian Bale<3
Answer: RDJ :)
Answer: why can't he just take that chemise off?
Answer: Josh Hartnett,one of my haut, retour au début 10 hotties has beautifu...
Answer: my baby wearing a cool watch<3
Answer: Zach Quinto
Answer: John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness♥
Answer: a bit tongue appreciation here
Answer: Nathan Fillion
Answer: :}D
Answer: Captain Jack Harkness!
Answer: <3
Answer: robert downey