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Answer: My seconde favori Jensen I l’amour him too :)
Answer: Kellan
Answer: my gros morceau, hunk *-*
Answer: My hottie wearing a hat :)
Answer: younger Robbie
Answer: Jared nipples
Answer: my sexy man Robert on the cover of People.Finally a...
Answer: Taylor Kitsch + Jessica White
Answer: Josh♥
Answer: young David Bowie
Answer: Knepper drawing
Answer: Zac Efron
Answer: my sweetie pointing at something with his thumb<3
Answer: Jar and his chiot
Answer: my seductively,sexy British baby<3
Answer: Colton Haynes *_*
Answer: here's mine
Answer: Cool Suit and Shades =P
Answer: Robert Knepper (108)
Answer: *sighs*
Answer: John Barrowman :)
Answer: my Robbie :P
Answer: Ollie on his motorbike, after getting stopped par Cl...
Answer: Justin Bieber and the Queen XD (plz don't kill me)
Answer: here is mine of Robert Pattinson leaning against a...
Answer: my sweet Angel
Answer: Naughty Barrowman with Eve Myles ;)
Answer: Mitch Hewer♥
Answer: Twilight étoile, star Taylor Lautner and his beautiful brow...
Answer: Harry Potter star,Daniel Radcliffe in orange
Answer: baby Leto
Answer: Matt at an event <3333
Answer: Sherly - hate that scene - no l’amour it - but it's so...
Answer: my fanart for toi <3
Answer: Taylor underwater Its blue :)
Answer: Teddy close up
Answer: Tony in Merlin BBC
Answer: my gorgeous Robert is just pure perfection<3
Answer: styla downsta
Answer: Cory Monteith<3 My creation.
Answer: haha I can't ...
Answer: Nicholas Hoult
Answer: my sweetie Rob
Answer: RK hug
Answer: And wet in the rain
Answer: I dunno why but I l’amour his ears here
Answer: Sakis in one of my room posters
Answer: David Tennant wearing blue<3
Answer: Funny face :)
Answer: Dane with lovely blue eyes<3
Answer: Some actors laughing :)
Answer: my pretty thinker
Answer: One of my favourites - Ewan.
Answer: bringin' swag back! *-*
Answer: Chris )) MDR
Answer: heck no - how can that be my Rob ?!
Answer: taylor :)
Answer: I wanna run my fingers through his hair :)
Answer: What a wanker, sorry meant planker ;)
Answer: l’amour leather jackets
Answer: here is my sweetie in a red and white striped chemise...
Answer: Zegs
Answer: Cam Gigandet <3
Answer: my sexy cowboy
Answer: Armie in b&w<3
Answer: John Barrowman!
Answer: Robbie wearing light blue
Answer: my gorgeous and red hot Robert<3
Answer: ♥Josh and his dog Driver♥
Answer: l’amour his face so much
Answer: mine x
Answer: in Downey mood
Answer: Mads Mikkelsen <3
Answer: Leto is the epitome of cool in that blue jacket<3
Answer: my Bobby ♥ I l’amour him plus and plus in every day....
Answer: my sexy Robert Hottinson<3
Answer: Matt Bomer in front of an oldish microphone looking...
Answer: Who is it ? :D
Answer: Matthew's juicy lips :P
Answer: Jake Gyllenhaal
Answer: Bowie, to me anyway
Answer: Chris Fine-- I mean, Pine. XD
Answer: I want Rob to appear in the Vampire Diaries and KIL...
Answer: evil Jared xD
Answer: the haut, retour au début villains
Answer: Misha on Supernatural
Answer: my sexy Robert with a turban on his head<3
Answer: Elijah Wood
Answer: my beast
Answer: <3
Answer: Jake <3
Answer: crazy and he knows it
Answer: seriously?? xD how could I choose
Answer: Robert is to hot for them hot peppers.
Answer: my handsome Angel who is now resting with the Angel...
Answer: Matt Bomer :)
Answer: Mark Salling with Glee cast mate Chris Colfer
Answer: John is 28 years older than me <3
Answer: Hmm Robbie