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Answer: Zac!
Answer: Cute hat,Justin<3
Answer: Booow
Answer: Captain Cold
Answer: CJH
Answer: Sexy God
Answer: Josh Henderson!
Answer: Scott and Britt sitting in the grass<3
Answer: Baptiste<3
Answer: my gorgeous Robert in red,white and blue<3
Answer: Lucky
Answer: from 1:17 <333333
Answer: John!
Answer: Justin Clynes!<3
Answer: Kevin<3
Answer: Ryan G montrer his arms<3
Answer: A.G<3
Answer: Kellan's veins<3
Answer: Here forever with you<3
Answer: l’amour it when his voice sounds so gay xD
Answer: Colin<3
Answer: Ian/
Answer: my heavenly hottie with a light shining behind him<...
Answer: John in Dunblane!
Answer: from Lazarus for Jimmy
Answer: from 0:25 <33333333333333333
Answer: my Bobby ^-^
Answer: Giulio Berruti
Answer: Jake Quickenden
Answer: I dont like Johnny Depp tbh but i l’amour Pirates Of T...
Answer: Haynes.
Answer: my bearded lady <3
Answer: Josh Holloway *v*
Answer: :)
Answer: Deanooo
Answer: Taylor Hottner with black hair<3
Answer: my only chains pic but it´s enough
Answer: Coltonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnisers
Answer: Kellan montrer his mighty fine biceps<3
Answer: Baptiste's hot abs<3
Answer: Taylor Lautner sitting on haut, retour au début of a rock<3
Answer: Got a vid: Merlin cast for children in need. ...T...
Answer: His smile has changed my life!
Answer: my Robert in a dark blue chemise and looking oh so se...
Answer: Scott in b&w<3
Answer: lksdjfasldkfj
Answer: the Biebz in skinny jeans<3
Answer: Jensen
Answer: Jamie Dornan's sexy Irish nips<3
Answer: my handsome babe looking down<3
Answer: Bowie duh!
Answer: this piece of perfection
Answer: Jamie looking directly at us<3
Answer: Stephen Amell.
Answer: Stephen Amell
Answer: Rob's Twilight co-star Taylor at the Hot Topic Twil...
Answer: Biersack is FUCKING CRAZY!
Answer: beautiful Dave
Answer: My baby
Answer: my boy has acted as everything
Answer: Jamie and his sexy shadow<3
Answer: my sexy white hot Robert with a white background<3
Answer: Toni Mahfud
Answer: Kellan with both arms out<3
Answer: JA<3
Answer: Luke Evans
Answer: there aren't many songs I like from my country, but...
Answer: CW <3
Answer: my sexy babe looking away<3
Answer: Jake Miller.
Answer: Jensen <3
Answer: DB!
Answer: Jodi Lyn O'Keefe, one of her fav actresses.
Answer: Lucky Blue
Answer: from 0:30
Answer: Toni Mahfud
Answer: Jamie wearing a hat<3
Answer: John Barrowman<3
Answer: hello world record <3
Answer: John<3
Answer: Liam with his arms out<3
Answer: Sexy Spencer!
Answer: info: T-Bag = Robert Knepper
Answer: Cillian's cerulean blue eyes<3
Answer: Toni Mahfud
Answer: Adam Lambert
Answer: want some bière my Dear?
Answer: l’amour him xD
Answer: Marco Dapper
Answer: Kellan's sexy sweat<3
Answer: my red hot British pepper<3
Answer: Andrew:)
Answer: stunner <3
Answer: my gorgeous Robert wearing fake glasses...and he lo...
Answer: Jamie and Eva both in white<3
Answer: Lutz in black<3
Answer: He's just a fellow XD awww he so small - squeeeeee...
Answer: Erica Cerra!
Answer: Cillian looking up<3
Answer: my handsome Robert with lines on his forehead<3