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Answer: My Honey!!! <3333
Answer: Hrithik Roshan
Answer: my Duke
Answer: Biebz.
Answer: Depp XD
Answer: Bowie fingers
Answer: ok, Jar!
Answer: Kellan with light colored hair<3
Answer: Aww so sweet<3
Answer: Sexy sam walking
Answer: John Barrowman wearing a scottish rugby haut, retour au début :) CMON...
Answer: Jared's Hugo Boss photoshoot<3
Answer: my sunnyboy XD
Answer: my Jensen <3
Answer: my yummy Theo looking somewhere<3
Answer: Sexy Jensen :)
Answer: god
Answer: Sakis on stage with purple lights on the background...
Answer: lucky bottle<3
Answer: my sparkling blue eyed babe<3
Answer: I l’amour him plus than words can say<3
Answer: this devil
Answer: Daddy Material Colton
Answer: Zac looking sexy in a bandana <3
Answer: sweety <3
Answer: ;)
Answer: Jen<3
Answer: my sexy British stunner<3
Answer: Derek shirtless<3
Answer: lion
Answer: Bieber!
Answer: Jamie looking very sexy in a suit<3
Answer: Tony in a creepy musical
Answer: Beckham<3
Answer: Garrett Hedlund.
Answer: MDR Robbie
Answer: :*
Answer: Jeremy
Answer: I think this may be photoshopped,but who cares?Here...
Answer: Liam in leather<3
Answer: DAVID
Answer: Stephen Amell<3
Answer: a sexy photoshoot pic of Scott Eastwood<3
Answer: some bacon
Answer: I f***ing hate watermarks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Answer: Lucky Blue Smith
Answer: Zac looking gorgeous sitting on a canapé <3
Answer: l’amour his lips
Answer: :::P
Answer: :()
Answer: the sweetest person one could imagine
Answer: Meghan Ory
Answer: Matt Bomer (using a used picture)
Answer: Bateman
Answer: Dave
Answer: Jared
Answer: Colton Haynes
Answer: Garrett Hedlund, please come to Doctor Who ou Torch...
Answer: Toni
Answer: Ashton wearing jeans <3
Answer: MDR perfect for Rob's face
Answer: ZQ
Answer: My kidd<3
Answer: Steven Tyler <333333
Answer: Jodi Lyn O'Keefe
Answer: Rainn Wilson in Backstrom
Answer: "Half" an Apple. XD
Answer: oh dat gaze
Answer: JAred
Answer: My éditer for Jessica!
Answer: MDR too cool guys
Answer: Nico looking hot in a vest!
Answer: Nico Tortorella thinking <3
Answer: Michael Ealy
Answer: Skip to 8:40 to see Matt taking his chemise off. :P
Answer: Wes Bentley
Answer: Christa B. Allen
Answer: Gao is babelicious in blue<3
Answer: white hot Scott<3
Answer: Douglas with stubble<3
Answer: Scott's sexy chest<3
Answer: looove that face *cries*
Answer: GM <3
Answer: Milo Ventimiglia wearing a watch <3
Answer: Ryan Cooper
Answer: Colton Haynes taking a selfie of him on his trip to...
Answer: John!
Answer: Chace:)
Answer: beautiful babe til the end
Answer: asdfghjkl
Answer: *dead*
Answer: want my sexy artist so badly
Answer: Zac <3
Answer: Liam posing<3
Answer: Zac's plage bod
Answer: ... he looks kinda desperate too ._.
Answer: Casey deidrick
Answer: Gabriel Mann hugging Emily VanCamp