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whatsupbugs faîtes-moi des propositions pour my comments
Hi. posté il y a 2 mois
JungleQueen13 faîtes-moi des propositions pour my images
Thank you, I l’amour your Spirited Away icone also! And your Megara and Belle ones are gorgeous too <3 posté il y a 3 mois
Mongoose09 à dit à propos de Princesses Disney
Does anyone else get frustrated when Disney fans (outside of Fanpop) argue about what the Princess lineup is? If I'm lire an article ou taking a quizz there'll always be commentaires saying "where's Esmeralda?" "where's Hercules?" etc. In this récent one there was plus than one person annoyed that the auteur didn't include Hans in the Prince lineup... but Anna & Elsa aren't even in the lineup so why would Hans be. Also he's a villain! it'd be Kristoff not Hans in the lineup anyway. posté il y a 5 mois
Mongoose09 commenté…
So many just don't understand that toi don't have to be royalty to be considered Disney royalty, and just because you're royalty (Simba) it doesn't mean you're in the lineup. I know it's trivial, I just needed to rant lol. il y a 5 mois
Sparklefairy375 commenté…
I've seen that too in various sites (mostly on youtube, fb, and instagram) and sometimes I get annoyed to read their commentaires complaining about that. Also when people a dit Pocahontas and Mulan doesn't deserve the lineup just because they're not an actual princess. *facepalm* il y a 5 mois
wavesurf commenté…
Bleh. The boards, before the mods took them down, were full of the stuff toi are describing. Certain parts of the internet aren't fit for human consumption. I sometimes remember that I came here to avoid the worst of the Disney fan extremists. il y a 5 mois
Mongoose09 commenté…
yeah, I mean I don't mind too much if they're just asking a simple question & just want to know (not everyone knows everything of course), but the ones that go on rants about authors of articles not including certain characters, and act as if they're right when... they're not. they don't seem to get that it's not anyone else's fault as to what Disney's official royalty criteria is. the only one that can change it is Disney. il y a 5 mois