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le choix des fans: tiffany88
le choix des fans: Nope, don't think so!
le choix des fans: Belle in the ballroom
le choix des fans: Actual countdowns where toi vote each DP out par votes from least to most fav
le choix des fans: Ariel ♥‿♥
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big smile
anya_corazon a dit …
Anastasia is officially Disney now! My dream for a long time has come true!! I never expected it to happen but I know many others were certain it would happen and it finally has. I hope to start seeing her included in votes and articles now, the way Elsa, Anna, and Moana often are. posté il y a 21 heures
JaDangerz commenté…
Elena is often shown too, btw Neytiri is officially Disney too so should Neytiri be included too. I know it was a live action film but it was technically animated too il y a 20 heures
tiffany88 commenté…
Just becasue Disney bought Fox(partially) doesn't mean their old characters going to be new Disney characters. We already have way too many Dps ^^ il y a 16 heures
MissCinico commenté…
^Same il y a 1 heure
random_camo a dit …
So I’ve been trying to make votes but for some reason, it won’t let me add the images. It’s starting to get really annoying. Anyone else having this problem? posté il y a 1 jour
JaDangerz commenté…
I was trying to add vidéos to other fanpop pages recently but it won't let me do it for some reason il y a 20 heures
connor3 a dit …
Hi guys :). So, starting today, Disney owns films like Anastasia, FernGully, The Book of Life, Ice Age, Rio, etc. Am I the only one thinking they will lait Anastasia with live-action remake ou tv series? It's still one of the most populaire animated movies. I heard from people who work at Disney Store that people ask about merch with her every day, thinking she's Disney. I just hope Disney won't annuler The Book of Life's sequel... posté il y a 1 jour
disnerdtobe commenté…
ugh why is Disney buying everything -_- it's not as if Disney doesn't have enough things/characters to merchandise already. il y a 1 jour
MissCinico commenté…
Disney is almost a corporate monster so that's not surprising. Eventually the whole entertainment industry is going to be a monopoly owned par Disney, I hope Dreamwork's/Paramount/Nickelodeon still hangs in there though, they're our last hopes at ever getting some variety. il y a 1 jour
wavesurf commenté…
They aren't producing anything of "real worth." They are just buying out their competition, and stamping their name on everything... And what this really says is what deedragongirl said. Disney is a greedy corporation. But also, Disney IS TOO LAZY to make something special and original. It takes energy and risk-taking to be original. Tangled, Brave, Frozen, Moana, and the live-action remake flicks are all "safe" movies. Disney took no risks, and gave audiences exactly "what they wanted." The stories are often very small in scope, and the titles are misleading "adjectives." Disney is taking no risks anymore. So they are buying out their competition in order "to make plus movies" and to mask their own "dying art form." How else do toi explain it? If people ( secretly) really don't respect Disney for making films like they did in their heyday ( the Renaissance), then Disney must do something to cover their butts, right? il y a 13 heures