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le choix des fans: Belle
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le choix des fans: Mulan
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gitanita a dit …
Hello everyone.
I know that lately there has been a lot of drama in the club, and BB2010 has been affected. My intention was never that, and I have decided to stop creating unnecessary dramas and making jokes that toi do not like. I apologize for the problems I have created. From now on I will only dedicate myself to doing polls, commenting on the other votes and those things.

I hope toi can forget everything that happened and give me a seconde chance. posté il y a 15 heures
gitanita commenté…
I apologize especially to BB2010, I feel very bad about what happened, and I hope one jour she forgives me. I want to be a normal member of the club, and I will be very grateful if toi guys could gice me a seconde chance, and participate in my votes like in old times il y a 15 heures
PrincessAyeka12 a dit …
Don’t toi just l’amour Google translate? Have toi ever translated a few lines of the plot summary from Disney Princess films? It creates new interesting funny facts about the characters. For example; It is the knowledge that is involved in the office culture and offices available in Ireland. Merida is the knowledge. Unless it is offered, Merida will support media and has over ten years. posté il y a 1 jour
PrincessAyeka12 commenté…
If toi want to be successful, then toi will be able to make it - you're a jasmine. How do toi know about the Princess jasmin and the red beings, they are redz, but they can not get it? il y a 1 jour
phalangeregina commenté…
I did not understand any of that. Reminds me not to use Google Translate on my suivant French assignment if the results will come out anything like this. il y a 1 jour
phalangeregina commenté…
When I meant I did not understand anything, I meant that I could not understand any of the translations, which was the intended effect. I know that people use Google Translate to make vidéos to montrer how wacky lyrics can sound. So toi did your job well. That's a lot of languages toi translated in. I'm shocked how the original text became what toi ended up posting. il y a 20 heures
Winxclubgirl202 a dit …
What do toi think of new released looks of the new live action adaption of Mulan? I'm a little on the fence about it but we'll see. posté il y a 1 jour
phalangeregina commenté…
Looks as mediocre as Emma Watson playing Belle. At least in my country that is. il y a 1 jour
Sparklefairy375 commenté…
I still have no idea as they only release one photo shot of Mulan, but we'll see il y a 1 jour
AdelitaI commenté…
The actress is very beautiful. il y a 19 heures