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le choix des fans: Snow White
le choix des fans: Yeah, sure
le choix des fans: Belle (I always thought of this as a princess/beginning song)
le choix des fans: Make a Man Out of toi
le choix des fans: couleurs of the Wind
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Diazdiaz95 a dit …
Hi, I know it's been a while but I was wondering, do any of toi know how to make banners, like the one this club has, ou one of those crossover pictures with characters from different shows ou movies? What websites ou programs are used to make them? I've always wanted to make one of those but I don't know how ou where to make them. posté il y a 1 jour
Sparklefairy375 commenté…
Banner is usually created with Photoshop, with the size of 800px-100px il y a 1 jour
euny commenté…
Gimp is also a good option :) il y a 18 heures
nmdis commenté…
I use PS7 usually but toi can use online pixlr.com/editor as well. il y a 8 heures
Starfox2000 commenté…
There was a forum with useful tips: link il y a 7 heures
deedragongirl a dit …
I'm 16 going on 17 baby it's time to think! posté il y a 1 jour
disnerdtobe commenté…
Better beware be canny and careful, baby you're on the brink! il y a 1 jour
disnerdtobe commenté…
Happy birthday! Gosh you're so young. I wish I was still as young as toi are. il y a 1 jour
deedragongirl commenté…
^^ rofl, that was so random! il y a 1 jour
KataraLover a dit …
Do any of toi know what gypsies are? I know in the Disney movie of The Hunchback of Notre dame that they're Romani people and they have prejudice against them and all that. However, for a LONG TIME I didn't know what a gypsy really was. When I asked my mom, she a dit it was someone who traveled from place to place without a home, so when something was stolen they were accused of being the ones who did it *continues to type in comments* posté il y a 1 jour
ace2000 commenté…
Yup. I read about them in a book that I can't seem to recall the titre of :/ il y a 1 jour
MissCinico commenté…
Gypsies even refer to themselves as Gypsies and white people as Gorgers. il y a 3 heures
wavesurf commenté…
^Why do we have to go into "semantics" here? Gypsies ( even if they refer to themselves as such) started out as 'a slur: an insult, a slight, a smear.' It certainly wasn't flattering initially, not until it became "a norm" to call them that. And we don't go around using the "n" word around African Americans, some of whom still don't like being called "black." The unsavory labels for different ethnicities is one of the many things I hate about the human race. il y a 45 minutes