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le choix des fans: Merida
le choix des fans: Olaf (Frozen)
le choix des fans: Lumiure (Beauty and the Beast)
le choix des fans: 2017 Version
le choix des fans: jasmin
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JaDangerz a dit …
I just recently watched The Great souris Detective for the first time in years and I forgot how awesome it was. Vincent Price really knew how to voice a villain and sing like one. posté il y a 14 heures
big smile
Starfox2000 a dit …
I've just watched the Beauty and the Beast remake, and what can I say? It was pretty good. Thought isn't a masterpiece as the animated film but it was a nice adaption. The musique was nostalgic, the actors - with a few exception - were great, and I also liked we know a bit plus of Belle's and Beast's past. Though the movie had its weaknesses - but I don't want to waste word for them, they don't deserve it XD
Overall, it's oncewatchable, but the original is the BEST <3 posté il y a 1 jour
wavesurf commenté…
^Cool. toi came to the same conclusion I did. I only wanted to watch it, the once. I'm not a huge fan of the original cartoon version, either, instead preferring other renditions/film retellings of B & the B over all of Disney's versions. To each their own. :D il y a 1 jour
asteriamalfoy commenté…
What versions of Beauty and the Beast do toi find superior? il y a 1 jour
wavesurf commenté…
^No problem. If you're willing to give them a try, please have fun! il y a 3 heures
big smile
wavesurf a dit …
This may be old news to some... But they are finally turning Anastasia into a Broad way Musical. Yup. Anya and Dimitri, Vlad, don't know about Pooka...etc. will be a stage musical. I can't say I'm surprised. It just took them, like, FOREVER to decide to do this. But I'm pretty happy that the chance has, at last, come. posté il y a 3 jours
deedragongirl commenté…
Yea, I read about the news, I was a bit intrigued that it keeps delaying and the fact that there will be no Rasputin in it. il y a 3 jours
asteriamalfoy commenté…
It's one of my favori films so of anyone watches it (previews opened yesterday) please comment. Also interested in what merchandise they have available. The actress is relatively unknown but I've seen vidéos of her performance and she is superb and so passionate. toi can tell she loves the character so much! il y a 2 jours
wavesurf commenté…
^Yes, I did see a video of Christy Altomare chant 'Journey To The Past.' She handled it well. So, yes, I'd be interested in watching a video of the Broadway musical, since I grew up with this movie, too. il y a 2 jours
UnholyNoise commenté…
not really a fan of the movie, but i really like that the animated films we grew up with are being taken seriously as a form of entertainment. il y a 1 jour