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ana_tai_tadase a dit …
Yooo, someone from here also plays pokecord in discord? posté il y a 1 mois
Larry_ commenté…
Uh, uh, me! il y a 1 mois
ana_tai_tadase commenté…
Ahhh yay, never thought someone would be responding this haha, do toi have a server that toi have joined? I l’amour playing pokecord o3o il y a 1 mois
626LXS a dit …
Happy Birthday, to My favori trainer, the one of a kind and only, ASH KETCHUM!!! posté il y a 1 mois
trumpmaster a dit …
yeeeeeeat salut pokefan mans and geals how are toi pokesters doing posté il y a 2 mois