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le choix des fans: Metal Sonic
Metal Sonic
Dr. Eggman
le choix des fans: yes
le choix des fans: Scratch & Grounder (AoStH)
le choix des fans: He's fine 2 me!!
le choix des fans: infinite
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Sonic mur

saraice a dit …
hi sonic i lov toi so much posté il y a 11 jours
saraice commenté…
i l’amour toi so much sonic il y a 11 jours
kicksomebut23 a dit …
I wish I had sonic forces posté il y a 16 jours
gfdcf commenté…
Me too.but it won't be out till the holidays :( il y a 4 jours
Spottedpelt13 a dit …
Do toi know how toi guys got this Sonic background?? Im trying to figure out how to do that on my club posté il y a 22 jours
TheDarkEmpire commenté…
It's based on how many fans the club has. I don't know the exact number, but based on which clubs have backgrounds, I think your club needs at least 5,000 fans. Once toi get that many, toi get the option to add a background, and your fans can vote on in. il y a 19 jours