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le choix des fans: beurre
le choix des fans: #5. Teen Titans GO!
le choix des fans: A little/to some degree
le choix des fans: Somewhere in between
Somewhere in between
le choix des fans: Adelaide Kane's wedding dress in Reign
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Mauserfan1910 a dit …
I'm not going to say I hate Christians, but I am going to say I hate anyone who thinks toi should be subject to eternal torment because some dubious book with a sketchy past doesn't like your lifestyle.
How can toi believe that and still call yourself mentally sound? posté il y a 1 jour
BlindBandit92 commenté…
I don't care if toi don't believe in christianisme but I really do not appreciate the accusation toi just made. There are a decent amount of things in the bible I don't agree with because of xyz reasons but I still believe I am a Christian. I don't how toi can insult a large group generally because of different opinions that hardly aren't even that bad especially a dit person doesn't bother toi for it. il y a 22 heures
ThePrincesTale commenté…
"You should be subject to eternal torment because some dubious book with a sketchy past doesn't like your lifestyle" MDR c'mon peeps I don't think this was meant to be taken so seriously. Black humour and all. il y a 4 heures
legend_of_roxas commenté…
^ I don't think Mauserfan is just using some black humor, I'm sure she's serious about that comment. Her vues on religion are very extreme which is fine, everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and opinions. Although I'm not really fine with her throwing insults at people just because they believe in a religion ou believe in stuff in the bible. il y a 3 heures
ShadowFan100 a dit …
So, I'm about to head off to take my drivers test (the written one), and this is my 2nd time taking it. Dear God, I hope I'm ready. I'm honestly sick of not being able to drive myself anywhere, it sucks. I want my independence, damn it. Plus, I have a car sitting out in our front yard, just begging me to drive it. And I l’amour my '06 Maxima ❤️

Wish me luck, and send me all the l’amour and positivity toi have. Please? Much appreciated. Because I'm nervous as hell right now. posté il y a 1 jour
Mauserfan1910 commenté…
Good luck. Believe me when I say the drivers test is harder than actually driving il y a 1 jour
TheLefteris24 commenté…
^ True. Good Luck Shadow !!!! il y a 1 jour
Riku114 commenté…
Dude I still need to do the written one at some point XD il y a 13 heures
THaSlimJim a dit …
do u ever just rlly want a powderd donut bc I rlly want a powdered donut posté il y a 1 jour
legend_of_roxas commenté…
They just built a dunkin donuts 2 minutes away from my house so I can get a powdered doughnut for you. il y a 1 jour
Mauserfan1910 commenté…
I hate powdered doughnuts, I hate being about to take a bite and the powder jumps to the back of your throat and chokes toi like it were your daddy il y a 1 jour
CokeTheUmbreon commenté…
Powered donuts are good <3 il y a 18 heures