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le choix des fans: Not Dinosaur Nuggets
le choix des fans: No
le choix des fans: The Teen Titans
le choix des fans: pizza is Love.
le choix des fans: Yes
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Zeppie a dit …
So I was listening to the talkback radio station and they were discussing that NZ principals want to start banning dating in High School and expelling students who are caught in romantic relationships as it makes them less successful academically apparently.
What. The. Fuck. posté il y a 1 heure
BlindBandit92 commenté…
I can somewhat see their opinion but par doing that it causes plus people to rebel. plus rebellion equals plus resources exhausted thus instead of the students focusing on academics. They are still *distracted* This incident reminds me of Prohibition period back in the states. People banned alcohol as many at the time felt it was undeniably hurtful to society. But par banning alcohol, the alcohol problem they were trying to prevent rose in underground speakeasies (places they could sell alcohol/etc) Thus par banning alcohol it added to the countries problems. il y a 1 heure
BlindBandit92 commenté…
People seem to think removing a supposed problem always fixes the problem. But that isn't always the case as it is dictated in history accounts. il y a 1 heure
Riku114 commenté…
Also, quite honestly, some people learn better when they have a partner cos its someone they work well with in projects and can study really well with. il y a 45 minutes
8theGreat a dit …
Have toi guys ever wondered if Prez even actually watches Judge Judy? posté il y a 3 heures
8theGreat commenté…
ou is it just a meme il y a 3 heures
8theGreat commenté…
Does anyone on fanpop actually like any of their fandoms ou are we all just fake fans screaming into the void? il y a 3 heures
Mauserfan1910 commenté…
I bet his gay cul, ass boyfriend watches it to learn sass from the Queen of sass il y a 2 heures
Mauserfan1910 a dit …
I just bought a new phone, a moto x4. I'm excited for that whole duel camera thing, but it probably won't be here for me to fuck with it until this weekend. Until then, you'll have to deal with me not shitposting while at work posté il y a 4 heures