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8theGreat a dit …
Tfw you're hungry but its late and toi can't get to the nourriture toi want without waking up your SO anyway.

Also Little Witch Academia is 10/10 do recommend just sayin. posté il y a 3 heures
ShadowFan100 a dit …
I spent the weekend at my biological parents' house, spent most of my time with my father. And I had a pretty good time, getting to know him and all that. But I can't shake this feeling that he secretly dislikes and/or hates me. I'm sure he notices my social awkwardness, and the fact that I'm a little odd. He doesn't know I'm Autistic and I honestly don't want him to find out. He may reject me if he does, and I'm not sure I can handle rejection from my father. I honestly hope I'm wrong. posté il y a 5 heures
ShadowFan100 commenté…
Maybe that was a bit of a stretch but I can't help it. This weekend was in fact the first real time that we've ever spent together and I l've probably annoyed him. Like, I honestly did wanna get to know him, but I just feel like I've made him hate ou something. il y a 5 heures
ShadowFan100 commenté…
And the fact that I also feel stupid whenever we talk doesn't help at all. I really wanted this to work, y'know? I never mention this, but I honestly would like to have a male figure in my life. And considering how he's my biological father, I figured I'd give him a shot. il y a 4 heures
CokeTheUmbreon a dit …
The italics are BAAAAAAACCCCKKKK!!!! posté il y a 9 heures
TheLefteris24 commenté…
Nice. Glad to know !!!! il y a 9 heures
ShadowFan100 commenté…
How does one make italics? il y a 7 heures
CokeTheUmbreon commenté…
Type "[I]" *insert word ou number* [/I]. Any questions? il y a 7 heures
ShadowFan100 commenté…
No, thanks, I'm good :D il y a 4 heures