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A/N Kid Flash can't resist a challenge. And when a certain Meister of musique steps in, well, let's just see where that takes us XD of, and btw,italics is singing

"Hey Kid Mouth" Artemis greeted
"Hey, Artepits" he snarked
"Hey Kid, guess what" Artemis said
"What?" he asked
"Anything you can do, I can do better" she grinned
"Ha!" KF laughed
"I can do anything better than you"
"No, toi can't"
"Yes I can"
"No, toi can't."
"Yes I can"
"No, toi can't."
"Yes, I can, Yes, I can!"
"Anything toi can be, I can be greater. Sooner ou later,I'm greater than you" KF sung
"No, you're not" Artemis shook her head
"Yes I am"...
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Robin wonders why the others do it. The hero business, he means. It was dangerous, and they knew it, but it took huge determination to even try and be a hero. Even Robin felt like just giving up and quitting at times, but he'd never admit it.


He thinks Kaldur does it because he promised.

He made a commitment to his king, Aquaman, and like any good citizen, he'd never go back on a promise. It was...
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posted by Robin_Love
The escrim sticks twirled in her hands and Wally noticed it as a nervous habit. They were spinning almost faster than he could follow. His eyes followed them round and round. He was starting to get dizzy and pulled his gaze to her face. She was biting her lip as she searched for an answer. But she suddenly slammed the weapons to the ground; thank goodness they were shatter proof.
“Where did they take him?!”
Wally felt uneasy. He was alone with Robin's girlfriend who was, at the moment, pretty pissed about her boyfriend's disappearance. They had been hunting for weeks, Becca continuing when...
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Mount Justice
August 8, 2011    19:55 EDT
“Kid Flash should be here any minute…” M’gann stated to the teams new teammate, Artemis. Robin, M’gann, Red Tornado, Batman, Green Arrow, Superboy, Kaldur and Artemis stood in the circular room. Soon enough the zeta tube announced, “Recognized: Kid Flash-B-zero-three”.
“There he is now! I’m sure toi two will get along famously,” M’gann a dit as a red headed boy in yellow swim trunks appeared behind her. He was carrying a plage ball, boom box, green cooler, a shopping bag, red and white stripped fold up chair, a...
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"Where's my tie?" Robin ran around the house throwing clothes in the air. Bruce entered the room an ironed tie in his hand.
"Alfred was ironing it as toi asked" Robin gave a sigh of relief and snatched the tie off his mentor. He fixed his collier and pulled his veste on.
"Would toi mind sparing me 20 bucks?" the teenager asked putting his hand out.
"Why?" Bruce began to take out his wallet.
"Just canteen food" Bruce put his wallet back in his pocket.
"Oh! What gives?!" Robin cried. He looked at the clock. "Come on just 20 bucks. Please ou I'll be late!" he put out his hand again.
"Where are toi really...
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Not Mine (

"Robin? Robin!" Kaldur hissed, looking around the darkened room the team were currently hiding in.

"He's gone isn't he?" Wally asked quietly, glancing up from the computer.

"Yep." The Atlantean nodded, exasperated.

"Figures." Artemis groaned softly. "M'gann, can you…"

She was interrupted par gunfire from the suivant floor up in the gratte-ciel and a familiar cackle.

"Oh. There he is." Kid Flash mused, before racing up the stairs.


"Seriously dude, you've gotta stop doing that." Wally grimaced as the team were assembled back in the cave.

"Stop doing what?" Robin glanced at the...
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Chapter 4: Two Sides to Every Story

Robin sat crouched on a gargoyle of one of Gotham's many tall buildings. He stared down at the city with narrowed eyes, waiting for some sort of chaos to happen. Cars zoomed left and right on the streets and pedestrians shuffled on the sidewalks.

"Having fun?"

Robin pulled a Batman and didn't even have to look to see who it was. He'd recognize that voice anywhere. "Batgirl," he a dit curtly. "You shouldn't be out here."

Batgirl, standing on the ledge, leaned against the building wall. "Why should I let toi and the old Bat have all the fun?" She plopped...
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