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posted by Robin_Love
“Where'd they go?!” Wally shouted.
“How are we supposed to know?” Erin screamed back.
“You've lived with her for a month. toi should know!”
“Wally! Don't yell at them. They never know where she goes.”
Robin's voice rang inside the mountain and, as the mist started to disappear, they saw their little birds, looking quite amused at how flustered Wally was.
“You're back!”
Erin and Wally were the first ones to get them and the others soon joined the hug fest. Becca laughed joyfully, a sound that hadn't been heard in a long while.
“Wow! Becca! What is this?”
Becca smirked at Erin,...
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Chapter Three-

“Revenge!” Courage yelled.

Huntress held the girl back from rushing into the building.

“Let me go!” Courage yelled.

“He’s fine!” Huntress said, standing up and brushing herself off.

Revenge walked out of the feu and Courage could tell he was extremely ticked off.

“That was $30,000 worth of computers.” he muttered. “$30,000.”

“What happened?” Huntress asked.

“Someone knew we were coming.” Revenge said, helping Courage up. “The bomb had a dagger painted on it.”

“So?” Huntress asked.

Courage rolled her eyes and pointed at Revenge’s chest. “Dagger,...
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posted by Mclovin_69
" What do toi mean Wally has gone missing" Batman a dit as he gave the teens one of his scary glares, everyone fell silent and Batman looked over at his protege, he looked as though he was hiding something, he just didnt know what. Suspision grew inside him he didnt know what he was thinking but he badly wanted to know.


Willow sat at the plage still with her eyes glowing as the waters reflection made her body shown in the water, Becca was beggining to worry, if she kept this up she might never stop. Bullet sat suivant to Becca as she looked at her...
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posted by Denelys
The alarm clock rang,I looked for my suit and took my bag filled with presents.I flew over to MT.Justice with a huge smile.

"HAPPY BLORTHOG!!,Huh? whats wrong guys?"I said,
"Aletter came in the mail here for toi but we opened it,sorry"Said M`gann
"Okay,wheres the lettter then?"I said.
"Here read it."Said Wally with his voice breaking.
"FireBlaster im so sorry".Adedd Robin,
As I read tears fell from my eyes as they turned dark blue with my hair,when I fineshed the letter, I had a breakdown I put my hands on head and fell curling in a ball screeming:Kumenazai,Kumenazai,Kumenazai!!!.And Blacked out....
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A group of cosplayers jouer la comédie out life in the cave.
La Ligue des Justiciers – Nouvelle Génération
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The boy wonder stood up aiding his head.
"Did toi just zap me?" he replied in a squeaky voice. The two Heroes stood still staring at him. Robin looked up at them.
"Do I have something on my face?" robin touched his face. "Seriously, stop staring at me!" The Heroes kept on staring. Robin picked up his batarang. "Your not hypnotized are you?" Robin asked facing his audience. He groaned. "Geez Zatanna, Bats stop staring it's creeping me out!" Zatanna and Bats exchanged glances. "Your back!" Zatanna hugged Robin. Bats smiled as he watched the young teenagers. "Well I did go on a mission where we...
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Wally poked his brand new body.
"Cut it out!" Artemis replied (who is now in Wally"s body). Wally raised an eyebrow. "Look at these babies!" He looked down at Artemis's breasts. Artemis slapped his face. "Och!" Artemis cried. Wally laughed. "Ha! I didn't even touch you!" Artemis relies something. She slapped her face. "Och! that hurt!" Wally cried.
"Don't even think about playing with my body. toi got that!" she slapped her face again.
"Owww!" Wally put both hands on his his old body's chest "Okay! I won't play with it! Geez!" Artemis stopped slapping herself. "I guess if I slap your body, you...
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