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prévisualiser clip of the suivant episode.
La Ligue des Justiciers – Nouvelle Génération
season 2
episode 13
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This girl basically just summed up my life. ADMIT IT YOU'VE a dit AT LEAST 3 OF THESE THINGS
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When I first heard this song, I instantly thought of Superboy. :D
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Over all view: l’amour it! So good.

Aqualad: toi bad cul, ass motherhugger I l’amour toi til I die. The way he fought his own father after staying with him for so long *melting*. And then it's his old costume, is it just me ou has Aqualad muscled up?

Artemis: That girl, still l’amour her and her lines like "I thought the great one was such a gentleman" something like that.. And her and Wally's reunion AAAH Spitfire all over the place again I missed toi so much, especially toi Wallace!!

Nightwing: Them moves. l’amour how he says "dude!" reminds me so much of how he was in season one. I loved that little talk with...
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Overview: Great! not brilliant but great, finally some team work. Damn it!

So in this episode Blue finally gets the scarab off, (whoohoo) with the help of Zatanna, Rocket, Impulse, Batgirl, Robin, Wonder girl, Beast boy and of course Sphere.

I was really happy to see Zatanna a little bit and how she has gotten a lot better over these past five years.

Rocket "girlfriend" toi rock!

I'm always liking Bart plus and plus par each episode and he has become my favori new character of season 2. *claps*

Jaimie, Is actually really awesome, two thumbs up for him and his mind and making fun of the ambassador.

M'gann and La'gnn is over.....OLE OLE OLE OLE!!

Conner and Wendy are dating <3
Barbara could barely get up that morning for it was the jour of Jason's funeral. Her face was makeup-less for her tears would have ruined it and her expression was irregularly sad. She stood suivant to Dick as she looked at Jason's peaceful face.
"He's dead, Dick. He was like a brother to me. He was plus of a brother than my actual brother and now he is gone," Barbara told Dick not lifting her eyes from Jason's still body.
"I know, I know. He was like a brother to me too," Dick a dit as he wrapped his arm around Barbara's waist to comfort her. She turned into his shoulder and cried plus than when...
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8:00am Mount Justice

"Morning Robs" Wally a dit rubbing his eye.
"Oh Wally seen Artemis?" Robin replied his eyes lifted from the computer screen.
"Right here" Artemis appeared in the room raising her hand.
"Great! I got a job for you"
"You what?" Wally asked a little confused.
"When did toi start giving jobs to people?" Artemis was now annoyed.
"Oh no its a cute job. toi see I had to babysit Bats friend's kid but somethings come up. I have to go to China and help Bats stop manchot, pingouin blowing up the Great mur of China"
"And toi want us to take over?" Wally crossed his arms.
"Come on! Here." Robin handed...
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An heure has gone par since Alfred left to go get the door at two in the morning and of course Bruce is still up doing research on his latest mission for the Justice League. The silence of the night is broken when Alfred returns to the Bat cave, an expression of complete confusion on his aged face. “Master Bruce, toi have a visitor waiting for you”
He manages to say still wearing that mask of perplexity. “At this hour?” Bruce questions yet he goes and changes into an extra pair of clothing he stores in the Bat cave. He follows Alfred into his office to find a girl, about twelve maybe...
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You deserve this...

A burning torch, a column of flame
In everything but shape, voice and name- Fin, for obvious reasons
A fleur blooms the water floods
The dirt will mix in both for mud
While pure wind blows in longing breezes
For creator’s health the cold ice freezes-describing her powers over the elements, and the fact she can create alternate universes
The blood of all will fill the mind - her killing the team (didn't happen)
And one of them in not as kind - Nathan/Ryan
To save the world and make it last
The answer lies back through her past-saying that later on in life she'll have to save...
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Name: Sade Rogers

Alias: Liberty

Age: 16

Height: 5'10

Gender: Female.

Looks: Long Blond hair with blue eyes.
Relation to team: Captain Americas daughter. (Yes, I know he's Marvel. Hence the title.)

Civvies: Red shirt, blue skinny jeans, and converse. Wears a étoile, star necklace, and a Captain America bracelet in honor of her dad.

Personality: all-around patriot, believing in all of the things that make America great. She always strives to make America even better. She is a very dedicated friend, and has a set group of ideals. She is strictly opposed to any form of oppression, she can be a bit stuck in the...
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My question since the beggining is still noit clear... Is this the creation of the writters ou are they going to follow the comics story line??

Because in the comics Tenn Titans came first and the Robin was Dick Grayson...after a few years Young Justice was created and the Robin that was in YJ is Tim Drake... not Dick.

Is the YJ TV series a creation of the writer, meaning that they will ignore the creation of Teen Titans??

I must say, The fist episode of Season 2: " Happy Ney Year"was confusing, they left so many things uncleared... but maybe that's what they want???

Or that somehow after everything...
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robinluv14: Hi guys! Welcome to the randomness that is me, rachele_x, and our OC’s! We throughly hope toi enjoy the little chat that we had. IF toi find stuff in double parenthesis (()) that’s me noting some stuff. there are some spoilers for new oc’s and new one shots and some refrences to a certain OC, names will not be mentioned... until that point in the chat. We hope toi enjoy... wait... i a dit that... Oh. yeah, u get to see fin cussing... a lot... she’s... a cusser... when she’s not around fanpop... yeah... I ramble. this was a really long authors note... ONE plus thING. these...
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Robin sat on his lit in Mount Justice just staring at the floor. Alfred had kicked him out saying that he needed to do something to get his mind off of Bruce. It had been a week since Bruce put on the helmet, and nothing was helping him get his mind off of Bruce.

Wally had tried to do many things, along with the others, to get him to cheer up, but nothing worked. They tried to call him and see how he was doing, but they only got Alfred and he a dit that he would hardly eat ou come out of his room.

Zatanna had visited the mountain plus since Batman disappeared and a dit that her father told her...
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