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10, 9 ,8 ,7-

The YJ members counted down.

6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!!!

Everyone cheered. Couples kissed, while the best of Friends hugged each other.
"Bring it on 2013!!!" Wally shook his fist in the air. The guys cupped their hands over their mouths and cheered while the girls screamed with joy.
"Okay now its the best part of new years!" Wally rubbed his hands together licking his lips.
"Hehe. We have the old Wally back!" Nightwing a dit to the crowd. Everyone laughed. Dick approached the doors of Bruce Wayne's mansion. "Now there are a few rules when toi enter Bruce Wayne's, yes the million...
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Actively playing on the web flash was been one of the most strain reliever and addictive type of recreation. toi will find loads of them; some may be as simple as Bejeweled ou as complex as MMORPG. For small girls, teenagers ou youthful adults, dress up games is often fun and exciting. toi may be your extremely personal stylist and convert a simple looking character into one thing beautiful and sexy looking.
The suivant would be the various classes for dress up games:
Celebrities Dress Up Games:
Right here are tips on selecting which classification to go for so that toi can play robe up games.

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posted by brown-eyed-girl
Bart woke up. Immediately he knew something was wrong. He looked around and saw he was in a tent par himself.
“Oh no, I can’t be back, that’s impossible the time machine was only a one way trip” He thought. plus thoughts rapidly came to his head but were interrupted when Nathaniel opened the flap.
“Bart toi overslept, toi were supposed to take your shift fifteen minutes ago”
“What” Bart asked still confused. Suddenly he was walking with a bolder in his hands. He fell on his knees. Suddenly Blue Beatle appeared
“No! I was suppose to save you, I was suppose to stop all of this from...
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posted by Mclovin_69
He sat on the building, the one he had always lurked on when he was in for robbing, but it just didnt feel right to do it... not tonight, he felt like there was something more..... plus important to him, something he wanted to get off his chest.

" Terror! " he called walking up behind him, Terror turned around anger in eyes, " what do toi want... " he muttered angrily. " To know why... " he a dit walking up to him crossing his arms, " why what? " Terror asked glaring...
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Chapter Eight- "Pack your Suitcases"

Chapter 8-

"Why are we still here?" Artemis hissed. "The League of Shadows hasn't tried anything in a month!"

"Because Batman said." Robin replied.

"Batman said, Batman said." Artemis mocked him. "No, I mean a real reason."

"That's a good enough reason." Nightwing a dit over their ear comms. "Watch Grant and stop talking."

Artemis sighed and looked back. She narrowed her eyes as Grant came out of the bathroom, slipping on a shirt.

Robin looked at her and grinned.

"You like him." he said, the grin in his voice.

"Do not!" Artemis exclaimed.

"Yes toi do! toi think he's...
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Chapter 5: How to Screw up a l’amour Story

(Dick's POV)
Okay, I many people (mainly Barbara) have called me an idiot before. And sometimes, I have to agree with them. I'll admit that I've done some really stupid stuff before. I've set off a stink bomb in the girl's bathroom. I put glue on a bully's sneakers after PE. And most recently, I snuck a red and black paint bomb in Houston's locker. So, after all those ridiculous (but incredibly brilliant) pranks, letting my secret slip to Batgirl has to haut, retour au début them all.

Yep. I'm just that stupid. I, Dick Grayson, am an idiot. I a dit it—and I...
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posted by Obscurity98
Harley stood there knees bent, Black hair covering half of her face, breathing hard, and eyes wide. She shuddered, she knew she had to die soon, her mind, almost as if it was another person entirely, was telling her so. Black Canary speed over,"Harley? Are toi okay?" Harley didnt even blink. She was frozen. Roy tried stepping to her, but when he did she reacted, she beared her teeth, and her eyes flames up. Wally stepped infront of ROy's path,"Liek toi think you're gonna pass?" Roy looked down at his old friend. The team truely loved her, like family, and ROy felt ashamed.
Black Canary shook...
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posted by Mclovin_69
 Batman glared at her " im sory Willow but Liza cant work on this team unless toi are gone... so toi have to pack your stuff andand go.." Batman a dit
Batman glared at her " im sory Willow but Liza cant work on this team unless you are gone... so you have to pack your stuff andand go.." Batman said
Batman called in Willow for a private conversation, Willow was scared why did Batman want to see her, Batman glared at her " im sory Willow but Liza cant work on this team unless toi are gone... so toi have to pack your stuff and go.." Batman said, tears formed into Willows eyes as shock was in them too, " im sorry" Flash a dit touching her shoulder, " where will i go..." Willow asked, " weve called back your adoptive father he can take care of you" Batman said, " no please dont let him take me!" Willow screamed with fear in her tone, Black Canary came up and looked at her with sadness in her...
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posted by Robin_Love
“PATY!” Wally shouted.
He opened the bottle water he held (he'd been banned from all caffine in an attempt to calm the already excited speedster) and took a big drink. Artemis shook her head, standing close to he mentor and friend. Several people were there including Cyrus, Becca, Gray (Gravity Boy), Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler of the X Men) and Elie (Eclipse). Not to mention the entire Justice League. The lights had been hacked into disco lights, the cave had been decorated, and nourriture had been made par Megan. With help from Becca. musique started playing and the party was going. An heure into...
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Artemis boarded on the train with the others from her accueil town, she sat down suivant to Lucas who looked out the window as the train started, " arent toi the boy that sails all the time? " Artemis asked, " yeah..." Lucas a dit turning to her. Willow and Wally sat across from them becuase the slots were seats of 4, " so... what do toi thinks going to happen...." Willow asked, " to us? " Lucas asked. " yeah... " Willow a dit putting her knees up and resting her head in them. " well one of us are gunna win..... but it might not even be anyone from happy harbour..." Wally said. Artemis sighed " why...
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posted by Mclovin_69
Willow sat on the cliff with the wind blowing in her hair staring up at the stars, Wally came up and sat suivant to her with out a word, Willow felt his gaze on her and she turned her head away from him, " sorry.." Wally mumbled, Willow didnt answer for a bit this was the hardest thing to say for her, " i think we should take a break Wally...", Willow sighed deeply after saying those words, Wally looked down " i understand.." Wally said, Willow finally looked at him, " just answer me this Wally... why..." Willow asked, " why what?" Wally asked looking up at her finally.
" everything.......
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posted by robinfanforever
Bruce’s POV

It’s been two weeks since Dick ran away. Two weeks, and I can’t find a trace of him. He’s nowhere in Gotham, and the rest of the League a dit they haven’t seen him in their cities either, but then again, Dick would know that I would have the League searching their cities for him. He would stay away from those cities, but where is he?

“Think Bruce.”

“Sir?” Ah, good old Alfred, he’s been bringing me nourriture and LOTS of coffee. He wasn’t too happy with me after I was down here for a week, but since it’s been almost two weeks without me even setting foot up in the manor,...
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posted by Mclovin_69
" Jinx! Jinx! dont leave me okay!" Wally yelled as he wrapped goz around Jinx's wound. " Wh-Why are toi helping me..?" she uttured trying hard to stay awake. " Becuase toi didnt deserve this, the way I led toi on... the way that I forgot about you, when i joined my team, the way i left toi behind" Wally said, as he was finishing up the goz, " your gunna be okay" he a dit as he helped sit her up. " Thank.. thank you" she a dit blushing. Wally immeadiatley remembered Artemis is she okay?.


" Artemis! Artemis!, ninja girlfriend?" A voice a dit gentley,...
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I walked into the lounge and looked for something to drink. Usually, there would be a mini fridge, but these people went all out and have a full kitchen. I found a cup and filled it with ice cold tap water. I pulled out my Tylenol from my jupe pocket and dropped one in my mouth, then swallowed it whole with a sip of water. I did the same with the seconde one, then slipped the Tylenol back into my pocket. Wow, they really do mean fast acting. My headache was all ready gone. I flexed and realized my muscles didn’t hurt either.
“So, what were those?” A voice asked from behind me. It was the...
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