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At lunch time:
'Hey Dick'. Artemis called as soon as she saw him.'Hello Artemis , have toi seen Crystal?'. He asked.

'Not a chance, infact i've been searching for her myself'. Artemis said. 'Hello Guys, sorry i was late'. Crystal a dit rushing towards them.'What took toi so long?' Dick asked.'Well, I was called par the teacher and i got this role of Juliet '. Crystal replied.

'Cool'.Artemis exclaimed. 'What how can toi say its cool, i can't believe toi there were no auditions and i got the role,its unfair'.Crystal said.'But toi can do it perfectly'. Dick suggested.

'Yeah, when I are'nt surrounded...
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Artemis threw herself on the canapé a worried look on her face.
"What happens if hes hurt?" Artemis shot up. "Or worse. The D word" Zatanna and Megan strangely looked at her.
"What dorky? There's way plus problems than Wally being dorky" Zatanna replied moving her pawn to get Megan's knight.
"DEAD! I meant DEAD!" the girls exchanged smirking glances.
"Artemis" Megan a dit restraining from laughing. "Wally can take care of himself. I'm sure they're fine..." Artemis tapped her finger on the coffee table, tableau rapidly. Kaldur appeared in the cuisine eating a bag of snicker doodles.
"I'll go check if they're...
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Dick opened his eyes. He was still extremely tired and his side hurt badly. He blinked a few times, trying to remember the facts. Zucco stabbed me. I'm still alive. I wish I wasn't. He sat up slowly in the lit in the Med-Bay. "Hey, you're up." yawned a voice. Dick stared at Artemis. Her eyes were puffy and her hair was a mess. "Yeah." he whispered, watching her. "Were toi crying?" Artemis rubbed her eyes and said, "Just a little bit. But you're the only one who knows." Dick smiled. "It's good to cry toi know." She rolled her eyes and stared at him. "Seriously Dick. I think we might have jumped...
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posted by brown-eyed-girl
The team ran in the training Slash confrence room . Batman was about to leave.
“wait!” everyone yelled. Batman stopped and turned to them.
“Batman we have received some new information on the mission” Aqualad said.
“You have a protégé” Wally yelled. Batman raised his eyebrow under his cowl. Megan stepped up and gave Batman the sunglasses. Batman inspected them.
“Do toi recognize them?” Meagan asked. Slowly Batman raised his hand to his head.
“I…remember. Robin? Robin. I have a s” Batman stopped himself. He was about to say son.
“protégé” he continued. “What happened”...
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Beep! Beep! Beep!
Artemis shot right up from her lit and hit the alarm clock with her right hand and smashed it to pieces.
Red Arrow stood outside her open bedroom door looking at the pieces of the alarm clock on the floor.
"What are toi looking at?" inturupted Artemis as she got out of bed. Roy looked at her questioningly. Artemis shoved Roy as she got out of her room.
"Hey!" Roy a dit in a high voice. "What's your problem?" Artemis stopped at the edge of the stairs. She sighed and replied,
"Sorry. I guess I'm still mad at Wally!" Roy walked up to her.
"Rough night." The two archers began walking...
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posted by 66Dragons
Chapter Fourteen:

Revenge ran through the burning building. Debris fell around him. He narrowly dodged a burning support which fell right in front of him.

"Damn it!" Revenge yelled, turning off his infrared. He pulled out his tracker an activated it. Holly's signal instantly appeared on-screen. Revenge followed it to the main dining hall.

The electrical wires in the mur were sparking and sizzling, flying left and right. One touched Revenge and he had to adjust his suit's frequency to keep from being fried.

He saw a dash of green on the other side of the room and teleported there. houx ran flat...
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posted by brown-eyed-girl
The team trudged back from the rapporter into the cave. Wally collapsed on the couch.
“I’m going to go change” Artemis a dit walking to her room.
“I am going to rapporter to batman” Aqualad announced before leaving. Wally started turning on his games. He plugged in two remotes. He was about to yell something, but stopped himself “was I just about to call someone to play with me” He thought. He looked at the two remotes he plugged in. No one played video games except him. He pulled out the seconde remote and started playing.
Aqualad came from reporting to batman. He walked down the hall...
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11:00pm exactly. Artemis walked down the sidewalks of Gotham. She managed to leave Flynn with Lucas while she went to spend the evening with her mother. The usual sounds of cars and people still erupted late into the night. Despite her awful childhood Artemis still loved the city.
She finally came across the familiar, brick apartment building. She walked up the concrete stairs of the dimly lit halls. Artemis came to the 7th floor, apartment G-6. She reached into her pocket pulling out the key and putting it in the lock, unlatching it. She pushed open the door.
The apartment looked as it should....
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posted by brown-eyed-girl
Bat cave: Aqaualad finished reporting to Batman. “All right Aqualad, I’ll send toi a file for the suivant mission. Batman signed off. He turned from the computers. He changed from his Batman uniform and into his civilian clothes. He entered the tube and came up to the clock. He came out and walked around the house. He found himself in front of a room. He opened the door to see an empty room. He was surprised that he was surprised to be in an empty room. He slowly walked in. There were a few boxes piled in corners, but other than that it was empty. He searched the room as if he was investigating....
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Not that anyone actually reads this stuff anyways....

"Well that figures. But you’ve got to catch me first!” I fused with a nearby shadow of a building and appeared in a shadow behind him. “How about we play a nice game of tag? And now you’re it!” I tapped on the shoulder then quickly shadowed (??) away.

“Get her!” I heard him yell.

“Heheheh…” I laughed on the inside. “This is going to be way fun.”

The first to catch up with me was, of course, Kid Flash.

“Hey Kid!” I stopped. “Yeah know I’ve been waiting forever for this day! And I’m prepared to wait a couple...
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posted by pandacyborg
Name: Josh Blake

Villain Name: Black Ninja

Age: 1000 years old, but appears to look like a seventeen an old guy.

Powers/Abilities: He's a ninja.....who can teleport and also can summon a shadow army of minions. He is very quick and loves fighting with swords, and the occasional gun. He also is immortal, as to why he is 1000 years old.

History: He has a twin brother who is good, named Ice Cap. (His bio will come later ou in my new fanfic) Josh vowed to be evil in order to get back at his brother and will crush anyone in his way. The Justice League has aided his brother before, so Josh has decided that any Justice League member is on his enemy list.

That's about it.....let me know what toi think! Also, I would l’amour if any of toi added this bad guy to your fanfics. :) Thank you!
posted by The_Red_Revenge
Chapter 8:

"Sportsmaster?" Beast Boy said.

"You say his name one plus time I'm going to kill you." Revenge said. "YES Sportsmaster. Who else would give me a run for my money?"

Nightwing raised an eyebrow.

"Oh, I forgot." Revenge said. "The All Mighty Nightwing."

"What was he doing?" Blue Beetle asked.

"I don't know. He was just walking in civilian clothes. I followed him into an alley-"

"--and got your butt kicked." Beast Boy replied, grinning. The grin quickly faded as Revenge grabbed him around his throat. Nightwing leaped to separate the two, but Revenge let Beast Boy go.

"You have no idea what...
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posted by 66Dragons
Chapter Four:

Holly walked onto the school campus. She had to admit, it was rather impressive. The school was an old château that stretched to the sky. The old stone was cracked and covered with moss. The empty spaces in the mur were filled with glass, so houx assumed they were windows.

The grounds were acres wide. houx spotted many different small buildings. Greenhouses, tool sheds, and several others that were covered up. houx raised an eyebrow, but continued walking as if she were a regular girl and not a super-heroine investigating a possibly hostile and mind-controlled school.

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posted by Robin_Love
There was always something going on at the mountain. Most of it was trouble. But that's why I still hadn't moved in. I liked my little home. It was a short fly from the mountain and hidden. No one would find it without my help. But even then I could always feel something going on. I had been trained par demons when I became a Fallen Angel the first time. Despite the fact that I was a hero, my training was still fresh in my mind. It was hard to push it away. So I could detect an infiltration in the mountain. That's why we were starting crumble. People were taking sides, others were leaving, and...
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Chapter 26-

"Well, yo certainly aren't who I was expecting Mr.Grant." Cheshire said, leaning on her sword.

Revenge growled and leaped at the Asian assassin. She dodged, but Revenge grabbed his mask and slid it on.

"Someone's insecure." Cheshire said.

Revenge growled and leapt at her again.


Holly paced her room.

"He a dit he'd keep toi safe." she told herself.

"But what if he can't stop them?" she reprimanded herself. "What if they-"

She gulped, unable to complete the sentence.


Revenge stumbled...
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Chapter 22-

The door slid open. houx looked up from her melancholy position to see Revenge standing in the doorway. He walked in and the door closed behind him.

"You'll be happy to know the Shadow has been taken care of." Revenge said.

"Singular ou Plural?"


"Scout. Tester." houx said, before sliding back down inter bed. "They'll be coming."

"And I'll be ready."

Holly frowned and sat up, leaning against the wall. Revenge walked over & sat down suivant to her. "It'll be okay. I won't let anything happen to you. Ever."

"Y'know, when toi aren't in battle. toi can be a pretty nice guy." Holly...
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Chapter 4-

Red Revenge had a theory for taking down the mayor. If he was indeed a Shadow, he would probably be heading to the morgue to destroy all evidence of the League of Shadow's involvement. So Revenge would wait there.

It was around three in the morning when the Shadow got there. He was dressed in his Shadow clothing, staying in the dark, making sure the area was clear before heading to the specific drawer his 'friend' was in.

Revenge watched. The Shadow placed something in the drawer and began to close it.

Revenge jumped down and kicked him in the face. The shadow fell to the ground. Revenge...
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posted by BladeYJ
It was dark.. the smell of metallic and rotting flesh filled her lungs. She coughed as her eyes adjusted to the darkness.
"Wh.. where am I?" Blade muttered almost not understandable through all her coughing. Cool, soul-less fingers ran through her long, golden hair.
"Oh sweetie, why did toi ever leave me?" He came closer inhaling her sent and smirked continuing his sentence,"I almost forgot what a stupid,worthless, betraying, beauty éperlan like.." He smiled and turned her face towards his with his index finger.
Blade replied with her snarky tone, even though she was dying inside,"And i forgot...
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Revenge watched. The Shadow placed something in the drawer and began to close it.

Revenge jumped down and kicked him in the face. The shadow fell to the ground. Revenge pinned him before opening the drawer. The body was disintegrated, an acid ate through the flesh, muscles, bones, everything. Revenge collected a sample before he saw the grenade.

It was a timed grenade. And the timer indicated ten secondes before detonation.


Longer Article:fhaiufiauhdfiuashdfiuashdfiuahdfiuahsiudfhasiudfhiuasdhfiuashdfiashdfiu (anyone ever gotten this notification?)
Chapter Twenty-

It had been a week since houx had been detained, and still nothing had happened. No Shadows, no threats. Sam was beginning to think houx was wrong.

Until the meeting on the tower.

Sam was supposed to meet a stock broker for his mother at the haut, retour au début of Grant Tower. For whatever reason, she hadn't felt the need to explain that in the note.

So that's where Sam was Tuesday morning. Waiting for a stock broker and suspecting houx would escape while he was gone. So far he had managed to arrive before she woke up and would leave after she was asleep. Not today.

"Mr. Grant?"

Sam turned to...
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