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posted by Robin_Love
“Kaldur? It's Willow. Yeah, we're where toi a dit to be. But we found signs of a struggle. Yeah. There's ash and black powder. The rue is littered with it. And I see a pair of goggles. They're like Wally's but blue. Kaldur, I think someone was here before us.”

“Becca? The team is here.”
Said leader stopped her dancing, turning to her technician and helper.
“Thanks Melody. Before toi go, take my weapons. Just in case. Please.”
Melody smiled and took her leader's equipment. She doubted Becca would actually use them against her team, but she wasn't about to get on Becca's bad side. Melody...
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posted by InfinityYJ
“Recognized- Infinity. B08.”
I added the final touches to my civvie clothing as I walked into the cave. I was greeted par Connor and Wally sparring, the computer beeping to signify the few points Lost ou gained. Wally turned his head to say hi and was knocked to the ground, the floor buzzing and stating his failure. Connor chuckled slightly and pulled the redhead to his feet, nodding to me. Aisling ran up to me, in complete civvies. Her dark brown hair was sopping wet, and her green blue eyes shined. “Mind drying me off?” she asked sheepishly, blushing at her greeting towards me. I nodded,...
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posted by InfinityYJ
This is a prévisualiser of my new fanfiction, Time is Now. I don't know when it'll actually be posted.. enjoy!

Infinity is dead. She's not coming back, don't expect her to remember toi if toi ever find her again. She might hurt you, harm toi in any way possible. But remember this-

She loves toi all as she would l’amour her own family. Her final words to you:

Aisling... I'm sorry. Sorry I couldn't save your memories, sorry I wasn't the best friend ever. I'm sorry if I bring back bad memories in the future. Please don't be so noble as to try and...
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posted by Robin_Love
“What does Becca's past have to do with any of this?” Willow asked.
“You know she used to work for Talia Al Ghul?”
Both Erin and Willow nodded.
“She was part of the League of Shadows. Becca was her assistant. Becca has had to do many things she regrets. But she was stilling working for Talia when she first came to Young Justice for help. Becca sought redemption and left. Serepta was hunting for her but Becca was found. I do not know what Talia wanted when Becca first came. All I know is something happened and Becca has been feeling guilty over it ever since.”
“Why? She can't help...
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posted by DeltaYJ
The whole team just got back from a tireing weeklong mission that involved crossing dimentions. Wally’s and Delta’s way to relax was of couse…..gory,gut-wrentingly dramatic video games. That’s how both of them ended up in the middle of the night truging to Happy Harobor Video Store.
“You sure this will have the newest games?” Wally asked the younger girl suivant to him who srugged
“It better, “ she a dit but her jaw dropped as she looked at the display case in the window
“What are toi looking at?” Wally asked confused she pointed at th display and Wally laughed...
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posted by robinluv14
Emerald's real name was Kaylee, something I enjoyed hearing, but regretted at the same time. The poor girl was me in everything but name, and she shouldn't be. As I talked with her and learned plus of her story, I learned that she was alone. That she needed a friend, someone who would take care of her. The problem was that I had just barely gotten onto the team's good side in the beginning, and the little bit of respect they had for me back then was because of Robin. This girl had nothing, no brother to support her, no one to recommend her. And although there was a slight chance the team wouldn't...
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posted by 66Dragons
Act Two:

"Funny that toi should call me par such a name." the man said, sitting on the couch.

"What do toi want?" Sam asked.

"Simply to finish what I started." Reaper replied.

"And what would that be?" Sam growled.

Reaper stood up and put his hand on Sam's shoulder. "Why to take over Grant Industries and mold it into my image."

"To do that would mean..."

"...Killing all of toi first. Yes, toi are quite an intelligent boy." Reaper finished.

Sam growled and kneed Reaper in the stomach before darting out the door and sliding down several flights of stairs. He darted into the garage where his car should...
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posted by 66Dragons
Act One-

6 Hours Earlier...

Crimson Harvest
October 31, 2014  016:012:034
Samuel Grant
New York City, NY, USA

"I really don't get this." Sam a dit as houx dabbed makeup onto his eyes.

"Oh come on!" she protested. "It's Halloween! Your Samuel Grant! Lighten up!"

"Do I really have to wear this?" Sam asked.

"Yes," houx said, giving him the puppy-eyes treatment. "Only if toi want to."

Sam sighed and nodded. "Continue."

Holly continued to dab makeup on for a minute plus before stepping aside.

"I look like my grandmother, and she's been dead what? Five years?" 

"That's the whole point." houx said, washing...
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posted by YJTTFAN
A young girl ran through the icy tundra. No plus running!! She pleaded. She hasn't drank anything for three days and had not eaten in twice that amount. Her bare feet were flying as she pounded agents the hard packed snow. She could hear the chiens behind her , the cold wind whipped through her small jumpsuit that only went to her knees and elbows . But she kept running. She glanced down at the gun on her hip, it would be so simple it would take less than a second, just point and shoot . Then it would be over in a seconde , no plus running , no plus hunger, no plus pain. NO!! She screamed in her...
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posted by Helen_Wayne
The Bio-ship was plus incredible than Robin told me, I was looking all around when I noticed Artemis was glaring  at me, why she got to be so bad with me? I didn't do anything to her… not yet but I will if she continues being bad with me.
-We're arriving to the new HQ of the Injustice League.
Then after Miss M a dit that, Aqualad have the order to be linked mentally, it is weird to hear plus than one voices on your head.
Because the mission was to find out what was their plan, and not to stop it, hiding was our only option. Aqualad a dit to explore the place par pairs, and because this was my...
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posted by Mclovin_69
" So we cant mind link with the others" Robin said, Meagan shook her head no, " then we just have to find another way to get to them, just try to remember this is a simulation they cant be farther then we think" Andrew said, Joy looked up and looked at Superboy then everyone else " w-what if we never get out of here....." she a dit quietly drawing everyones attention from their own thoughts. Everyone looked at eachother.


Wally walked but Bullet stopped him, Bullet gave him a glare, " dude what"...
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posted by Robin_Love
This story is a little story about Willow and Becca on the YJ team. Just an FYI. Enjoy! XD

“If only toi could understand. I'm not like everyone else!” Willow cried.
“I know that. But can't toi just-”
“No I can't Wally!” Willow interjected. “I can't let toi know any plus than toi do. My life is a secret and toi need to respect that.”
“I'm trying but it's not that easy Willow!”
“You do it all the time with Robin!” Willow spat.
“He's my best friend! You're my girlfriend! I want to know toi better. I want to feel what toi have been through.”
“You can't! toi will never know...
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"No, no, no, no!" Revenge said, wiping up the blood with his gloves. There was too much
on the floor. Too much had been lost. The sword that had done the damage was laying
over to the side. Revenge tried to pick it up, but his strength had left him. It clattered
to the floor beside him as he sank to his knees, the unbearable pain filling his
body and mind.

And because I need a longer article:
posted by KatRox1
After my hand was wrapped, Corey was jouer la comédie like himself again, and the bikes were fixed, we were getting ready to leave. Hastily, I loaded what darts I could find into my last remaining gun and also into my utility belt. Blade opened the door to outside, “Shall we go?” He gestured his hand toward the door. “We shall!” Corey replied, and marched like a soldier toward the door, but changed course at the last seconde and walked straight through the mur to outside. “Doors are for wimps!” He shouted back at us. I just shook my head and laughed, and then walked out the door with Blade...
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 "This was one memory that brought us all together."
"This was one memory that brought us all together."
This was it. I couldn't take it anymore. Robin's memories nearly cut me down, but this one would destroy me altogether. My face burned against the heat from the Pit, and the tears quickly turned to gas.
The others, Megan, Superboy, Aqualad, Kid Flash, and Artemis... they were there too. This was one memory that brought us all together. Somewhere at the edge of the mountain was Jason Todd and Ra's Al-Ghul, fighting like they did last time. My stomach churned as my eyes withheld the glowing, green liquid. It was there did I lose everything.
A groan escaped from Robin, and I turned and aided him....
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As the memory shifted, we kept absolutely still. I made no déplacer to comfort Robin, probably because I was feeling so nauseous. Robin was still on the ground, staring intently at the floor. Our surroundings changed, and we were suddenly in a rue alley, where the little boy from the last memory was being chased par a cop. He was holding a box of donuts in his hands, struggling to get to his shattered apartment.
"Stop right there, kid!" yelled the officer. I couldn't believe that the little boy stealing was actually Robin, the Boy Wonder.
Emerging out of the darkness came a familiar hooded figure....
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posted by Mclovin_69
The team made it back to the mountain, Becca paced around in worry as the teens watched her from their seats, " how could she have done this!" Becca screamed, the others looked at eachother, Wally looked like he did care now he was worried for her, he was loosing the girl he loved, the girl he fell for from her beautiful personality. Robin and Becca looked at Wally in suspision, he was hiding his feelings and they knew he wanted to after her and bring her back.


Aero laughed as he opened his soda and took a sip out of it, Steel sat on the couch...
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posted by YJTTFAN
Why…. Cant…We…Get…Out?!” Becca huffed with each word. She, Eclipse and Vampyre, were all trying to get out. Even though Vampyre was a bit of a lone wolf, they all needed help to get out. Though to no avail. Even with Eclipse’s magic, Vampyre’s power and knowledge, and All of Becca’s skills they couldn’t get away out of the training room. As they tried to find a way out they talked about their reality’s well Becca and Eclipse did Vampyre stood and listened but was aloof.
    They were supposed to be in their rooms but at the last seconde Eclipse got an...
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posted by Robin_Love
A sharp ring woke her up in early morning. Becca groaned, looking at her clock. It was four in the morning. With another groan, Becca picked up her cell phone and answered.
“Becca it's me. Everything is ready.”
“Okay. Thanks. I'm on my way.”
“I'll meet toi par the moon's light.”
“Got it.”
Becca hung up and got out of bed. She looked around the hotel room, relieve known of the others had woken up. Looking through her bag, Becca pulled out one of her nicest outfits. She slipped the black jupe on and pulled the purple licou, halter haut, retour au début over her head. She slipped on her black heels...
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After that all happened Willow and some guards found Wally, but he was unconcious. They took him to the infirmary because he was still slightly breathing.

Willow regreted everything, she regreted ever meeting Wally.. its not like she hated him, she loved him with all her heart, but seeing him get hurt... just made her feel like it was all her fault.

Willow sat in his room as the cœur, coeur monitor beeped every few secondes montrer his pulse, he had a oxegyn mask over his nose and mouth and toi could hear all of his weak breathes he let out, Willow sat there with him her hand holding his, a tear escaped...
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