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Prologue to Chapter Nine- "The Beginning of plus Troubles"

"Delta Squad, check in."

"Artemis, in position."

"Beast Boy in position."

"Batgirl, in position."

"Wondergirl, in position."

"Kid Flash wishing he was at the buffet."

"Good. Maintain your positions. The montrer is about to start. Nightwing out."

"See? This transmission was picked up par security officials at the olympic celebration." G. Gordon Godfrey stepped in front of the image of the celebration in Rio De Janeiro. "Its obvious that this Nightwing was planning something. On haut, retour au début of that, Kid Flash admits that he would rather be eating than watching over some of the richest and most powerful men in the world!" Let's watch what else happened that day. See if toi can find a connection with the heroes, and the murder."
Chapter Four- "Behind the Scene"

Red Revenge hoped he wasn't as stupid as he looked. He was currently waiting for an assassin at a location and time she had determined. That just happened to be a dark alley at midnight.

Revenge folded his arms and glanced at the clock on his HUD. The time was 11:59. A few secondes later, it turned 12:00 and houx jumped down from the feu escape.

"You're right on time." Revenge said. "If the appointment was at 11:24."

Holly frowned.

"You're not that good at hiding in shadows." Revenge said. "What did toi call me here for?"

"To tell toi that the setup on Grant is not...
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Chapter Three- "Rest"

It had been three weeks since Sam's last encounter with Artemis and the assassins. Something bugged the back of his mind. It was something houx had a dit on their seconde battle. If houx was even her real name.

But here Sam was, yet again, rushing to change into his Revenge outfit as sniper shots rang through the school yard.

Artemis was a little faster on the draw this time. She was attempting to make her way past Cheshire and towards Holly, but she was so far unsuccessful.

Red Revenge knew that she had Kid Flash as back-up. The ginger was not that hard to find. But he didn't...
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Gotham Academy

Becca, Artemis and Robin all gathered in the hall, they had just got the same idea as Fang, Lucas and Willow of what the hell was really going on.
The crackle of the announcer’s microphone echoed through the vast corridors.

“This announcement is for all students, an emergency situation has been taken place inside the school right now all students must follow you’re teachers instructions and evacuate I repeat I-“. The microphone buzzed a little and then there was silent for a second.

“It’s happening” a dit Robin.

“Ahh get away from me …….GET BACK! WAAA AHHHH...
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posted by Obscurity98
 Obscurity's new outfit!!!
Obscurity's new outfit!!!
I have a knew look for Obscurity, all info is still the same. even her fetures, except her outfit. her l’amour of swords is still visible, but there is a little difference. i hope toi like the new and improved HARLEY!

Let me descibe incase toi cannot see it well:
-Her outfit is made of metal and buttlet proof.
-It clings to her body the way GreenLanters outfit does to him.
-She still carries swords
-Her legs are slightly exposed
-Boots (made of metal) go up to just below the bend of the knee.
-It doesnt make noise ou rattle.
-A crown almost like Wonder Woman to protect her head.
-Gloves go up to the below the lit of her elbow.
-Gloves stop prtection at the knuckles.
-Arm bands on both arms, just for style
posted by EclipseYJ
Her mind was black the only thing she could sense was a clock ticking in the icky darkness. She suddenly saw a chain with a key on the end; it looked like her Ma Sorcière Bien Aimée key that she used for mediation. In fact it was. It began to sway in time to the clock’s tick tock tick tock, plus keys began to fall as she floated par them each had a different symbol on the end. Clocks began to drop on chains to0 their hands spinning around its face violently.

The voice of Charles Xavier spoke in her head “Come now Phoebe it’s only a dream”. “It’s not a dream it’s a memory” Phoebe began to...
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posted by InfinityYJ
This is a prévisualiser of my new fanfiction, Time is Now. I don't know when it'll actually be posted.. enjoy!

Infinity is dead. She's not coming back, don't expect her to remember toi if toi ever find her again. She might hurt you, harm toi in any way possible. But remember this-

She loves toi all as she would l’amour her own family. Her final words to you:

Aisling... I'm sorry. Sorry I couldn't save your memories, sorry I wasn't the best friend ever. I'm sorry if I bring back bad memories in the future. Please don't be so noble as to try and...
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 Phoebe and Becca at school
Phoebe and Becca at school
The sun began to fall flooding its last beams of light over central city making the high school corridors glow a calming orange. Becca walked down daydream as she always does on a Friday afternoon with one earphone in and her iPod hanging out of her chemisier pocket until a familiar scent of skittles caught her nose. She turned to see Phoebe walking suivant to her with a brown cartable, sacoche strap hanging over one shoulder, the black jewelled christen traverser, croix clinking on the metal button.
“Hey, what toi listening to?” Phoebe a dit looking at her friend, Becca finally realized it was her and looked up....
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posted by Robin_Love
He watched the girl called Willow from his office. She was searching for her sister but he knew she would never find her. Just as he predicted, she screamed for her sister.
“Where did toi take her?! Where is she?! Tell me!”
He chuckled a little. She was really too entertaining. She was trying so hard to remain calm but he sensed the fear and desperation rising inside of her. He enjoyed it. Too much to tell her the truth about her sister. He chuckled again at the thought of her reaction. If Willow knew where her sister was, the reaction would just ruin his fun. Nope. He wasn't going to tell...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
Where was I? It was freezing and silent, my eyes shot open. I sat up and looked around, was I in the mourge? Did they really thing I had died? I was still in my costume, every thing, is so clear, I heard everything. I got up from where I was laying, and starting walking to the door but stopped.
"Wally, I don't think she's de-" Wally cut Robin off.
"Dude! She is! Did toi see her vitals? They went blank. Nothing."
"She was bitten par a vampire." Fang growled at him.
"They aren't real!" Wally snapped at Fang. This was getting old. So I pushed the door open, Wally gasped and everyone just looked at...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
I stood beside Fang looking at the screen. Holy cow, 89 missing person reports in New York.. Everyone was speechless, there had been no evidence of anyone being found. 
"Every victim had bite marks on there neck. We don't know what is causing this. Nudge, Kid Flash, Artemis, Superboy, and Fang. toi are going to find out what is going on. The rest of toi i'm sending toi to Central City, since the Flash is sick, toi will be dealing with Captain Cold and Mirror Master." Robin didn't agree with that idea. "
"Are toi kidding me? What if something went wrong? Were at least 100 miles apart. No way...
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posted by 66Dragons
Chapter One-

The last thing Robin expected at one in the morning was to have to go to the Batcave for some League emergency.

"What now?" he asked, tugging on his cape and rubbing his eyes. "Did Flash trip over his own feet again and set off an alarm?"

"No." The Batman replied. "Distress signal from the Cave, but no one is responding."

Robin was immediately on alert. "Who was there? What happened?"

"Miss Martian and Superboy were at the mountain, I can't figure out what happened, but I've sounded a Beta level threat. The Team is teleporting there now." Batman said.

"I guess that includes me?" Robin...
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posted by Skittles98
Sorry it's taken me so long to post this. Writer's block :( But on the bright side, I FINALLY got the first couple Chap's done :D

I fastened the rope and opened the sky dome right above the ruby. I slid down the line; face first, my feet pressing the wire between them. I brought out a small canister and sprayed its contents. The glass case melted into a puddle. I grabbed the rock I had been holding and got ready to switch it with the ruby.
‘1…2…3’ I thought. On three, I switched them. I flipped back around and crawled up my line. Suddenly, it was yanked upwards. I was pulled up through...
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posted by Mclovin_69
It was tough for Becca and Dream Catcher to see Willow like this, they lived at the mountain which made it worse, Willow never left her room most nights she was quiet, Wally was also jouer la comédie different he hadnt eaten as much as he did, even sometimes he didnt even eat some of Meagans biscuits, cookies which scared everyone the most.


Willow sat in her room crying, she did this every night she always cried herself to sleep, the dark magic that she did not get rid of was getting worse, Willow screamed and cried...
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posted by justjill
Gotham City,
12 January, 12.04am

I woke up with a start. How long? I'm not sure. I'm covered in bruises and cuts. I started to stand up but suddenly I felt a painful sensation shoot through my chest.Ouch. there's a cut right in the middle of my chest. Where am I anyway? I limped out of the dark alley. Suddenly a sign catches my attention. "Gotham City." Gotham City?! Why the heck am I in the middle of Gotham City? I tried to recall something but I only remembered one thing, Amnesia. Damn. I suddenly heard something tinkled around my neck. Its a locket, it had a Ying-Yang sign on the front. I...
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posted by Mariannebier
Eyes of Artemis
Dick’s POV:
He let a small laugh escape through his mouth. He knew it was Artemis and maybe she knew he was Robin. But it was a tiny chance he looked at her, standing in the crowd talking to Rachel a senior year. He smiled. Artemis was in good hands.
Artemis POV:
“Thanks” She putted the papers in her bag. “tomorrow a need them back so don’t forget them.” “Got it.” Artemis answered. Rachel started to talk “Well, let’s start then, We are now in the hall of the Gotham academy.” Artemis looked around, everybody was to their lessons except a few. The hall itself was made of grey, silvery stone. The mur reflected the blue sky and she thought of the strange boy. “Are toi coming ou not?” Rachel stood in the giant stanchion. “I’m coming.” As she walked to Rachel remembering the mysterious laugh.
Artemis stared at the wish again.

"Well, I'm, uh, gonna go back to the, um, rest of the team then." Wally started, spinning on his heals to leave but the archer stopped him.

"Thank you." She said.

"No prob."

Artemis watched Wally leave, then leaned against the door frame.

"Last Christmas, I gave toi my heart, But the very suivant jour toi gave it away, This year, To save me from tears, I'll give it to someone special." The girl sang quietly until she was sure Wally was gone.

"Once bitten and twice shy, I keep my distance, But toi still catch my eye, Tell me baby, Do toi recognize me?Well, It's been a...
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posted by Skittles98
*Sorry if this sucks. I was so super bored and had nothing better to do*
Me: *walks to park bench and sits down and wonders about who I'll be interviewing*
KId Flash:*runs by, then stops when see's me* Well, hello there. Who might you be?
Me: No one important. And unless toi want to meet my fist, keep doing what toi were doing before toi saw me.
KF: Hey, don't toi write for the Gotham paper?
Me: Maybe. Why?
KF: Don't toi think it would be cool and get toi a raise if toi put an interview with a superhero in?
Me: Two things- I'm a volenteer and good bye *walks away*
KF:*runs infront* C'mon. toi know...
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posted by Robin_Love
“No way! Cassie was lying!”
Artemis growled in anger. She had been scanning the security cameras (she'd seen Robin hack them a few dozen times) and was disturbed par what she saw. And now that she thought about it, Cassie had been attempting to get the Superboy's attention. And Artemis was mad!
“I can't believe this! Becca, you've got good senses.”
Artemis walked down the halls, trying to find the others. She eventually found them sitting in the living room. The guys were listening to Cassie talk while Megan baked in the kitchen. Becca sat at the counter, silently fuming. Artemis joined...
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posted by Skittles98
I got out of the hospital lit and winced in pain. My ribs still hurt, but my arm was a bit better. In the hall, question and Huntress were waiting for me.
“Where is everyone?” I asked
“They all went home” Huntress said, getting up.
“Then why are toi still here?” I pondered
“The least we could do is give toi a ride home” Huntress smiled
“So, how are we getting there?” I asked. They walked out to the parking lot up to a blue vintage looking car.
“This, is how we’re getting toi home” question said, opening the door. I hopped in the back seat, while Huntress and question got...
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