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This is a really cool video. One of my favori vidéos
La Ligue des Justiciers – Nouvelle Génération
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La Ligue des Justiciers – Nouvelle Génération
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Just because I don't feel like I went deep enough into his background

Name: Derek Adams 

Hero name: Fang

Age: 14
What he looks like: Around 6'2, black hair that covers his eyes. Dark eyes, fair skin tone.

Personality: Kinda drawn back, shows little emotion. He has a sense of humor just doesn't montrer it. Rarely smiles, highly intelligent, and doesn't trust most people. 

Powers: Flight (wings) if he stays still an doesn't make sudden movements he can blend into his surroundings, can see glimpses of the future but only when really bad things are about to happen. Super strength, Raptor vision, and...
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This story is to include the most famous Robin characters ever such as Nightwing, Red X, Robin III, and Red capuche, hotte among others.

Comment and tell me whether I should continue ou not.

YJ: The Difference Between


Artemis hated the rain. She hated it almost as much as she did her family. She hated it almost as she did her mom for using her to help the Shadows. She hated it almost as much as she hated Batman for kicking her off the Team. 

And she hated it as much as she hated having to kill her sister.

It hadn't been her choice really. She had replayed the confrontation over and over in her mind,...
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Part 2-

Revenge looked at the dagger impaled in the metal board centimeters from his neck.

The girl stepped back shakily.

"Kill him toi insolent fool! Kill them!"

The girl took a shaky breath and picked up another dagger, she stepped back towards the hero again. She felt his eyes on her again. She raised the dagger slowly once more. Revenge looked at the girl and saw something he hadn't expected. 

Fear. The girl was terrified. She was terrified of what she had gotten herself into and couldn't back out.

"I got ya." Revenge whispered. 

The girl looked at him shakily. The dagger...
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 "So this is how humans die?"
"So this is how humans die?"
"Daddy, make her okay again!" Lian begged, but even she knew that wasn't possible.
Megan's hands were over her mouth. "Poor Jenny..."
"And she was only 17," Robin added. His head was bent down in a formal gesture. His tracker started beeping rapidly, and the Air around us was swirling. "I'll call the League."
Superboy walked cautiously toward us, minding the Kryptonite. "So this is how humans die?"
I nodded, tears falling on Jenny's face. "But she didn't deserve to. I should've been the one who died."
Artemis patted my back awkwardly. "Don't take it too hard on yourself. Things happen."
I pressed...
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My eyes snapped open. I was lying on Kalder’s chest, his arm around my waist. I gently removed his arm, and then checked his breathing. It was slow and soft, but it was there. I sighed with relief. I looked around, then finally my eyes fell upon Black Canary and Green Arrow. I walked over to them, grabbed Green Arrow par the waist and pulled him out, then pulled Canary out par her waist. I woke them up once we were in the mission room, away from the door to the lounge.
“Night? What’s wrong?” Canary asked
“I know that you’re my real mother” I said. Both Green Arrow’s and Black Canary’s...
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 What Supergirl looks like to Conner.
What Supergirl looks like to Conner.
Supergirl, young justice, fanfiction, team, Galatea, rob, artemis, superboy, Metallo, justice league.

It was Conner's normal day. He was sitting on the couch, watching America's Funniest accueil videos, when alarm went of and the team was called down to the briefing room.
"Team, i want toi to meet somebody, this is Kara........also, known as Supergirl in the 30th Century" Batman said, sounding a little depressed when he a dit it.
"Hey! Mr. Grumpy Pants! Thought I a dit DON'T say I came from the 30th Century? I don't want any questions and stop brooding over the computer!Anyway, hello, I'm Kara."...
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