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 "This was one memory that brought us all together."
"This was one memory that brought us all together."
This was it. I couldn't take it anymore. Robin's memories nearly cut me down, but this one would destroy me altogether. My face burned against the heat from the Pit, and the tears quickly turned to gas.
The others, Megan, Superboy, Aqualad, Kid Flash, and Artemis... they were there too. This was one memory that brought us all together. Somewhere at the edge of the mountain was Jason Todd and Ra's Al-Ghul, fighting like they did last time. My stomach churned as my eyes withheld the glowing, green liquid. It was there did I lose everything.
A groan escaped from Robin, and I turned and aided him....
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As the memory shifted, we kept absolutely still. I made no déplacer to comfort Robin, probably because I was feeling so nauseous. Robin was still on the ground, staring intently at the floor. Our surroundings changed, and we were suddenly in a rue alley, where the little boy from the last memory was being chased par a cop. He was holding a box of donuts in his hands, struggling to get to his shattered apartment.
"Stop right there, kid!" yelled the officer. I couldn't believe that the little boy stealing was actually Robin, the Boy Wonder.
Emerging out of the darkness came a familiar hooded figure....
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posted by Mclovin_69
The team made it back to the mountain, Becca paced around in worry as the teens watched her from their seats, " how could she have done this!" Becca screamed, the others looked at eachother, Wally looked like he did care now he was worried for her, he was loosing the girl he loved, the girl he fell for from her beautiful personality. Robin and Becca looked at Wally in suspision, he was hiding his feelings and they knew he wanted to after her and bring her back.


Aero laughed as he opened his soda and took a sip out of it, Steel sat on the couch...
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posted by YJTTFAN
Why…. Cant…We…Get…Out?!” Becca huffed with each word. She, Eclipse and Vampyre, were all trying to get out. Even though Vampyre was a bit of a lone wolf, they all needed help to get out. Though to no avail. Even with Eclipse’s magic, Vampyre’s power and knowledge, and All of Becca’s skills they couldn’t get away out of the training room. As they tried to find a way out they talked about their reality’s well Becca and Eclipse did Vampyre stood and listened but was aloof.
    They were supposed to be in their rooms but at the last seconde Eclipse got an...
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posted by Robin_Love
A sharp ring woke her up in early morning. Becca groaned, looking at her clock. It was four in the morning. With another groan, Becca picked up her cell phone and answered.
“Becca it's me. Everything is ready.”
“Okay. Thanks. I'm on my way.”
“I'll meet toi par the moon's light.”
“Got it.”
Becca hung up and got out of bed. She looked around the hotel room, relieve known of the others had woken up. Looking through her bag, Becca pulled out one of her nicest outfits. She slipped the black jupe on and pulled the purple licou, halter haut, retour au début over her head. She slipped on her black heels...
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After that all happened Willow and some guards found Wally, but he was unconcious. They took him to the infirmary because he was still slightly breathing.

Willow regreted everything, she regreted ever meeting Wally.. its not like she hated him, she loved him with all her heart, but seeing him get hurt... just made her feel like it was all her fault.

Willow sat in his room as the cœur, coeur monitor beeped every few secondes montrer his pulse, he had a oxegyn mask over his nose and mouth and toi could hear all of his weak breathes he let out, Willow sat there with him her hand holding his, a tear escaped...
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posted by Robin_Love
For those who don't know much/anything about MARVEL comics:

Speed:A speedster who can go at mach 5, vibrate through any object, which causes that object to explode.

Hawkeye:A natural born archer, Hawkeye has all kinds of trick arrows and never misses her target. She is also an excellent swordsman, and hand-to-hand fighter.

Wiccan:A warlock who's powers have reached off the chart levels.

Hulkling: A strong shapeshifter from two different planets (hybrid of both).

Crystal:Immortal human who controls the elements.

Jean Grey:A mutant who posses Miss M's powers (minus shapeshifting) but at a higher degree.

If there are any I have forgotten, please let me know and I shall add them! TY!!
posted by 66Dragons
Note: Reapers a little...loopy.

Chapter Three-

"Sarah, do toi have any idea who Reaper's suivant target is?" Revenge asked.

"No, searching for similarities in the deaths." Sarah replied.

Revenge stood on haut, retour au début of the Empire State Building, his cape flowing in the wind, rain streaming down his now water-proof mask.

Revenge thought over his past history with the villain. Reaper's first kill had been Sam's father. His seconde déplacer had been to try to kill Superman, but he had harmed Vendicta instead. 

Revenge and Vendicta had battled Reaper for some time, and each time, Rose would be plus harmed than Revenge....
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posted by Robin_Love
Robin struggled to get free of Huntress' grasp. She was strong. And sucking his blood! He was trashing all over, desperately trying to get free. He paused for a moment to catch his breath and saw something. Huntress' eyes turned back to blue, the fangs in his neck retracted, and Huntress let him go. Her eyes shut, her body falling backward. On instinct, Robin caught her, ignoring the pain in his neck. A sudden feeling of regret washed through him wasn't his regrets. Frost came up to the pair, Kid Flash standing behind his friend.
“Jade...poor girl.”
Frost took her friend away from...
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posted by Robin_Love
Emma-Rylan heard a loud, frustrated scream. She sighed, turning to Alisa.
“Jade is frustrated, Ali,” Emma-Rylan said.
“I can hear, Ry. What did she do this time?”
“I don't know. Let me check.”
Emma-Rylan touched the Alisa's computer. She followed the signal, watching for the main computer line to divisé, split up. She reached the power core, heading to Ra's' computer. She opened up Jade's file, lire the latest update. Emma-Rylan released contact with the computer.
“Jade broke down again. toi know what that means.”
“Patrol,” Alisa a dit flatly. “Yay. I'm overjoyed.”
The door opened...
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posted by 66Dragons
Chapter V-

"Let's go." Revenge said, grabbing Courage's arm.

"What?" she asked.

Revenge pointed at the troops lining the floor below.

"AL a dit Investigate and Report, that's what we're doing."

He and Courage crawled back along the vent until they dropped down into an empty room. They headed towards the door, but at that moment, the walls on either side of them and the door before them opened and Soviet soldiers poured in.

"Surrender!" one of them a dit in Russian. Courage pulled out her houx leaves and Revenge his dagger launcher.

"I believe they said, surrender." a voice said.

Revenge looked up and...
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posted by Mclovin_69
Wally ran down the hallway at his super speed trying to find some place where he could hide from the others until he saw Artemis standing in the hallway then suddenly stopped automatically on his heels infront of her. " Why arent toi with Meagan?, i thought she was montrer toi around town" he asked feeling awkward. " Meagan just brought me back, she a dit she needed to talk to the team, ou something" Artemis a dit trying to hide her face from Wally, " whats wrong?" he asked. " Meagan just showed me something in town that made me memorize a little more, but it was something i was trying so hard...
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posted by 66Dragons
I used a few citations from the TV series in here. Don't remind me.

Chapter 8-

Rome, Italy
7:23 CET December 19

The two teenagers packed their bags and checked out of the hotel before heading out into the damp, gloomy morning.

Artemis could tell Wally was determined, he hadn't eaten yet. The two marched down to the train station where they caught a train heading toward Venice.

About an heure into the trip, the two teens' tensions were running high.

"This is going to take forever!" Wally complained.

"I don't like it anymore than toi do." Artemis replied.

"By the time we get there, the boats will be closed!"...
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Part One:

"This is awkward." Artemis whispered to Wally, glancing at the newest edition to the Team sitting in the bioship.

"We felt the same way." Wally replied back.

Artemis slapped him and sat up. Robin snickered in the background before Superboy elbowed him.

"Approaching target." Megan said. 

"Switch to stealth gear." Aqualad said. Artemis, Wally, Megan, and Kaldur switched their outfits to a dark gray/black version. Revenge merely zipped up his veste and tapped something on his sunglasses.

"Not much of a costume." Wally commented.

Revenge didn't reply.

"Don't think he heard me." Wally whispered...
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posted by TOTALIzzyluver
Lily sighed. She was gonna miss the cave. And mostly the people inside it. She thought about her first week, a secret crush on Robin.Lily's seconde week, girl's night out with Artemis, M'gann and Zatanna. Her forth week. Getting over the crush. And today. The jour her powers got taken away.
(5 hours earlier)
The team was in a heated battle between themselves and Abra Kabra. His so called "magic" was getting the best of them. Lily ran at him and an in the blink of an eye he used his wand and a zap of electricity went through her.
"SHIFTER!" Artemis called, seeing her friend land rather hard...
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posted by DaPeople316
I threw up a force field and shouted "this force field lets out but not in."
Me, Artemis, and Robin took down the aliens. We got to the control room were a particularly large ugly horse headed beast was torchering a kid around my age. 
"So this is your last sight of earth before I destroy it."the beast teased.
"I doubt that Seth." the boy said.
"Why is that Daniel?" Seth retorted "you can't do any thing to stop me."
"There's no way number six could do that"Daniel a dit "and besides theres some one behind you."
He turned around and saw us, he momentarily loosened his grip on the kid. Daniel broke...
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 "Let us go!"
"Let us go!"
"I had orders to have toi executed in an hour," Evelyn said. "It appears that they have been overlooked."
"Let us go!" Artemis strained.
Evelyn laughed. "Not without a fight, of course." She looked at Jeannette. "You take Erica. She is out of my league."
"What are we going to do?" Artemis asked before we fell down.
Evelyn doesn't know that Superboy has anger issues. We could leave it at that.
With a loud yell, Superboy lunged at an unsuspecting Evelyn, bursting through the wall.
"Artemis, stop the countdown!" I ordered. She nodded and went to the computer screen, when Air sent me flying to...
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posted by Skittles98
“Dunuphear” I said. A silver coin appeared in my hand.
“Great job Liana” Zatanna smiled “Now let’s try the growing spell”
“Okay. Cab oot lamron” I said. The tiny doll caught on fire. Zatanna put it out quickly.
“Sorry” I squeaked
“It’s okay. I’ve burnt tons of dolls” she laughed. I knew she was lying.
“Let’s try the transfiguration spell now” she said
“Lex eeb nacorb” I spoke. The doll fizzed, glowed, then nothing. “Anied muceb namew” still nothing.
“It’s useless. I’m never going to be a sorceress” I sighed
“Keep hope Liana. Why don’t we try that...
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I was starting to dislike these people. They were always so… happy. Except for that one. The one with the beautiful blue eyes and the gorgeous black hair. He didn’t talk that much. He rarely smiled. And he was wearing my favori color, black. He was perfect for me. I wish I could talk to him. But I couldn’t. My sister would know I liked him because I never talk to anyone. Then, I got an idea. I pulled my sister away from the bulk of the group.
“Cat, I want to be plus social. I want to get to know the team better” I said
“Wait, you’re asking me to help toi talk?” she asked
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Everyone walked over to the computer. "What is it?" Xhadow asked. Leaning over my shoulder to get a better look. "Says here there buiding an army to go aginst the Justice Lauge. They tell the inasent addicted teens that they can get high with superpowers. Then they take it have there five minets and BOOM! There these Monsters." "Did toi downlod the files to the USB?" AquaLad asked. "Ofcouse I did!" I answerd. "Now lets get back to the Bio ship before who ever made this comes back." "Too late for that." Xhadow a dit pointing to the door were there was a gard.

I stared to pull out my boomeranng...
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