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posted by emerald_32
For those who are confused with the whole couple thing on Adventure time, here is how it goes:

FINN: Finn had a crush on Bonnibel (PB). But Bonnie didn't l’amour him back. Because of that, Jake looked for a princess that was Finn's age, and found Flame Princess. Eventually Flame Princess became Finn's girlfriend.
JAKE: As most people know, his girlfriend is Lady Rainicorn. It was shown in "Lady And Peebles" that Lady is pregnant. It is unknown if Jake and Lady had the "intercourse"
BONNIBEL: She and Mr. Cream Puff have dated before as mentioned in "Slumber Party Panic".
MARCELINE: Ash is Marceline's ex-boyfriend. Ash sold Hambo, Marceline's beloved childhood toy which caused her to be enraged and dump him.
LSP: She has an ex-boyfriend named Brad, which is being dated par her friend Melissa.
posted by crazycow4556
This the liste of episodes.
Season 1 2010:
Slumber Party Panic
Trouble in Lumpy Space
Prisoners of Love,Tree Trunks
The Enchiridion!
The Jiggler
Ricardio the cœur, coeur Guy
Business Time
My Two favori People
Memories of Boom Boom Mountain
City of Thieves
The Witch's Garden
What is Life?
Ocean of Fear
When Wedding Bells Thaw
The Duke
Freak City
Rainy jour Daydream
What Have toi Done?
His Hero
Gut Grinder
Season 2 2010-2011:
It Came from the Nightosphere
The Eyes
Loyalty to the King
Blood Under the Skin
Slow Love
Power Animal
Crystals Have Power
The Other Tarts
To Cut a Woman's Hair...
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posted by redpanda
What does everyone think of me?
Just a girl made of flames?
A monster?
Well I'm better than that!
I'm a Flame Queen I will do what I must to complete my goals and try to stop anything in my path!
I may seem evil but I hide a secret good side in me.
I can be good.
I won't be a monster.
I won't be a freak.
No not anymore.
I'm a Flame Queen loyal to my kingdom!
I will be amazing!
A good girl like my father wanted me to be.
Like my... mother would want me to be.
Like Finn would want me to be...

Why do I hurt the ones I love?
Is it my nature?
My power?
I don't know glob tell me!
I just wish I could control myself.
I'm a Flame Queen I burn and hurt everything I touch.
I'm sorry Finn.
I'm sorry everyone...
posted by emerald_32
 The troll, that, up until now, still hurts me.
The troll, that, up until now, still hurts me.
After some thought, I've decided to leave this club. Why? Here's the reason/s why.

For the past few months, I've just been abused, trolled, offended and treated badly. I was trying to stay calm and just take it lightly, to clear it par talking nicely. But of course, people never really appreiciate it. If I'm just going to be mocked and made of fun of, well then, this club isn't worth it.

If I'm just going to be called delusional for my fandoms, then this club isn't worth it.

If I'm not appreiciated for all my efforts and contributions to this club, then this club isn't worth it.

If I'm just...
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posted by Saofan1234
 Yui looking crazy
Yui looking crazy
"Finn I need your help." Pb said. "Finn?" Pb a dit after that. A little girl comes in holding Finn all bloody. Pb says " What happened to Finn young lady?" Young girl says " I'm not a lady I'm Yui Akita Otanshi and Finn fell 500,000 feet on ice that went through his stomach." Pb screams. Yui says calmly " He's ok he's taking a nap and he is happy sleeping" " How do toi know that?" Pb says sceamimg "I can see Finns dreams, death, future, past and everyone else's. toi are mean, cold, sad and confused I put pitty on you, toi sad excuse for a person. First James then who else don't worry I killed all the girls in middle school who made fun of me." Pb runs screaming
 Yui back in middle school
Yui back in middle school
posted by ATFan1
To my prince,

Finn, how could I have ever a dit those last words to you, those last words which have tortured toi ever since! In sheer anger and confusion, I declared with those words your doom. How could I have been such a heartless monster?! If only I knew the consequences of my words, I would never have even thought of saying it.
O my handsome prince, all my life I was imprisoned par my father, that demon who never cared for me, who doesn’t even deserve to be called my father! During those lonely years, I grew up, never knowing that heavenly sensation of l’amour ou of being loved. Then, I met...
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Flame Princess's point of view

I let out an exaggerated sigh "Finn, I'm not having any fun." I a dit quickly.
"What? How could toi not have fun? were in the ice kingdom, toi can make everything melt down!" he said, hoping to change my mind i assumed.
"My feu doesn't work in here, the Ice is too thick, i'd need to be as strong as my dad to burn this place down-" before i could finish there was a glow from a room in the Ice kingdom.
"Oh! There's something exciting we can go kick some Ice Butt!" He grabbed my hand and led me to the room. There was a book with genders swaps of... everyone! There were stories and pictures the only thing i couldn't find was my gender swap... "Ha ha! Look at this," he read the stories in the ice kings book, and the book started to glow brighter. I don't know what happened but we were not in the Ice kingdom anymore...
posted by redpanda
(Flame Princess is sitting on her trône looking at her father in the lantern looking disappointed)
Flame Princess: So father enjoying the life toi gave me
Flame King: Flame Princess I didn't have a choice I did it for you
Flame Princess: Save it father! toi didn't l’amour me
Flame King: Yes I do l’amour you
Flame King: Then why would toi keep me in that lantern for years and years and years?
Flame King: I only did what was best for you!
Flame Princess: How would that help me father that only made our relationship worse!
Flame King: toi don't understand...
( Flame Princess cuts him off)
Flame Princess:...
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posted by ATFan1
Finn, with Flame Shield on, stepped on the searing red-hot ground of the Flame Kingdom. In front of him stood a path leading to the Flame Palace, whose tremendous height pierced the sky above. This unforgiving place, accueil to vile and beastly miscreants, the very Hell on Earth, was where Finn dared visit. For what reason? Well, within those crudely made walls, imprisoned par her duty, there lived a single girl of only 14 years of age, though with the cœur, coeur and mind of a woman. Yet she was so much more! The blossoming rose among thorns, Flame Queen’s reputation for her breath-taking beauty...
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posted by redpanda
Flame Princess has been thinking a lot lately about her and Finn she wanted to get out of the feu Kingdom and took a walk in the forest and looked up at the sky.
"Why won't I l’amour him!" FP a dit depressed
" I like him inside but something told me no."
She was interrupted par rattling in the bushes.
" Who's there!?"
She hears rambling.
" I mean it don't mess with the princess of flames!"
She turned around and the suivant things she knows water gets dumped on her she blacks out. And when she woke she was in a chamber in a cage...
posted by LSP_98_Pigs
Me: Tonight we have two very special guests, everyone please make a round of applause for Finn and Jake!
*Multitude Claps*
Me: Finn, I've heard toi have a hard l’amour life... is it just with FP ou now is PB involved?
Finn: Dude, I don't wanna be talking about soppy love. I never wanted to come here Jake forced...
*Jake cuts him off*
Jake: Look man, Finn doesn't want to talk about that he came to get his mind off it. Didn't toi Finn?
*Finn nods*
Me: Okay well Jake how are toi and Lady and the Pups?
Jake: Great I guess, they've all moved out except for T.V he prefers to live with me and Lady. Me and Lady?...
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posted by redpanda
(Back where we left off)
Finn: Fp do toi know something?
Flame Princess: Yes… yes I do toi won't believe it…
Finn: So…
Flame Princess: Princess Bubblegum is… old!
Finn: Old! toi mean I had a crush on a old lady!
Flame Princess: toi had a crush on that old piece of gum!
Finn: Yes… but that was when I didn't know!
Flame Princess: Okay toi need to keep this a…
Finn: Jake!
Flame Princess: Uh oh!
Jake: Yeah Finn
Flame Princess: (Walks over and grabs Finn)
Finn: Fp let me go!
Flame Princess: Finn please keep this a secret please
Finn: No! PB had rejected me way to many times so no way I'll keep her dirty little secret!
Flame Princess: Please I'm really starting to know her and I don't want a enemy
Finn: Still no
Flame Princess: (Sighs kisses Finn)
Finn: Okay I will (Nervously)
The End, hope ya like it!
posted by emerald_32
In the deepest part of him, a flame was lighted. Before Finn knew it, his cœur, coeur became ignited with love. Wandering like a butterfly, he aimlessly took flight and found himself landing the palm of Fionna.

Their hands entwined with each other. Their lips pressed against each other. Even if they say their l’amour was wrong, when Fionna was with him, he burns up more.

Finn wanted Fionna to hold him tight; to reassure him that every night would be fine. He wanted Fionna to make him believe, that, no matter what they said, they were in love. They kissed in the dark. Like they would never come apart....
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posted by chillyneon
Cake slapped me as I opened my eyes, adjusting to the sunlight.
"WHAT IS IT CAKE?!!", I scream.
"IT'S A EMERGENCY IN THE Candy KINGDOM!!", she screams.
"GUMBALL!!", I scream.
I get my clothes in and grab my backpack and my sword I got back from Ice Queen.
Both me and Cake ran to the Candy kingdom.
I jumped onto Cake's back as we ride along the mountain. I try to think what has happened.
We finally reach the Candy Palace. I run inside.
"GUMBALL!!" I scream. "GUMBALL!!!!!"
I finally reach his room. I see bubblegum melted all across the floor....
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posted by hammy46
Note: I'd just like to say that this is my first ever fan fiction and i have only seen up to season 4 so have a very limited knowledge compared to others. Enjoy.
P.S. This may not be entirely lore friendly


It had been two days since he had returned. Somehow, through all the different dimensions, until he found the right one. It had been two days since the portal had opened and untold evil had poured out. It had been two days since he had returned. The Lich.

"We can't do this for much longer" a dit Finn, tired from the récent skirmish.
"Sure we...
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posted by Newbiehere13
Hey, guys! I'm sorry to bring up a sore subject but after looking on a few clubs I found out how some people have easily bagged a medal.

They were here first, and I mean it, literally. All toi need is some major club activity in the early days of the site and you'll be an instant fan, then you'll progressively rise up and up every time toi make a move. Eventually, you're on the haut, retour au début five in the page.

I haven't tried it myself, and I don't plan to, but this is the most evident way I can find.

And another thing I noticed is how toi déplacer towards a much higher ranking if toi write articles. Something I noticed when I wrote a few articles here (My rank was moved three times).

So that's all! Don't try and point fingers on who toi consider the culprits are, true as it may be, and we don't know. It isn't supposed to be a serious subject matter, but then I brought it up, lol, never mind. I just wish to inform you.
posted by Eula2003
Chapter 10: - Flame ou Bubblegum? -
“Hey Finn, how are you?” Jake asked.
“I`m fine Jake, And Jake, We met Princess Dragon!” Finn yells happy.
“What, DRAGON?” Jake shocked.
“Yes, A dragon, And it`s name is Drabbles” Finn reply.
“Drabbles? It she is a girl ou boy?” Ask Jake.
“I don`t know! But later on, we have a party ou Christmas party to the Candy Kingdom, Would toi like to join?” Finn asked to Jake.
“Well, actually, of course! But what time?” Jake asked.
“7 pm!” Finn said.
“Ok, but what about Flame Princess, she a dit to me yesterday, She have a Christmas Party too,...
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(Finn is alone in the woods at night)
Finn: I wonder how FP is doing
Marceline: FP huh
Finn: Ahh! Oh salut Marcy
Marceline: (Laughs) Chill out Finn
Finn: I know toi just scared me though
Marceline: Oh Finny Finn Finn
Finn: Finny Finn Finn?
Marceline: toi don't like that
Finn: Its okay I guess
Marceline: Good (She kisses him on the cheek)
Finn: What was that for?
Marceline: For being a good boyfriend
Finn: Huh I'm you're boyfriend?
Marceline: Of course silly
Finn: Okay...
Marceline: (Laughs) Oh Finn toi make me laugh
Finn: Me too Marcy
(They each give each other kisses on the cheek)
posted by SteamPunkOtaku
I was on a website review for the episode "The Vault" and i was lire when this showed up

“The Vault” is an incredibly metaphysical episode of Adventure Time, dealing with reincarnation, atonement, and ghosts to tell a poignant story about how the past can haunt us in unexpected ways. During his hypnosis, Finn opens the voûte door and sees his past selves—a comet, a butterfly, a bubblegum-like rose substance—before being thrust into the shoes of Shoko, a one-armed girl who rides a chubby white tiger and steals treasure for the Bath Boy Gang. The name Shoko means “auspicious child,”...
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Finn: *stomach starts growling menacingly* Poop....

Jake: What is it Finn? *derp face* Are toi hungry?

Finn: I can't believe I'm saying this.....but do toi know what time it is?

Jake: What? Adventure--

Finn: NO. *slaps Jake* It's lunch time!

Jake:.........(that was even dumber than adventure time....)

Finn: *scary face and looks at Jake* Did toi say something?

Jake: No.

?????: Wait! Don't toi want to listen to my gloomy speech about life and how I hate it and---

Finn & Jake: *already gone into Bubblegum's castle*

????: They will resent soon enough....then fall into my evil clutches.....MWAHAHAHA!...
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