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posted by SteamPunkOtaku
Marceline, is it just toi and me in the
wreckage of the world?
That must be so confusing for a
young girl.
And I know you're going to need me here with you.
But I'm losing myself, and I'm afraid you're gonna lose me too.
This magic keeps me alive, but it's making me crazy,
And I need to save you, but who's going to save me?
Please forgive me for whatever I do,
When I don't remember you.
Marceline, I can feel myself slipping away.
I can't remember what it made me say.
But I remember that I saw toi frown.
I swear it wasn't me, it was the crown.
This magic keeps me alive, but it's making me crazy,...
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One jour I was searching for a fanclub for Adventure Time online it took a while until I stumbled across this one. I thought it looked nice. And I a dit to myself "Yes a place where I won't we judged about my beloved fandom!" But when I found a lot of hate I said. "Oh." I wanted to be like. 'Why bother?' But I didn't I made it through. I was shy at first a scared girl to share her thoughts because she thought they didn't care. But along the way I realized plus and plus and toi guys are the ones who made me brave, made me not scared anymore, and I realized I can say what have wanted to say in a long time. And to this jour I'm not scared anymore I can do most things I couldn't do today. So I thank toi all for helping me realize this is where I need to stay. And to all toi fans out there don't be afraid to say something just go for it and hope for the best don't let your mind take full control because if toi do toi will end up like the old me scared and speechless.
Sorry Peebles, but but I've had to much of you. i mean its just not right! is it because toi are to old and i'm too young, that your to smart and i'm too dumb?, what's wrong with this relationship of ours!
Finn, what are toi saying? what i'm trying to say is that ... we should break up. No Finn, this shouldn't happen to us, we're meant to be. (PB CRYING). i'm afraid that whats done has to be done! But why? toi see Princess i just think this was a bad idea. Don't worry there's a lot of candies in a jar, and im already eaten.
But I got the first episode (chapter) down. Dunno if I can post the écriture part of it down today, but I'll try. It's only a few paragraphs long, but I'm considering making it longer, with your help if you'd like. I'm usually a self-hater so I won't really like it when I post it cause that's just me, I guess lol

I'll post it and ask what I should change with it. I'll add commentary throughout the chapter so it's easier to understand. :D

And yeah, it'll still be animated, just not yet. I'm planning on écriture the whole story out for toi to read and visualize so it'll be easier to make.
toi know that you're and A.T. fan when you: Dress up as Finn ou any other A.T. character for Halloween.

When you: know all the words to every song.

When you: sing the theme song every time the montrer comes on.

When you: yell, "Adventure Time!" when someone asks toi what time it is.

When you: go out and buy a dog just so toi can name him Jake.

When you: rant on and on about A.T. to anyone who will listen.

When you: practically pee your pants when toi find new A.T. merchandise for your collection.

When you: acually have an A.T. collection.

When you: swear on Finn and Jake like you're swearing on your life....
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posted by IsabellaFanboy
What time is it? Message Time!!!

Hello everybody this is my récent troll activity:

I sent some messages to these people and guess what i got back :D

I think I'm in l’amour with someone in the AT club... guess someone :3
astigpinoy: uh EM?

me: any other guess?

astigpinoy: 3pl3 M?



DerpThatHerp: I have no clue XD

emerald_32: Redpanda, pbadventure18 ou marcelinerocker.

me:guess again :3

emerald_32: beige888, makemesmile1000, TheInfectedd ou me
beige888: who?
me: toi have...
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I don't own anything here, credits go to the blog, on raggedy-taggedy and on bubblebats, see them on Tumblr.

From: bubblebats

NO, it is not because they are cute together.

NO, it is not because Flame Princess is cuter, tougher ou even glacière than Princess Bubblegum.

It is simply because of the amazing friendship they have. Yes, I know they’re dating, but when toi look past the fluff toi can see something truly genuine. They don’t just cuddle and act romantic all the time. They have a unique bond with each other. At the beginning of ‘Burning Low’ and ‘Ignition Point’, they’re not...
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posted by finnandfred
The lich just got into another dimension that doesn't mean that he won't come back one jour and fight Finn ou may
Be kill him... I know Finn is a radical hero but he can't stop every thin because he's not immortal.because if the screeching owl came in the box and played games in the hot tub then their must be someway for him to get out and the lich could just follow him and Get out and make up a plan to destroy the land of ooo. But Hansen abadere could rejoindre up with marcaline Finn and jake and fight him.
Me: Okay, this is a horror fanfic. If you're not this type, it's best to sit this one out.

Finn and Jake were hiking through the forest. They stopped behind a arbre to take a break.

"Hey Jake," Finn said. "Do toi think we'll be able to find some crazy monsters here?"

"Dunno man," Jake answered. "Maybe, maybe not. Let's just walk around more."

They kept walking until they found an old manor in the cœur, coeur of the forest. It was looked old and looked like it was about collapse. Finn and Jake entered it.

"Finn, this place is creeping me out." Jake said, shivering....
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FCG Finnish Consulting Group Oy on Suomen suurimpia monialaisia konsulttiyrityksiä. Palveluissamme yhdistyy ainutlaatuisen monipuolinen osaaminen infra- ympäristö- ja yhdyskuntasuunnittelusta, koulutuksesta, julkisten palveluiden kehittämisestä sekä johdon konsultoinnista.

FCG:n tuote- ja palveluvalikoima on jatkumo, joka alkaa asiakkaiden strategisen päätöksenteon tukemisesta, jatkuu siitä yhdyskunta- ja palvelurakenteiden suunnitteluun, toteuttamiseen ja kehittämiseen sekä näyttäytyy tavallisille kansalaisille terveellisenä...
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posted by ATFan1
Finn and PB sat under a tree, with its huge branches, laden with leaves, sheltering them from the scorching rays of the sun. They fed each other slices of delicious vanilla cake the Candy People had made for the two lovebirds. One delightful thought continuously ran through his mind: I’m with Bubblegum! Her long gorgeous hair, that elegant figure, those smooth, delicate hands…this goddess, whose beauty can never be fully described par mere words, was sitting suivant to him. Pure joy engulfed him.

PB giggled when Finn got bits of cake all over his mouth. Oh that voice, so sweet and angelic! To...
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posted by emerald_32
I can't help but to notice all of the hate towards the characters in the show. All of this criticism. Some of us hate characters for no real reason, some of us hate them because of the mistakes they have made. There is no reason to hate a character. There is no reason to hate a ship. There is to reason for hate altogether. It is a horrible thing that creeps into our unprotected minds and makes us think negatively.
Instead of pointing out the bad things about a character, how about toi start looking towards the good things. Maybe toi can start to like that character. I used to hate a character....
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posted by chillyneon
Interveiwer = Okay,so today we have two special guest! Fionna and Cake. Lets get started!

I= So how's it been in the land of Aaa?

F = Pretty good.

C= I agree with Fionna.

I = Okay, so I have a few questions......

F = Come at me bro!

I = Okay,so I was just wondering about PG and Marshall.....

F= Arent they gonna get interveiwed too? Ask them when they come on.

C= Ohhhh I know what toi mean * smirks*


I = All I wanted to say was which one would toi go out with?

F= Umm.....

I = Cake,everyone knows toi do not approve Marshall, correct?

C = YES!!!!! Im afraid he'll drink Fionna's blood......or...
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This is not mine it belongs to Sonic2125 on deviantArt I just felt like this needs to be seen.

Flame Princess: The stars glows bright on the summer night,not a life to be seen A kingdom of desolation and it looks like I'm the queen

The wind is howling like this swirling storm inside, couldn't keep it in heavens know I tired

Don't let them in, Don't them see, be the bad girl toi always had to be Conceal don't feel, don't let them know well now they know

Let it go, let it go, can't hold it back anymore Let it go, let it go, turn away and slam that door

I don't care what their going say, let the fire...
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posted by redpanda
[I have tried to make this as good as PB could be.]
Princess Bubblegum goes into a secret chamber and goes to a door.
Door: Password?
PB: Never trust CB.
And then goes to another door.
Door: Password?
PB sighs.
PB: Sweety buns 2000.
PB squeezed the doors cheeks and the door opened then she walks up to a safe.
Safe Door: Password?
PB: Glob seriously! Its I'm not gelée 1234.
Safe Door: mot de passe granted.
The door opens and PB grabs her amulet.
PB: Finally ultimate power!
PB evil laughs and coughs.
She goes back up the chamber steps to the chamber exit door.
Door: Password?
PB: Shut up!
The door cries and opens....
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posted by redpanda
Main Point: Seriously this has been turning into a trolling community, I'm not kidding look around toi would see almost see multiple trolls on polls, articles, answers, etc, its getting ridiculous this is suppost to be a community to express our l’amour for AT not a trolling paradise. So please make a fanclub for it ou just dial it down little that would be appreciated very much thank you!

Pros: Not many pros for trolling cause they can be hurtful.
1. They can be humourous.
2. They are petty jokes.

Cons: plus than pros all I can say.
1. They can hurt a lot of feelings.
2. They can cause friendships to be destroyed.
3. They are ruining this fanclub.
4. Its gone too far even had a pointless fight about it.
5. They are used par kiddish teens, and immature adults.

Offensive Trollers: TFF (had one), IFB (had a few), Derp (not that I know of)

I just want toi guys to make smart choices and be safe, I care guys and if toi think I don't toi don't know me at all.
posted by DragonFang145
*This story is best for fans that have read the Marceline and the Scream Queens comic book series as it feat. characters that are used in this story that are not in the TV series*

Chapter 1: Dead and Gone?

"Dang it Bonnie, get out of my head!" she yelled as she drifted in and out of sleep.
"Stop!" she screamed as she tossed and turned.
"Huh", Marceline woke up with a start.
In the doorway stood Keila, her fellow bandmate and guitaris.
"Marceline, toi okay?"
"Uh... yeah! Just a bad dream. Just... a really, really bad dream."...
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posted by emerald_32
Me: salut guys here's my theory about Marcy's life. It's just an opinion with all the knowledge I've obtained about her. commentaires (please refrain from mean ones, they really hurt) are gladly accepted. Now sit back, relax and read the article below!
Before the war, Marceline was half-human, half-demon. Her father, Hunson Abadeer, left her in the hands of her mother as he left to rule the Nightosphere. The war started when Marcy was 4 (or 7, whatever!). Her mother died in war. Leaving Marceline on her own.

Marceline was left there, crying in what was left of...
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posted by crazycow4556
The episode begins with Finn having a dream about the Cosmic Owl screeching, Billy s’embrasser his lady, and the ours and the escargot lire the Enchiridion. At one point, while he is laughing, Billy's image flickers to The Lich and back again. Suddenly, the escargot (who turns into the Lich) kills Billy and Finn wakes up. He tells Jake about his dream and Jake says it is a premonition dream. He then says they should go tell Billy because he was in the dream, turns into a car, and then drives Finn to Billy's home.
Once there, Billy yells at them saying that its 3 in the morning and asks why they are...
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posted by ATFan1
Prince Gumball’s scream echoed in Fionna’s ears. Her blue eyes then fell on a mirror suivant to her. Instead of seeing that elegant young girl whom she once was, so full of life and energy, she saw another, a mere shadow of her former beauty. “Am I going to stay here like this, while one of those whom I l’amour dies?” she asked herself.

“NO!” She quickly hoisted herself up and darted out of the arbre house, her long golden hair flowing behind her. She ran past the lifeless bodies, never taking notice of their stench of decay, nor of the sensation of the withered herbe under her feet. Her...
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