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Trouble in Tokyo for Starfire(better)
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This is my liste featuring my 15 prettiest Teen Titans females in my opinion(as a girl).



13.Madame Rouge





8.Nya Nya (Japanese girl)







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This is in my opionion the best ten couples.

10.Cyborg and Jinx

I've always loved this coulpe, they're so differnt, and totally don't belong together maybe thats why I like them so much
9.Angle and Kid Wickeyy

I l’amour the way they work as a team and the way that Kid Wickeyy protects Angle.
8.Red X and Aregent

I really like this couple cause they look awesome together.
7.Kole and Ganerek

They are so right for each other!

6.Red X and Agrent

Dark and Evil
5.Cyborg and Bumble bee

They're awesome together. I l’amour how she calls him sparky

4.Red X and Starfire

IDK i just really like this coulpe

3. Kid Flash and Jinx

He turned her good how COULDNT toi l’amour this couple

2. Beast boy and Raven

they belong together

1. Starfire and Robin

they're the best couple ever
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Hello Teen Titan Fans!This is MY version of what happen after starfire was sent to the future and how the teen titans broke up in the episode how long is forever PLEASE commentaire and become a fan if toi like this article. I worked on it very hard on it. If toi have any questions, ou any way to make these stories better ou want me to write another article about something else ou have a request for me to write about something please send me a message. I'll make sure to answer toi and get right on écriture plus articles toi request! I log on daily, Thank You!

Today is bortogh! The Tameranian festival...
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Soon it was morning. Scarlet woke up cuddled in Storm"s arms. He was still asleep. She quickly got off him & without thinking flew away quickly. No. It couldn't"t be this way. Last time was too hard. He couldn't play with her cœur, coeur again. She kept flying. She suddenly felt real weak. "I gotta head to....Slade's...." she a dit in a weak & tired voice.

Then she started crashing down.

About five hours later she woke up in the Teen Titans Medical Room. Her vision was blurred. She groaned as Starfire a dit in a happy/cautious voice,"Everyone...she is awake." Scarlet then could see. She saw that Cyborg had a drill in her arm. She tried to snatch it but saw that her arm was tied to the table. "Don't move!" Cyborg a dit with anger in his voice. She looked to her other side & saw Robin come in. She used her other hand to feel her pocket. "WHERE'S MY JEWEL?!?!" she asked.

Robin gave her a stern look & asked,"Tell me where's Slade."
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For the first time ever, Seasons 1-6 of the longest-running animated montrer in DC history is now available on HBO Max.
teen titans go
official seasons 1-6
hbo max trailer
dc fandome 2021
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