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posted by ATFan1
Finn felt wonderful. After their seconde night together in the woods, his life was something to be envied par others. Every week he would meet Marceline in the woods, who each time allowed him to enjoy her to the fullest. His cœur, coeur knew sorrow no more, for at last he was able to please this woman. For him that was the sole purpose of his existence. All he ever desired was to obey a mistress, to Kiss her hand, to cherish her being, to protect her even at the cost of his life, once meaningless without her. But Marceline offered so much plus to him than a mere kiss! It was for that reason that Finn...
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FinnAme story this time. I hope toi enjoy. And NO, I did not get this from a song. -_-
Please no flaming, I needed some parts to be exaggerated to make this story almost-perfect.

Finn has these feelings he couldn't explain, he wanted to be ridden of his former image, the layout that was designed for him. He wanted to sing his own song, send the words locked inside his chest to his love.

The things he wanted to tell her, the things he wanted to reach out to her, he wished that it would reach out to her.

The words he wanted to tell her, and the song he wanted...
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posted by redpanda
(PB is at the Candy Kingdom staring at her amulet)
Princess Bubblegum: How can Flame Princess remember me when I told her dad to lock her up?
(Peppermint Butler walks in)
Princess Bubblegum: What now Peps!
Peppermint Butler: Finn and Jake requested to see you
Princess Bubblegum: Tell them I'm on my way
Peppermint Butler: Okay
(Princess Bubblegum is walking to the arbre house when Flame Princess is in her way)
Princess Bubblegum: Excuse me Flame Princess
Flame Princess: Wait a minute princess let's talk how are toi alive when I was locked in that lantern
Princess Bubblegum: Fine I will tell don't tell anyone not even Finn and Jake! Okay I'm old
Flame Princess: You're old! How old
Princess Bubblegum: Older than toi think
Finn: salut guys!
Princess Bubblegum: Um um I got to go… Morrow!
( The giant bird takes her to the Candy Kingdom)
Finn: What was that about
Flame Princess: Uh…
Part 2 coming soon give me some ideas!
To my one true love,

 Finn, I know I have written this letter to toi too late. I am fully aware that toi are now deeply in l’amour with Flame Princess. Alas! This painful truth is too much for my poor cœur, coeur to bear.

 Oh Finn, no words could express the extent of my l’amour for you. I cannot close my eyes without seeing your handsome face. In my dreams, I feel the heavenly sensation of your lips upon mine as we kiss. Oh, those sweet lips! Whenever I awake, I realize that only the air touches my mouth, and tears flow rapidly from my eyes. During the day, I lock myself in my cold, miserable laboratory,...
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posted by Eula2003
Chapter 5: - Busy jour -
At the arbre Fort:
“Hey Jake, can toi find me a partner? A girl” Finn asked.
“Yes, Maybe Princess Bubblegum” Jake reply.
“Ok so I going now to the Candy Kingdom to ask Princess” Finn a dit happily.
“Be Careful and Good luck for that” Jake smile and Finn open their door and go away.
At the Candy Kingdom:
Finn knocks the door of the Candy Kingdom;
“Hey Princess, can toi go with me to the friendship movie?” Finn asked.
“Um, Not Exactly, because I`m busy. Sorry Finn because I have a whistling contest tomorrow” Princess reply....
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posted by ailley1410
the scene start with an alarm ringing at 06:00 AM so finn and jake wake up,so they get ready for school,so theyre a dit bye to joshua and margaret (their parents)
while in the way,they met bonnibel,so they walk together,when they walk in the corridor,they met tiffany,finn's enemy from other class,
tiffany:well well,who is it now(intimidate)
finn:what do toi want now tiffany
tiffany:oh i'm just pass par and (suddenly confront finn)
finn:what the.. toi shrimphead!
so they had a great fight jake helps finn and bonnibel just watch them fight and finn wins,tiffany runs to his class
finn:yea run toi wimp
so the go to the class

to be continued
ps:sorry for the bad english,i'm just a kid from jakarta
posted by DragonFang145


Pancake Batter


Frying Pan

Step 1.) Cook bacon thoroughly, after toi are finished set aside to cool.

Step 2.) Take panckae batter (as much as toi like, it depends on how hungry toi are) and mix with water.

Step 3.) After bacon is cool enough not to burn your fingers chop into small bits (or big depends on what toi like).

Step 4.) Sprinkle bacon bits into pancake mix, stir, then pour into pan (size depends on hungry toi are).

AND REMEMBER! Don't forget to sing the song while toi cook!

bacon pancakes, makin' bacon pancakes

Take some bacon and I'll put it in a pancake

bacon pancakes, that's what it's gonna make

bacon pancake!
posted by DerpThatHerp
Although this isnt about adventure time I saw something in the newspaper that horrified me. And considering this dog did nothing in the first place. Makes me heartbroken

The dog was named Parrot.

This is what the officer did before Brutally killing this innocent dog. The cop drove his knee into the middle of Parrot's back while stretching Parrot's forelegs behind him, as one would do with an armed criminal. Without waiting to determine whether this technique would calm Parrot, the cop grabbed Parrot, lifted him off the ground, and brought him to the haut, retour au début of the concrete staircase.

He threw Parrot...
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It was May 28,I got banned par shippers who are some dark seeking admins,Then I checked my Yahoo account,It still got an weird notification par "Jonathan Frank Perez" that a dit "Banned"...

Two months later...

I missed the group,I searched groups to rejoindre in,I joined 4 land of ooo groups,then I searched in the internet for clubs and etc...... Then the magic happens...

Something popped on my screen and I clicked it,It ses "Fanpop" so I made an account.Then my eyes let up and saw achievements,you can be fan of someone and toi can rejoindre never ending clubs.

These days,I always visit this website.
posted by ailley1410
it start with fiona have nothing to do,lying around
then suddenly some portal coming up,when fiona wants to check,cake just sop and say "stop, toi could get hurt"
fiona:ah come on i just want to check
cake:hold on,let me call gumball and marshall
fiona:for what
cake:just in case
so gumball came with lord monochromicorn and marshall came to
marshall:yo fiona why did toi call us?
cake:we just want to check this portal
gumball:ok,let me see for a bit
suddenly ice Queen came
ice queen:*evil laugh*
fiona:ugh,it's ice Queen again,what do toi want?(intimidate)
ice queen:the prince must become my husband(blowing...
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posted by ailley1410
in class

dr.princess(as the biology teacher):good morning students and i see some new student here,so introduce yourself
finn:oh okay,hello my name is finn merten i'm 15 years old,i already learn in this clas but i get an accident and coma for two years...
(cuts to vita and jake)
vita:hey jake,who is it? he looks friendly to you
jake:he's my step brother
vita: i didn't know toi had a stepbrother
jake:just forget it
(cuts to finn again)
dr.princess:thank toi go back to your anyway lets continue from yesterday
finn:*sigh* (still staring at vita)
dr.princess:so anyone can answer this question?...
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posted by emerald_32
Me: I absolutely l’amour happy endings! Don't you? You'll l’amour this ending, in 'Forgive Me, cœur, coeur four"!!

----Flame Princess P.O.V.
I went to the chapel and prayed to the lord. Two days before Me and Finn's wedding. 'Lord, I hope toi hear me out, your little feu Angel in heaven. I wish to be here on Earth. I l’amour Finn as much as toi l’amour your Son. Please hear me out, Lord.' I prayed. Then I left.

The seconde jour of my temporary life here was exciting. Me and Finn had fun fixing the wedding. Designing the clothes, fixing the dîner tables, providing appropriate...
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posted by astigpinoy
Part of my placed-in-development-hell fanfic:
The Almost Disconnected Adventure College Story, an 1: Fubblegum

Just to give me some inspiration to raise this project to full release.

Enjoy ^^

_-_- AstigPinoy -_-_
Track: link

Italics : Marshall Lee singing.
Bold: Memory flashbacks.
Systolic beats are self-explanatory with the storytelling provided because I can't fill them with lyrics. XD

"Finn, toi sure that we'll do good?"
"Man, you're the bad boy here in the college and you're afraid?"
"Meh, just to make sure."
Betty clapped at the last performers, Bonnibel and...
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(5,10,1989) dear diary, it had been 5 years since I had been born I could hear mommy and daddy fighting in the other room again probably about me being born again and I understood all of it. I knew about a lot of stuff most kids these many (holds up five fingers) should not know like bébés being born and yucky stuff like that so mommy was mad that because daddy had the spell thing on that made is so he could touch me and mommy 5 years il y a then daddy got mommy pregnant so she was mad. even though I don't see daddy a lot I have another daddy named cinnamon bun he is really nice and all but he...
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posted by Newbiehere13
All credits go to the person in this link:link. I chose to post this straight in the articles and not in the link, because no one clicks on the liens that much and this message is something we should understand, as a fan.

To all Adventure Time fans: Embrace ALL the qualities of the characters, of all your favourite characters particularly

If your character has issues, don’t feel like they should be changed - accept them.

If Marceline’s your favourite character, embrace her selfishness.

If Ice King’s your favourite character, embrace his greed.

If Finn’s your favourite character, embrace...
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(Back to where we left off then)
Princess Bubblegum: Finn do something!
Finn: Okay... FP come here!
Flame Princess: No Finn I'm not 13 anymore you're not my father
Finn: We will help toi find your father
(Flame Princess shrinks back to her normal size)
Flame Princess: Really Finn will you?
Finn: Of course my lady
(Flame Princess giggles)
(They go to the Flame Kingdom)
Flame Guard: Halt!
Flame Princess: I'm the Queen let me in!
Flame Guard: Not anymore the King is ruler again
(Flame Princess is so angry she uses flame sword and beats up the guards)
Flame Princess: Go now!
(They enter)
Flame King: Flame Princess!...
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posted by rigbyandjake
ok soo we all know that princess bubble gum is over a illion years old so why when she made her dopple ganger for bracko it looked exactly like her even though the real PB is over 1 million years old wouldent she look different over the years because the character skips from regular montrer ( if toi watch adventure time than toi must watch regular montrer its a requirement ) so post what toi think in the commentaires oh and if u think toi know plus about adventure time than me than just send me a question and i will answer it
Adventure Time Theory: Finn's past,Part 2

Finn awakens in a blinding white room. He rubs his eyes,sitting up and looking around. *This is way too clean to be my house...* Finn thinks,trying to figure out where he is. He hears a monitor beeping beside him and sees an IV tube in his arm. "I must be in the hospital...." Finn says aloud,shaking his head slightly. "That toi are correct about young man..." A doctor says,taking off his gloves and wiping sweat off his forehead. "You just got out of surgery...." he says,smiling warmly. "surgery? oh that's right....when Bruce Tromo and Trani jumped me...
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posted by redpanda
MFC 12.13
In Ooo in the woods Finn and Jake were adventuring
Finn: That adventure was so radical man!
Jake: I know dude I got lots of magic rings
Finn: Where did toi get those again?
Jake: When that giant thew them up
Finn: Man I missed it
Jake: Ya man it was epic
Finn: Dang well let's get back to the treehouse
Jake: Okay man
At the treehouse
Finn yawns
Finn: I'm tired let's get to bed
Jake: Ya I'm dog tired haha dog tired
Finn: Ha ya man
In the morning it started snowing
Finn wakes up
Finn: Jake its snowing!
Jake wakes up
Jake: Finn toi are donking up my dream man
Finn: But its snowing man do toi wanna go outside...
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posted by AngelicWaffle
Fionna sat at her windowsill, dreading the fact that she woke up. Outside the clinks of swords echoed throughout the landscape as they hit the ground, when it rained swords she couldn't do anything.
"What toi moping about girl?" Cat stood suivant to Fionna, and passed her a cup of hot chocolate. Fionna took a sip, "Ugh! Cake toi should know! I can't go outside, and BMO's on holidays....!"
Cake stroked her chin thoughtfully, "How about we... Hmm..." Cake stopped halfway, "Practice fighting?" Fionna sighed, "We did that yesterday!"
The swords rained harder outside, and their clinks turned into clanks...
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