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they all raced out to see wat was going on they saw mogo jojo in a giant robot bubbles:we gotta stop him blossom:lets go (boom bang boop) now that we stop him we gotta get our costumes its almost night(all go back and on there coustumes) profsser:wait girls we gotta take picture (buttercup groans)buttercup:now can we go profsser:yes(goes out)blossom:o hi mayor hi miss keen(miss keen bites bruthe and mayor bites brute)bruthe&brut:oww why toi guys do that(punches mayor and miss keen)blossom:something smells fishy brut:oo sorry i had a poisson in my poucket blossom:no not that why did they attack buttercup:wateve lets go to the haunted house already it not like there zombies bubbles&boomer:that it there zombies buttercup:wat wrong wit toi two there not zombies LETS GO TO THE HAUNTED HOUSE ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(all goes to the haunted house)narattor:are they really zombies ou are there just hungry all these quetions will be answere in part 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Narrator: Town hall seems peaceful so far. Buttercup and Bubbles are waiting for their sister.
Bubbles: She's late for our rendezvous.
Buttercup: I told you. That traffic is probably making everyone late.

But it wasn't the traffic that was making Blossom late. Her car wouldn't start, and she was trying for ten minutes to get it running.

Blossom: *Blushing* Well, that didn't work either. *Holding something purple* Better return this to my room. *Flies into the house, then quickly returns* I put this piece of camelote, indésirable together the way it's supposed to be. Why won't it start?!?! *Kicks the car, and then...
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