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Brambles pov
I feel so bored! I mean mission Invasion is like taking so long!
Bells pov
I- I feel something not good is going to happen. I mean REAL BAD!
" Girly d-do toi um... well feel something is b-bad going to happen?"
" I feel as good as a donught! No wait... TAQIOTOS!"
" he he! thank toi girly! At least your here!"
Normal pov
The Shadowpunk girls were walking to Dr X's lair. There were three girls. Ballistic, Bramble and Brutal. Ballistic wore a red long sleeved, buttoned, chemise a dark red waistcoat ( like her eyes) a black skirt, white long shorts and black shoes like bells.
Bramble wears a dark, dark blue( like her eyes) tank top. with a black jupe with black boots.
Brutal wears a black t- chemise with a white crospone skull on it. Also with a dark,dark green ( again, like her eyes) jupe with high boots. They saw is lair and invaded... to be continued
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Source: I'm obsessed with these things. Anyways, PPg belong to Craig. Horrible ppg...i dunno. No hate plz!!!
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