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posted by BookWord123
1. Say 'That's Just Being a -(Their Name)-'
2. Talk To Your Pen Constantly
3. Swim On The Floor
4. Climb Walls
5. When toi Go In The douche ou Bath Scream 'I'm Drowning, I'm Drowning!'
6. Say 'Ooh La La' Before Everything toi Say
7. Say 'Thats What toi Think' At Every Opinion Speech
8. When Your At School Drop Your Pen Constantly
9. Roll Your Pen Across Your Desk
10. Shoot Dirty Looks At Them For No Reason
11. Poke Them And Poke Them
12. Follow Them Around
13. Disagree With Everything They Say
14. Take Up All The l’espace Everywhere
15. Get In Their Way
16. Laugh At Them And Then Stare At Them Like Their Strange, Repeatitively
17. Dance Like A Hulligan Around Your House
18. Argue At Everything Even If It Comes To Saying That a mur Is Black When Its White
19. Be Quiet When They Want toi To Be Loud But Be Loud When People Want toi To Be Quiet
20. Turn All The Lights On In The House
21. When Your Teacher Asks toi To Take a siège Ask 'Take It Where?'

Thank toi All For lire x
posted by KateKicksAss
Credit: They decided to take the challenge of écriture some of their own six-word stories after lire some better known ones. Enjoy!

Elevator out of order. Use trampoline.

Bird cried, "Feathers? I want fingers!"

Storming again. annuler the cerf-volant fights.

Hide! Here comes Beyonce. She's pissed.

This is all a dream, right?

"Kitty will be fine," he lied.

The éléphant ate everything, even Paul.

Wizard vs. Jedi Knight? Audience wins.

"Ha," a dit Jen as she died.

Party tonight. Bring your own cape.

Did that clown painting just wink?

Clock struck six. Mike struck clock.

Has anyone seen my porcupi—ow!...
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posted by galou_2010
found it on the internet... hope ya like it!

1. Insist that toi are a vegetarian and protest anytime your roommate eats meat. Then leave "Slim Jim" wrappers on the floor and lie on the lit holding your stomach every time your roommate walks in. If he/she asks about the wrappers, say toi know nothing about them.

2. Get some hair. Disperse it around your roommate's head while he/she is asleep. Keep a pair of scissors par your bed. Snicker at your roommate every morning.

3. Every time your roommate walks in yell, "Hooray! You're back!" as loud as toi can and dance around the room for five minutes....
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posted by ShiningsTar542
If toi think toi lire all the books, seeing all the movies, and buying all the stuff makes for a real fan Twilight fan, wait until toi read this news.v
---- v

It turns out that there is a woman named Cathy Ward, 49, who is a mega fan of the series. She has her entire back tattooed with the characters from the series and plans to cover her whole body... WoW!

Cathy discovered the series a few years il y a when a friend gave her the first movie and since then she has been l’amour with all the mythology and characters.

Source: objetivofamosos
posted by harrypotterbest
A pinch of tobacco rolled in paper with feu at one end and a fool at the other!

It's an agreement wherein a man loses his bachelor degree and a woman gains her master

An art of transmitting Information from the notes of the lecturer to the notes of students without passing through the minds of either

The confusion of one man multiplied par the number present

The art of dividing a cake in such a way that everybody believes he got the biggest piece

The hydraulic force par which masculine will power is defeated par feminine water-power!...
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posted by animemaykat101
Are toi super bored,you just want to kill yourself,then do these things!XD
I did not make this up,but I got it from a great site!
There are also lots of retarted games toi can play on this site if toi are boredXD


Blink wildly and then close your eyes really tight for an interesting light show
(Amusement Potential: 1-5 minutes)
See a variety of blobs, stars and flashes. Try to make out shapes and see if your subconscious is trying to send toi a message (perhaps that funny shape is saying, 'send all...
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posted by KateKicksAss
Credit: I found these online, and they made me smile. As toi can see, I clearly didn’t make them up. Thought of course, If I had, I wouldn’t be claiming they were someone elses…Never mind..

Our bombs are smarter than the average high school student. At least they can find Kuwait.
-A. Whitney Brown

When they asked George Washington for his ID, he just took out a quarter.
- Stephen Wright.

Did toi ever walk in a room and forget why toi walked in? I think that’s how chiens spend their lives.
–Sue Murphy

I don’t kill flies but I like to mess with their minds. I hold them above globes. They freak...
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After spending hours alone and together Miki and Hei come out.Once both out she lead Hei to her personal weapon room "wow toi own every last weapon here?" "yep and trust me its not easy hiding this big room" she shows him each one and montrer him how to use them all.After that they both chose three weapons and fought for a vary long time (A.K.A 5 hours) Luka (Miki's twin brother)got accueil to see that his sister on the floor laughing and giggling and with a big smile on her face "well well well who do we have here little miss 'i don't need a boyfriend' on the floor with a guy" "Luka?! so not cool...
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posted by ShadowFan100
Shadow here, and I think it's time I listed the reasons why I l’amour this club. Here we go....

1: Randomness

As the club name suggests, it's completely RANDOM. toi can literally post nearly anything toi wish, and nobody gives a sh*t. par "random", though, I don't mean I want to post anything threatening/offensive towards anyone. I generally use this club to post what I'm interested in. I can talk about Vocaloid, Power Rangers, my l’amour for Nick Wilde and even being a Furry and literally no one gives me sh*t about it. I just l’amour how I'm basically free to be who I am without harsh judgement/backlash....
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posted by mountaindewman
Now, this is story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down, when i watched all of his vidéos and realised taking crticsism he can't . let me tell toi about my mr enter rant.

First of all, he is copying off of another reviewer. in 2011 a man named his series " Animated Atrocites." in 2013 Mr Enter a dit " HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM I HAVE CAME UP WITH THE HIGHLY ORIGINAL NAME! ANIMATED ATROCITES!" Then i go on the man's vidéos and people are saying " WOW. way to copy mr enter!" just shows toi how stupid his dumbass fans are.

Secondly. He is...
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(This is a new series where I negatively review classic stories. And yes, I do like this story and I will like all the others I will do in the future, but I just thought this was a fun idea so... There toi go.)

So I'm pretty sure par now we all know this story. It's a timeless tale of adventure, and has a very important moral at the end. This story focuses on 3 pigs building houses to protect themselves from a loup and taught kids that time and effort equals success. :)

BUT SINCE I'M A NITPICKING DOUCHE-BAG WHO DOESN'T APPRECIATE SHIT, I'm going to criticize this story as much as I can, pointing...
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ANIME! ^____^

An awesome source of entertainment that's basically Japanese dessins animés often inspired par manga, ou Japanese comic-like novels. AND THEY KICKED ASS! :D

Seriously, half my life is just watching anime, and I almost l’amour every one I see. And this liste is celebrating THE 100TH ANNIVERSARY OF.....

Uh, canned bread? :P I don't know, I just wanted to make this list.

The rules are obvious. Only entries from animé I've seen, they have to be from anime, and they have to be FREAKING AWESOME SAUCE! ^__^ (That didn't even make sense.....)

So kick out the popcorn, soda, get comfortable, and enjoy!...
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This article kind of has a story to go along with it. toi see, a few years il y a I was going to make an article about my haut, retour au début 15 favori animated characters but all I ever did was the title, the images, and character quotes. So I never got to making the article and it just stayed in my rough draft box all this time, just shows how lazy I am. Along with that, recently I made a video about my haut, retour au début 20 favori fictional characters but Youtube blocked it globally so no one could watch it so I just deleted it. Please commentaire but keep in mind this is just my opinion. Enjoy!

20.Aang and Zuko (Avatar:...
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posted by ShadowFan100
There has been thoughts on my mind a lot these last few days and I think its time I talk about them.

But before I go on, let me just say that I am NOT trying to make people angry ou start a "war" on the 'net, I'm just gonna say how I honestly feel about all this.

When I go on the 'net, I discover tons of "religious wars" going back and forth over who's right ou wrong about what people believe and the way they think.

To me, I choice to be in the neutral spot when it comes to things like this. Why? Because humans have become "one-sided" and are getting worse. Only focusing on one side causes fights...
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posted by gwendiamond
Jan: I went to the films with
Feb: I married
Mar: I washed clothes with
Apr: I had dîner with
May:I dated
Jun: I went to school with
Jul: I ran a marathon with
Aug: I was partners in a science project with
Sep: I watched TV with
Oct: I was in a movie with
Nov: I switched lives with
Dec: I'm obsessed with

1: A monkey
2: Logan Lerman
3: Gale (from The Hunger Games)
4: Annabeth (from Percy Jackson)
5: A banana
6: Hermione (from Harry Potter)
7: Brussel Sprouts
8: Trent (from Total Drama Island)
9: Johnny Depp
10: Rick Riordan
11: Justin Bieber
12: Zero (from Vampire Knight)
13: Bella (from Twilight)
14: Lisa (from The...
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posted by randomgirl3000
1-How are you?
2-Do toi ever wish toi were someone else?
4-What is your entire name?
5-How old are you?
6-Age toi get mistaken for:
7-Your zodiac/horoscope and if toi think it fits your personality:
8-What did toi do on your last birthday?
9-What is one thing toi would like to accomplish before your suivant birthday?
10-What is your hair color?
11-Have toi ever dyed your hair?
12-What is your eye color?
13-If toi could change your eye color, would you?
14-Do toi wear contacts/glasses?
15-Your opinion about your body and how confortable toi are with it:
16-Have toi ever considered plastic surgery? What would...
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posted by nmdis
"Gift Of A Friend"

Sometimes toi think you'll be fine par yourself
Cause a dream is a wish that toi make all alone
It's easy to feel like toi don't need help
But it's harder to walk on your own

You'll change inside
When toi realize

The world comes to life
And everything's bright
From beginning to end
When toi have a friend
par your side
That helps toi to find
The beauty toi are
When toi open your heart
And believe in
The gift of a friend
The gift of a friend

Someone who knows when you're Lost and you're scared
There through the highs and the lows
Someone to count on, someone who cares
Beside you...
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posted by nmdis
"Got Dynamite"

I can't take your hand and
Lead toi to the water
I can't make toi feel what toi don't feel
But toi know toi wanna
Find out how to crack me
Log in try to hack me

Underneath the surface
There's so much toi need to know
And toi might feel like you're drowning
But that's what I need to let go

Tell me what toi got to break down the walls
toi just might need dynamite
Tell me what toi got to break down the walls
Kick senseless, my defenses
Tell me what you're gonna do
I need toi to light the fuse
Tell me what toi got to break down the walls
toi just might need dynamite...
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posted by nmdis
"Every Time toi Lie"

You told me on a Sunday
That it wasn't gonna work
I tried to cry myself to sleep
'Cause it was supposed to hurt
We sat suivant to the fire
As the flame was burning out
I knew what toi were thinking
Before you'd say it aloud

Don't say your sorry, 'cause I'm not even breaking
You're not worth the time that this is taking

I knew better than to let toi break my heart
This soul you'll never see again, won't be montrer scars
toi still l’amour her I can see it in your eyes
The truth is all that I can hear
Every time toi lie

I woke up the suivant morning
With a smile on my face
And a long...
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posted by nmdis
"Falling Over Me"

I'm standing in the center of the room
I watch the boys follow girl's perfume
All is as it should be I assume
Except for the distance between me and toi

You're standing as a fleur on the mur
The room is still but we're about to fall
And all the names that brought us here
Simply fade away.....

Who toi are is falling over me
(Who toi are is falling over me)
Who toi are is everything I need
(Who toi are is everything I need)

I'm hoping
I'm waiting
I'm praying toi are the one
I'm hoping
I'm waiting
I'm praying toi are the one

I can't believe that night turned into...
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