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posted by -SkySplitter-
Dramatic Song: par Toby Turner (A.K.A Tobuscus)

This song sounds dramatic
But I'm bad at écriture words
If toi don't speak English
This probably sounds pretty good.

You'd probably think I'm singing
'Bout some pretty serious stuff
But in reality I'm chant about
The lack of stuff I'm chant 'bout

This part's intense, and emotional!
As long as toi don't understand it.
Your foreign grandma would l’amour this song
Please send it to her and she'll probably

Tell her foreign Friends about the song
Her grandson ou daughter sent her today.
This song might hit the charts in her country
If parts sounded like Cold Play.

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posted by KatTayle
-I was at Hogwarts in a swimming pool, dancing with Ron Weasley with a straw up my nose

-My class took a field trip to a playground, and the only piece of equipment was a big statue of Discord (MLP) sleeping. It was HUGE. Everyone climbed in and on it (it was hollow inside), and I fell asleep on his nose. Then he woke up and turned out to actually be Discord. He discorded me and forced me to trap all of my friend inside of him. GOD THIS DREAM SOUNDS SO WEIRD

-I was in a mansion, but apparently the only bathroom was in the kitchen, and the door only closed a third of the way. Anyway, I had to...
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 Yet another musique related article.
Yet another music related article.
Intro song: Junkie Kid - Melody

Hey, aléatoire clubbers. The Garnet UMBR3ON here! Remember the Jungleterror post I made? Well, this is my post on my favourite hard house AND basse, bass house songs and remixes! songs and remixes! par basse, bass house, I mean JAUZ, Ephwurd (Datsik and Bais Haus), Don Diablo. Sorry, I'm not talking about the UK hard house. I'm talking Junkie Kid, Calixto, the like. toi know what...? Let's call it neo-hard house!

 Junkie Kid, the Jésus of Hard House
Junkie Kid, the Jésus of Hard House

About neo-hard house, it's a genre of hardstyle, big room house, and Dutch house put together. The songs have anywhere from 130...
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So basically this is me putting peoples name into the Hunger Games Simulator and seeing what it gives me. I messed around with it before for fun so I thought it would be fun to have aléatoire Club participate in the Hunger Games. XD

Note: There are a few errors that the simulator gives and this is all copy and paste. Also I am not lire this as I copy.


As the tributes stand on their podiums, the horn sounds.

Candylover runs away from the Cornucopia.

Icebeam takes a handful of throwing...
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posted by makeithappen
Once a pond a time there was a man and he live in Candy Land. Halloween was coming up and he don't know what to be. He stare at the chocolat river and a light bulb pop up on his head. "I will be a ghost with chocolate!" He a dit cheerfully. Halloween is here and The chocolat Man had a lit sheet over his head with holes cut out so he can see ,and of course he had chocolat all over his ghost custom. The chocolat Man was really happy and he went trick ou treating and had tons and tons of Candy and ate them with joy.
posted by akatsuki_lover9
Chapter 2
I had just finished introducing flippy to brick and bone. Their expressions were blank. “he seems pretty weak scourge.” bone meowed. “he almost killed scourge! How is that weak?!” brick argued. “why exactly did he do that?” bone asked, glaring at flippy. Flippy sighed. “I'll tell toi why, but it's a long story.” brick and bone exchanged a glance. “go on.”bone mewed. “it all started one fateful day, I was called out to serve in a war.” flippy began. “it turned out, two of my Friends were called to serve too. The jour we got there I knew it wouldn't be easy....
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posted by akatsuki_lover9
Doggone it- 1. He rips Cub's lower half into pieces because Pop left Cub in a room with Whistle, whistling as he leaves. stupid choice Pop.

2.Giggles is playing with Whistle and a bird is whistling. this makes Whistle go psycho and rip all the skin off of Giggles' body except for her head. why bird, why did toi whistle?

3.Whistle mauls The môle, mole after Mime blows a whistle to warn The môle, mole that he's about to hit Whistle. not very smart Mime.

4.Whistle mauls Disco ours when Mime blows his whistle AGAIN to warn him about The mole's car coming towards him. Disco ours would've died a less painful death if Mime hadn't blown the whistle.

Chore loser-1.Whistle rips all the skin off Cub's arm then is ripped to shreds par Whistle. poor Cub, lolz

2.there is a scene at the end where Whistle is about to attack Pop. this may ou may not have killed him.
posted by akatsuki_lover9
Chapter 2

Dawn light was streaming into the cave. Flamingleap had just woken up to watch the sun rise. He sniffed the air hoping for it to be warm. Instead ice crystals stung his nostrils. He sighed. The tribe had been waiting for weeks for any sign of a thaw. Instead it seemed to get colder every day. Flamingleap heard the camp start to stir and he went out into the clearing of the cave. Thunderbolt, a male dragon with multiple shades of yellow, was picking dragons to hunt. “icyclaw.” thunderbolt flicked his tail towards a pure white male dragon. “you hunt near the edges of the mountains.”...
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posted by akatsuki_lover9
Chapter 2

it was the suivant day. Flippy decided to go to the bookstore. What harm could he do there? all they had there were books. As he was walking there he noticed that people weren't staring at him ou jouer la comédie nervous. He even walked strait par a cop and they did nothing. Everybody had already forgotten. When Flippy entered the bookstore he was thankful at how peaceful it was. Nothing to flip him out. Flippy sighed with relief and sat down. He looked around and noticed much plus people there. Sniffles was lire a book about science right suivant to him and pétunia was lire about gardening....
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There are many racing games out there and they've been around for many years. Obviously racing game is a too broad spectrum. So, I have narrowed it down to real cars, meaning it has cars like Lamborghini's and mustangs, as well as it has to be a franchise, not a one-off like drive club ou the crew. So here it is, my haut, retour au début five real car racing game franchises.

#5. Asphalt
Asphalt has been for the most part, a phone/tablet game, sure it has a 3ds and a psvita version but they get boring quickly. It a simple and fun arcade racer that is a great way to waste time on the go. However the fact that it...
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While getting out of shower/dressing: *One shoulder towel* I'M GREEK, MOTHERF*CKER! Oookay, and that's how toi know I've had too much internet, *nervous laugh* With stories from the four corners of the world. The world is round, toi stupid beisch, it doesn't have corners. Yes it does! IT'S ROUND. NO CORNERS. *Self STFU stare* THE ROUND PART IS THE CORNERS, toi PRAT.
YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH! I am the truth... You're dead to me.

*SNK fan, anyone?*
Eren: Don't drop that thun thun thun.
Eren and Armin: Eyy! Don't drop that thun thun thun!
Eren, Armin, and Levi: Don't drop that thun...
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Suddenly I am in front of the lights
I can’t unlove you, you, you, you
He a dit you’re amazing
She a dit then why toi waiting
Be good, be good, be good, be good
montrer me some positivity
Zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom
montrer me some positivity
We’ll be together
Come whatever
I’m not just staring at the stars
These are headstrong, crazy days
When your mind’s made up and the musique plays
So much for you, so much for you
So much for you, so much for you

Wolfe and the Grey Guards starts (1/20/14)

Fireman X starts (1/25/14)



Wolfe and the Grey Guards ends (2/5/14)

Wolfe and Finding the One starts (2/13/14)

Wolfe and Finding the One ends (2/14/14)

Fireman X ends (2/15/14)

Mirrorman X starts (2/17/14)



Mirroman X ends (3/2/14)






Jumborg Ace X starts (5/11/14)


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posted by animereview42
Okay at the beginning of the movie it was wired and I don't like it but at half way threw the movie it was really wired and kind of stupid and unlikable but half way threw the movie it becomes really funny its stupid and I don't know why they added so many stupid musical numbers cause i don't know why ou anyone would start dancing in the middle of class and i don't know why people in films act so strange around their crush when the can just admit that they like them and whats the point of having a diary that's no locked cause then in the movie as the clearly point out its going to turn bad...
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posted by GDragon612
If toi have 3 quarters, 4 dimes, and 4 pennies, toi have $1.19. toi also have the largest amount of money in coins without being able to make change for a dollar.

President Kennedy was the fastest aléatoire speaker in the world with upwards of 350 words per minute.

Odontophobia is the fear of teeth.

The 57 on Heinz ketchup bottles represents the number of varieties of pickles the company once had.

It is believed that Shakespeare was 46 around the time that the King James Version of the Bible was written. In Psalms 46, the 46th word from the first word is shake and the 46th word from the last word...
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salut everyone we have a new contest

Here's how it goes toi all know that sing All About basse, bass we'll we are doing a contest about that

Who ever creates the best All About basse, bass spoof ou parody article will get to decide what our suivant article should be about and we will make a fan club about you

Here are the rules

You must make fake lyrics of the song it can't be a rip off it has to be original and toi can't use your article to diss ou make fun of a fanpoper cause that leaves us no choice but to rapporter toi than we don't want to have to do that

You also can't copy our articles

But feel free to share...
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Hey babe it’s me, I just wanted to call to tell toi that
I l’amour toi so so so so much,
Just wanted to let toi know that toi are my princess,
You are worthy of all of the l’amour in the world,
You are the l’amour of my life.

Now's all we got,
And time can't be bought,
I know it inside my heart
Forever will forever be ours,
Even if we try to forget,
Love will remember

[Verse 1]
You a dit toi loved me,
I a dit I loved toi back,
What happened to that?
What happened to that?

All your promises,
And all them plans we had,
What happened to that?
What happened to that?

Boom gone,
Yeah we déplacer on
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posted by ssook78
orange kitten: mommy kitty im hungry
grey kitten: yeah mommy we are very very hungry
*all the kitten meows*
me: *feeds*
orange kitten: mommy can toi dance *does the salsa with grey kitten*
me: O_O
1 jour later........
kittens: o_o
me: :D
my friend >_<
my dad: *dancing like a maniac hobo*
some aléatoire dude: SHUT THE FUCK beeeep
some aléatoire dude: SAAAAANNNN
me: da fuck?
kitten: meow meow meow meow moew
2 days later.......
me: lalalalalalalalalalalalala
elmo: hi im elmo
me: AHHH HOLY SHIT!! *shoots elmo*
elmo: AHHHHH!!!
one heure later....
kitten: MEOW!!
and thats what i do when im bored okay bye!
posted by DramaQueen1020
liste of things I love, and liste of things I hate.
If anyone agrees toi can post below. These are all random. ish.

1) Pictures with funny captions.
2) Ice cream.
3) Moustaches.
4) Poison dart frogs :P
5) Cats
6) Cute cats
7) Cute chats in silly poses.
8) Daffodils
9) Laughing.
10) Kitkats. The candy, yum!
11) Harry Potter
12) Sirius Black
13) Sirius the star.
14) Plaid
15) Queen!!! :)
16) Lemonade
17) Funny rants for no reason
18) Rants that have a reason
19) Unicorns
20) My boyfriend. (jk, don't have one at the moment)
21) Jewelry
22) Peace symbols
22) Theatre games
23) Stupid theatre games
24) Freaky things
25) Ellen...
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titre says it all doesn't it? So lately I have been working on a liste at school and after taking a LOT of candidates, doing some studying, and eating lots of Halloween candy, I have finished it! And I shall soon make an obligatory funny haut, retour au début 15 in this club. Why haut, retour au début 15? WHY NOT!? :DDDDDDD
So yeah look vers l'avant, vers l’avant to this and stay tuned to me if toi don't want to miss this! ^__^ It shouldn't take very long to do this, about 4 hours to give me some time to actually eat and take a douche and stuff like that. See ya! ^_^

(Yeah I was kind of lazy écriture this, not even putting in a picture....But expect much plus on my list!)