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KatieK102 posted on Sep 12, 2015 at 03:22AM
Falconstar-(KatieK102) - handsome black tom with dark gray chest and dark green eyes (Mate: Sweetbriar)

Wrenflight (TeamPeeta649) - dark brown tom with a golden chest and underbelly with amber eyes (Mate: Shiverwind)

Medicine Cats:
Slightfeather (KatieK102) - dark gray tom with darker patches and green eyes (Temporary mentor) (Mate: Creedstorm)
Swamppaw (Tanglebelly) - black and orange tom with a white freckled face and gold eyes
Pebblepaw (KatieK102) - tan and white tom with blue eyes

Creedstorm (TeamPeeta649) - dark brown she-cat with patchy black stripes all over, a white chin and seafoam green eyes (Mate: Slightfeather)
Redshadow (TeamPeeta649) - massive reddish-brown tabby tom with black stripes, paws, ears and muzzle and lavender eyes (Mate: Mistybreeze)
Duskstorm (KatieK102) - large, creamy-colored tabby tom with a white chest, underbelly, two white paws, and dark blue eyes (Mate: Frecklenose) (Apprentice: Buckpaw)
Berryfrost (KatieK102) - ginger she-cat with white nose and pretty green eyes, and a large scar across her shoulder (Mate: Strongbreeze) (Apprentice: Driftpaw)
Sunheart (Tanglebelly) - orange tom with white flecks and green eyes
Darkmist (TeamPeeta649) - white and black tom with gold eyes
Shiverwind (KatieK102)- pretty white she-cat with pale gray patches and frosty blue eyes (Mate: Wrenflight)
Strongbreeze (Tanglebelly) - black tom with white paws and tail tip, and amber eyes (Mate: Berryfrost) (Apprentice: Badgerpaw)
Sweetbriar (TeamPeeta649) - white she-cat with brown spots and amber eyes (Mate: Falconstar) (Apprentice: Flamepaw)
Frecklenose (TeamPeeta649) - orange tortoiseshell she-cat with a black freckled nose with brown eyes (Mate: Duskstorm)
Flintstripe (tanglebelly) - orange tabby tom with a large fluffy white chest and underbelly and white toes with brown eyes (Mate: Treetail)
Treetail (TeamPeeta649) - brown tom with large black stripes, long legs and blue eyes (Mate: Flintstripe) (Apprentice: Cloudpaw)
Foxclaw (Tanglebelly) - ginger tom with a white muzzle and pale green eyes (Mate: Bloodmoon)
Ambershade (KatieK102) - golden tabby she-cat with white on her muzzle, chest and paws, green eyes
Tanglewhisker (Tanglebelly)-black tom with golden tabby stripes, green eyes, and a single white paw (Apprentice: Ivorypaw)
Bloodmoon (TeamPeeta694) - dark brown she-cat with reddish paws and muzzle and green eyes (Mate: Foxclaw)
Dewspots - pure white she-cat with pale blue eyes
Thundersky (KatieK102) - muscular stone grey tabby she-cat with tan stripes and paws, and piercing hazel eyes
Blacksun (TeamPeeta694) - orange tom with black legs and green eyes
Sunflowernose (TeamPeeta694) - orange tortoiseshell she-cat and a white mask and green eyes
Pantherleap (TeamPeeta649) - grey, white and tan calico she-cat with hazel eyes

Buckpaw (Tanglebelly) - dark brown tom with grey stripes and blue eyes
Badgerpaw (TeamPeeta694) - grey and tan tom with a long tail and hazel eyes
Driftpaw(Tanglebelly) - white and brown tom with a light grey freckled muzzle and green eyes
Cloudpaw (KatieK101) - fluffy white she-cat with bright blue eyes
Flamepaw (Tanglebelly) - orange tabby tom with blue eyes
Ivorypaw (TeamPeeta694) - creamy white tom with brown eyes



Scorchgaze (TeamPeeta649) - large, muscular orange tabby tom with amber eyes
Hushpool (TeamPeeta649) - muscular light tan she-cat with dark brown paws and green eyes (Mate: Skyheart)
Skyheart (Tanglebelly) - lean grey tom with blue eyes (Mate: Hushpool)
Featherwing (TeamPeeta649) - light grey tom with white stripes, a long fluffy tail, and icy blue eyes (Mate: Crowtail)
Crowtail (Tanglebelly) - muscular jet black tom with blue eyes (Mate: Featherwing)
Mistybreeze (KatieK102) - slender gray tabby she-cat with one white paw, tail tip and blue eyes (Mate: Redshadow) retired early


Current Season: New-Leaf
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il y a plus d’un an TeamPeeta649 said…
I-It's not my fault, S-Skyheart! *squirms under her, trying to catch her breath through the laughter* Who i-is prepared for tickling in battle? *swipes at Cloudpaw's ears playfully* -Sunflowerpaw

*keeps Badgerpaw firmly pinned to the ground* You sure about that Strongbreeze? We could put it to the test. -Darkmist

Of course. Now, what do you smell? -Featherwing

*shakes his head in amusement* Of course you would. I think Freckle might skin you if you tried to kiss her new mate. -Wrenflight

*nuzzles them* You two really know how to boost my ego. -Scorchgaze

Really? Anything? What about...Icefire? A little contradictory, don't you think? *purrs in amusement* -Milky

*his right eye twitches slightly* You wouldn't...You wouldn't fucking dare. -Blackpaw

I was just curious! All for your benefit, Berryfrost. *purrs and shoots her a playful wink* Your turn. -Frecklenose

Featherwing and Crowtail came to me and asked me to carry their kits. I figured why not help out my friends. It would also allow me to test how I felt carrying kits before I decided to have my own. But I'm not nice enough to make myself fat for free, so I asked for a show in return. Crowtail put kittens in me and while he was doing that I got to watch my mate put them in his. -Hushpool
il y a plus d’un an tanglebelly said…
*manages to reach the top and looks around for the squrriel and frowns seeing it was gone and starts to make his way back down* Yeah i guess i started to realize my mistake..Almost forgot that, that is a thing now. *reaches the bottom and flexes his paw* But im not like Sunheart. *spits a bit saying his name*

Treetail control your apprentice and teach how to spar properly! Otherwise this is just a waste of time.

Oh im sure of it. *gets to his paws* And ill gladly prove it. *crouches down*

*sniffs the air scenting a black bird* Black bird.

*shrugs* Worth. *takes another bite finishign the meal* I think all of us would kill if anyone tried to kiss our mates. *purrs* Well besides me depends who it is.

Mhm! Do you w anna play after the meal? We will let you pick the game.

Hey its not stranger then Tanglewhisker.
il y a plus d’un an KatieK102 said…
*giggles and dodges her swipes, tickling her lower, out of her range* Surrender! ~ Cloudpaw

Oh stop, you look like your head is about to explode. I didn’t sleep with your dad; he’s disgraced now anyway. But I do like the way your mom thinks. *glances at Tanglewhisker across the camp, then back at Blackpaw, and grins slyly.* ~ Thundersky

Creedstar it’s only fair that it goes back to you. ~ Berryfrost

Well, that’s one way to word it… and do return a favor… ~ Mistybreeze
il y a plus d’un an TeamPeeta649 said…
All right girls, focus here. *chuckles* The serious mentor is getting grumpy. You can fool around later. -Treetail

Okay okay I surrender! *hurries to her paws, running away from her tickling with a purr before crouching again* Really fight me now! -Sunflowerpaw

*releases Badgerpaw and waits until he moves to the side before quickly striking Strongbreeze, hitting his flanks with surprising speed and force* -Darkmist

Very good. Now show me your crouch. -Featherwing

Please, I beg of you, do not become the next Hushpool and Skyheart. -Wrenflight

Oh that's too great of an honor! *purrs* You both pick. -Scorchgaze

I think yours is cool! Do you not like it? -Milky

*follows her gaze before looking back to her with a wrinkled nose* Really? Him? You can't be serious. -Blackpaw

I'll take a dare. I'm also okay if you use my methods against me. -Creedstorm

I have a lot of kinks if you couldn't tell. *purrs in amusement* -Hushpool
il y a plus d’un an KatieK102 said…
I hope Tangle is reading Black/Thunder’s convo lol

Sunheart used to be just as young and innocent as you, Buckpaw. You don’t become a cat like Sunheart overnight; it’s decision after decision after decision, and one day you look around and you’re being exiled by your leader. Don’t be so quick to say you’ll never be like him. That’s how you’ll end up there. ~ Duskstorm

But I don’t want to hurt you! *teases playfully, but she flashed Treetail a quick look* ~ Cloudpaw

Judge me all you want; but he knew exactly what to do. Your mom really trained him very, very well. ~ Thundersky

I’ll give you a dare. I dare you to ask Falconstar to go on a friendly walk with you. Just the two of you. *looks at Sweetbriar* Did we decide on what the punishment is for skipping on a dare? ~ Berryfrost

Is her impending death not enough? *looks at Creedstorm* I’m only giving Falconstar the nod here because he has several lives to your one. ~ Shiverwind

At least you own yours. Either the rest of the Clan are prudes who only know how to have sex one way, or they’re ashamed of it. ~ Mistybreeze
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tanglebelly commented…
Oh i am haha il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an tanglebelly said…
*flattens his ears awkwardly* Sorry...but doesn't that mean even you can be like him aswell?

*gives Treetail an even meaner look* You know we can let the apprentices take a break and show them how to really spar. *flexes his claws hungerily*

*grunts a bit surprised at his speed and force but holds his ground before planting his food and grappling his legs around his waist and forcfully brings him down with brute strength*

*gets into his hunting crouch for birds and looks up at Featherwing* Last time Berryfrost said i was clumsy so i've been working on it. *says proudly*

It was a joke! Starclan relax you!

Noo you pick we both agree!

No i like it. *purs* But im just trying to point out all names are weird.
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il y a plus d’un an KatieK102 said…
Anyone could turn out like Sunheart. But I’m older than him by a good bit, so I think it’s safe to say that I’m not going to change that drastically. You, or your denmates, or even warriors as young as Foxclaw and Ambershade and Thundersky? Who knows. Like I said, Sunheart wasn’t always the way that he is now. ~ Duskstorm

il y a plus d’un an TeamPeeta649 said…
No no no! Girls please fight! -Treetail

Cloudpaw. *her voice took on a firm tone although her grin was playful* Stop stalling and fight me. *launches at her, sending them rolling as she battered her shoulders* -Sunflowerpaw

*swallows back the bile is his throat* Just stop talking. I'm actually going to throw up and if I do, I'll do it on you. -Blackpaw

*her face sours, actually mirroring the look on Creedstorm's face* If that's the one that gets skipped, I say no punishment. -Sweetbriar

I thought we were all getting along here. Why are you trying to torture me? *clicks her tongue in distaste* -Creedstorm

Oh my stars, you might just be my other soul mate. That's what I've been saying for years! No one else talks about their kinks like Skyheart and I do. Even the cats who are loud enough for everyone to hear. Cough cough Sweetbriar. Cough cough Falconstar. -Hushpool
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il y a plus d’un an TeamPeeta649 said…
*takes the throw with a grunt**Works his hind legs between them and pulls his hind legs up, giving Strongbreeze a hard punt square in the chest* -Darkmist

That's good. *purrs at him* Your crouch looks perfect. Now try to land it. -Featherwing

I never know with you! You're the troublemaker of the family. *purrs* -Wrenflight

Yeah grandpa! -Ivorykit

Okay then how about hide and seek? -Scorchgaze

Nothing compares to how weird my name is though. -Milky
il y a plus d’un an KatieK102 said…
*begrudgingly fights her back, pummeling her stomach with her hind legs* ~ Cloudpaw

Go throw up somewhere else. Besides, you followed me over here, Mister Every Tom Is Scared of You. ~ Thundersky

No fair, there are rules! ~ Shiverwind

Sweetbriar, your mate is the Clan leader, he can take friendly walks! Punishment for skipping is to return to camp and flirt with Skyheart. ~ Berryfrost

Oof, take the dare. ~ Ambershade

*purrs loudly* Those two think they’re so much better than everyone else just because they have their own den. ~ Mistybreeze
il y a plus d’un an tanglebelly said…
Well can you still give me tips on she cats atleast? Since i hear you are the tom to go to apparently. *picks up his vole and looks at him*

Thats what i thought. *continues to watch the appretnices more intensly*

*backs up quickly after the punt to the chest and shakes himself out a bit narrowing his eyes before pouncing at him aiming for his chest*

Excuse me that is a rude statement to make! You can be just as troublesome! Starclan your mate is teaching my kits swear words! I had them asking me in quote "Where is my fucking prey daddy." *gives him a stern look*

Are we hiding or you?

Milky? I mean its strange but acceptable.
il y a plus d’un an TeamPeeta649 said…
*grabs onto her hind legs and flips her onto her flank, pinning her down with one paw on her shoulder and one on her thigh* -Sunflowerpaw

*glares at her* I'm sure you were making him quake in fear every second of it. -Blackpaw

Agreed, Creedstorm. Take the dare and run! -Frecklenose

*huffs* He barely even let me come on this outing today. What makes you think he'll agree to go with her? -Sweetbriar

*shoots her a deadly look* You're going to pull every trick you have and convince your daddy to go with me on a walk because so help me if I end up having to flirt with Skyheart I will make your life a living nightmare. -Creedstorm

Okay okay! A walk for Creedstorm and Falconstar it is. *pouts slightly* -Sweetbriar

*sighs in relief* Ambershade, truth or dare? -Creedstorm

I vote we just turn the warriors den into a sex den. He can't stop all of us from having sex at once. -Hushpool
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il y a plus d’un an TeamPeeta649 said…
*quickly rolls onto all fours and Strongbreeze lands over him, he pushes upward, hitting him in the chest now with his shoulders* -Darkmist

*tries and fails to hide his snort of laughter* She means well, I swear. -Wrenflight

You two hide. I'm the master seeker! -Scorchgaze

Oh please. It sounds like something a new born kit would say! -Milky
il y a plus d’un an tanglebelly said…
*grins as he does that and wraps his front legs around his neck as he brings his shoulders into him putting him in a choke old and tightens his grip choking him out*

You better not swear that's the last thing i wanna hear. *cuffs him* But least the kits are warming up to her.

*nods quickly nudging Ivorykit before darting off towards the stream and hides between some rocks*

I mean you aren't wrong but still! Just know it can always be worst.
il y a plus d’un an KatieK102 said…
Nope. You’re an apprentice, so there’s no reason for you to worry about impressing she-cats. Besides, it’s not like anyone else is padding after Sunflowerpaw. You can start wooing her once you’re a warrior. ~ Duskstorm

*Oh stars stars stars-* I surrender! *quickly shakes her off* I think I need to, uh, see Pebblepaw. My shoulder doesn’t feel right. ~ Cloudpaw

Well to be fair, his body was shaking, but that’s just what happens right before you have a really good orgasm… I guess your dream she-cat isn’t that good in the nest if you didn’t know that. Damn shame. ~ Thundersky

Oh stars, why me. Truth. I’m not taking a dare from any of you ever again. ~ Ambershade

*pats Sweetbriar sympathy on the back* I’m sure dadd- I mean Falconstar will be very agreeable. ~ Berryfrost

So like, the biggest orgy in Clan history? *laughs* Falconstar would exile you if he heard you talking like that. ~ Mistybreeze
il y a plus d’un an TeamPeeta649 said…
You asked for it. *huffs in his hold**kicks one of his hind legs out, landing a hard hit to his toes**at the same time, throws his back up into his lower gut* -Darkmist

I'm glad the whole family is getting along. We'll see how long that lasts if Sunheart returns...-Wrenflight

*hurries off and ducks behind the apprentice den* -Ivorykit

*counts to ten before wandering off to find them* -Scorchgaze

I challenge you to think of something worse than Milky. *laughs* -Milky

Cloudpaw I'm sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you! -Sunflowerpaw

Talk about me teaching my apprentice, Skyheart. Teach yours to learn her own strength. *hurries over to them* I'm sure she's fine, Sunflowerpaw. Don't worry. I'll get her back. *quickly leads her off* Well...maybe no more sparring matches with your secret crush. -Treetail

*snarls quietly* You're so full of it! -Blackpaw

Since we all seem to be outing secrets, tell us one crush you've never told anyone about. -Creedstorm

One that we don't already know, so Crowtail and Wrenflight are out. -Frecklenose

*gives Berryfrost a look* I'm going to owe him so big for this. -Sweetbriar

I'd like to see him try! He'd have a real riot on his paws. Cats love me! -Hushpool
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il y a plus d’un an tanglebelly said…
*pouts* Oh come on not even a little bit!? Just one tip? Your my mentor after all.

*holds in a slight squeal as he stomps on his toes only to get the air knocked out of him* You dirty! *says before wrapping both his legs around his neck and tightens up before throwing himself backswards to get him off his paws*

Do you think he is going to return...? *pauses* The vote should be comming soon right?

*waits in his spot excitedly*

*nods going off to stalk the bird swiftly making his way to it and pouncing and catching it cleanly* Got it!
il y a plus d’un an KatieK102 said…
I kept freezing up, *mutters* What if I hurt her? I don’t want to hurt her! Where’s Buckpaw, I’ll fight him! ~ Cloudpaw

*smirks and shrugs, tipping her head towards Tanglewhisker* Go ask him yourself, if you’re so doubtful. Just try to control yourself when he tells you that I’m a better lay than your mom. ~ Thundersky

*laughs, a little strained* Sorry, those are the only two crushes I’ve had. I was stuck on Wrenflight for a long time. ~ Ambershade

No kidding. ~ Shiverwind

Love is one word, *teases* ~ Mistybreeze
il y a plus d’un an TeamPeeta649 said…
*stills in his hold before working his front paws in between his neck and Strongbreeze's legs, pushing them away**relents in his pushing before working at it again, looking to use endurance to wear down his brute strength technique* -Darkmist

It's already been half a moon. I honestly don't know how the vote will turn out. You know how I feel about him, but Freckle's kits need their dad. -Wrenflight

*slowly makes his way over to him* Gotcha! -Scorchgaze

That was great! See, practice really does make perfect. -Featherwing

Oh. I thought you were having a different kind of problem. Well, Sunflowerpaw is a big girl I'm sure she could take it. She spars Skyheart after all. But I'm sure Duskstorm has Buckpaw around somewhere. Really want to find him? -Treetail

*makes a gagging noise before quickly padding off to the waterfall, dunking his head under the water* -Blackpaw

Booo, here I thought we'd get something juciy. Okay then, your turn. -Frecklenose

You're right, it's more than love. It's adoration. *grins* -Hushpool
il y a plus d’un an tanglebelly said…
*watches them go dumbly* Starclan what the fuck. *shakes his head* You didn't even hurt he she wasn't limping when she left. *says looking at his apprentice8

*starts to trash around using the momentum to throw Darkmist paws away from the hold* Better give Darkmist! *growls out*

I know...*says thinking* But ill be honest i think he is a danger to the clan..

*squeaks and laughs* Darn it! *says before looking over at Blackpaw confused seeing him stick his head into the water*

*puffs out proudly* Thanks!

Well you could have been named Dung.
il y a plus d’un an KatieK102 said…
Oh Buckpaw, how I love a young cat’s enthusiasm. Climb to that branch right there or else I’ll tell Sunflowerpaw that you’re asexual. *points to a branch a little ways higher* ~ Duskstorm

No, that’s fine. I want to talk to Pantherpaw, anyway. *blinks* What problem did you think I was having? ~ Cloudpaw

*raises a brow, then rolls her eyes* Drama queen. ~ Thundersky

Alright… Sweetbriar. Truth or dare. ~ Ambershade

Well if you could convince the Clan to turn the warriors den into a sex den then I would agree with you. Let me know when you start that campaign and I’ll join the cause. ~ Mistybreeze
il y a plus d’un an tanglebelly said…
*opens his mouth in disbelief* You wouldn't do that! Would you...*says starting to make his way towards the branch slowly*
il y a plus d’un an TeamPeeta649 said…
You're sure? *looks a little nervous* Maybe Treetail is right, maybe I wasn't paying attention to my own strength. -Sunflowerpaw

*channels all his strength and kicks down into his gut again**takes the moment to break the hold and rolls off him**flips Strongbreeze over and pulls one of his front legs behind his back in a tight hold* You give, Strongbreeze. -Darkmist

You really think so? I know he attacked Foxclaw, but still...-Wrenflight

*glances at the apprentice as well* okay? -Scorchgaze

*takes in a deep breath as he pulls his head out of the water* Yeah. Totally fine. -Blackpaw

You have the power to do anything you set your mind to, you know. -Featherwing

Okay you win. *laughs* -Milky

Well you know, *clears his throat* for every young she-cat comes a time when they start to feel things. -Treetail

*bites her lip nervously* Tru- Dare! -Sweetbriar

Oh Mistybreeze you really are after my heart. *teases* -Hushpool
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il y a plus d’un an tanglebelly said…
*gives her a look* Yes im sure sorry to break it o you Sunflowerpaw but you aren't that strong you rely more on your size and movements.

*gasps again before yelping lightly* Okay! Okay! I give starclan you should have been named Weasle!

He attacked him and left him to die Wren. *points out*

*tilts his head* Grandpa i think he is fucked. *pips up*

I wouldn't say that i dont think i can fly.

Thats what i thought. *sits up* Thanks for sitting with me.

il y a plus d’un an KatieK102 said…
Sorry Buckpaw, nothing personal, but I’m obliged to look out for Sunflowerpaw now and her mother would not be pleased if I gave you tips to woo her. And pleasing Frecklenose is at the very top of my list of priorities. ~ Duskstorm

Stick your head back under a little longer, I bet you’d drown. ~ Thundersky

Oh, you thought I was going in heat? I know what that is. ~ Cloudpaw

I dare you to ask Falconstar if you can take a second mate since Berryfrost gets to take a second mate. ~ Ambershade

Hey! I swear, if it gets back to Strongbreeze that I want another mate-! ~ Berryfrost

*purrs and presses a kiss to her shoulder* Just save me some action when it times to put your plan in motion. ~ Mistybreeze
il y a plus d’un an TeamPeeta649 said…
*huffs* Well maybe she landed on a rock or something then. -Sunflowerpaw

*chuckles and releases him, patting his back* Two of my brothers and my father had your exact same fighting style. If I didn't want my ass kicked growing up I had to learn to counter it. You sure made me work for that though. -Darkmist

I know. You'd just think for the sake of his kits he'd get his shit together. -Wrenflight

*groans and thinks to himself, Great even kits think I'm screwed!**glares at Thundersky as he rushes off to the apprentice den* -Blackpaw

Flamekit what did I say about that word. -Scorchgaze

*chuckles* Okay mister smart mouth. You can do anything you put your mind to, within reason. -Featherwing

Of course. You're my mentor after all, but it's nice to hang out even when we aren't training. -Milky

*sighs in relief* Okay thank Starclan. I was not prepared at all to explain that! -Treetail

Oh I'm sure it would work out in your favor, Berryfrost. *teases with a purr* -Frecklenose

N-No way! He'd actually kill me! You don't understand, I would be crowfood! I'd never survive the punishment he would give me. *looks panicked* -Sweetbriar

It'll be the most sleepless night yet for us all. She'll be so loud they'll hear her in Moonclan. -Creedstorm

Oh trust me, you'll be included in all my action. -Hushpool
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il y a plus d’un an tanglebelly said…
*reaches the branch and looks down at him* You changed since you got a mate you know! *calls down at him* You are to responsible now! *teases down at him*

*shakes his head* Whatever you want to believe, Well shall we head back?

*sits up and shakes his fur* You are lucky i wasn't fighting for real just saying. *looks to his apprentice* Normally i would win but we have to keep it nice since we are clan mates.

What Shiverwind keeps saying its okay...

*purrs* Sorry Badgerpaw has been saying i've been getting a little mouthy.

True well im going to spend the rest of my day napping unless i get put on another patrol you enjoy your day off.
il y a plus d’un an TeamPeeta649 said…
Yeah we can go back. How do you think I'm doing? -Sunflowerpaw

*rolls his eyes* Excuses excuses. I could have hit you in the groin like five different times, but I'm too good of a friend to keep you from being intimate with your mate for a moon while you heal. -Darkmist

Yeah I gotta give it to Darkmist on this one. Sorry, Strongbreeze. -Badgerpaw

Shiverwind is a troublemaker. *chuckles* She likes to be mischievous like you. -Scorchgaze

He must be rubbing off on you. *purrs in amusement* -Featherwing

You too! -Milky
il y a plus d’un an KatieK102 said…
Trust me, I know. It happens to even the best of us. alright, climb down. ~ Duskstorm

*grins to herself and follows him into the den* What, have you finally had enough? ~ Thundersky

*rolls her eyes* Please, we’ve already talked about that. Pantherpaw asked Ambershade about it today. ~ Cloudpaw

Well Berryfrost said the punishment is to flirt with Skyheart, and wouldn’t that make Falconstar even angrier? ~ Ambershade

So it’s a loose loose situation, *purrs* I take it back, this game is fun! ~ Shiverwind

How sweet of you. I don’t have much else to look forward to anymore, I might as well have a really fun sex life. ~ Mistybreeze
il y a plus d’un an TeamPeeta649 said…
*glares up at her from his nest* I just needed a break. Then I'll be back to harassing you relentlessly. Maybe I'll put the moves on your mom. A little payback. -Blackpaw

Oh. Well I'm sure you got all the info you needed then. You guys are growing up so fast! -Treetail

*her mouth hangs open in dismay* You know for cats who complain about me being loud you're sure trying to get me punished! -Sweetbriar

Cause it's fuuuunny. *snickers* Now pick! -Frecklenose

Shiverwind truth or dare. -Sweetbriar

That's what I've been doing for most of my life and look how great I turned out! -Hushpool
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il y a plus d’un an KatieK102 said…
*rolls her eyes* Please, my parents have strict rules when it comes to mating. If you’re getting with either of my parents it’ll be my dad, but he likes to dominate. *eyes him* Maybe you would like that though. You’re named after a gay tom, anyway, and apparently your dream she-cat isn’t all that special. ~ Thundersky

*purrs* Knock it off. I’m going to go find Pantherpaw. *follows him into camp* ~ Cloudpaw

Why not. Give me a dare. ~ Shiverwind

Exactly, so now I know the sconce behind it lines up. *starts grooming her back* I started off on the right track, getting pregnant at the end of my apprenticeship. ~ Mistybreeze
il y a plus d’un an tanglebelly said…
*nods and starts to make his way down* But least you are happy so thats good! *calls down sliding*

Your doing great its just the sparring partners we have for you are poor. *points out*

*gives Darkmist a look* You do that and im hitting you full force. *cuffs his apprentice* Oh whatever i lasted longer than you atleast.

*purrs* Can we find Ivorykit now?

Yea i think he is starting to. *purrs* That isnt bad is it? *picks up his black bird*

*heads to the warriors den settling down*
il y a plus d’un an TeamPeeta649 said…
*glares at her more fiercely and stands from his nest* Lay down. -Blackpaw

Oh come on, let me be the doting big brother. *nuzzles her head playfully* Have fun! *joins his mate and Wrenflight* -Treetail

*lays out beside the apprentice den, enjoying the relaxation after a long workout* -Pantherpaw

I dare you to...uh tell Wren something that will make him put you on dawn patrols for a week. -Sweetbriar

Sweet how are your dares so innocent? -Frecklenose

At least you're not an old mom like me. *returns her grooming* I'm going to be racing to the grave while my kits are still apprentices. -Hushpool
il y a plus d’un an TeamPeeta649 said…
Who do you think would be a good opponent for me? *starts walking back* -Sunflowerpaw

Sounds like we've got more to work on then, mentor. -Badgerpaw

*chuckles* I'm sure Strongbreeze will whip you into shape. Is that enough for today or should we do more? -Darkmist

Yep let's go! *sniffs around for him* -Scorchgaze

Just as long as you don't get his temper. -Featherwing

*noses her mate* should I tell you how wonderful you are now? -Bloodmoon
il y a plus d’un an KatieK102 said…
*smirks* No. Have fun sulking by yourself, Blackpaw. *turns and starts out of the den* ~ Thundersky

Hi, Pantherpaw. *sits down beside her* How did it go with Ambershade? ~ Cloudpaw

*wrinkles her nose* So basically you’re just daring me to join the dawn patrol for a week. Lame, but fine. Sweetbriar, truth or dare. ~ Shiverwind

Oh yeah? Think all that wild sex is finally catching up to you? ~ Mistybreeze
il y a plus d’un an tanglebelly said…
Honestly Pantherpaw fits best with you or maybe Driftpaw.

Oh i sure do, and lets call it for today otherwise ill end up knocking that mouth off of your face. *purrs*

*follows him closely*

His temper isn't that bad...I think.

Oh id like that. Tell me how good i am at everything. *purrs*

*looks over at his mate* How was taking out your apprentice? and id hope so Wren.
il y a plus d’un an TeamPeeta649 said…
*blocks her path* So you want to challenge my dominance and then just walk away? What a coward move. -Blackpaw

Ah well, I definitely got some more information for us. *stretches with a huff, her muscles sore* She's...very helpful. -Pantherpaw

Wait I just went! -Sweetbriar

Too bad, go again. *raises a brow, daring her to object* -Creedstorm

*sighs* I can't afford anymore dares, so truth. -Sweetbriar

Maybe a little? Between wild sex and fights I've lost a lot of blood. -Hushpool

*eyes widen* You really think I can keep up with Pantherpaw? -Sunflowerpaw

Oh don't be a sore loser! *bumps their shoulders playfully as he starts walking* -Darkmist

*snatches up Ivorykit with a purr* And here's the second one. -Scorchgaze

I thought I had a good spot! -Ivorykit

Maybe not but you know who is parents are. They aren't too bad most of the time so I'm sure he isn't either. -Featherwing

You're such an amazing warrior and mate. You're the best son and friend. Your great in the nest. *smirks* -Bloodmoon

It was great! I love hanging out with my little sister. -Treetail
il y a plus d’un an KatieK102 said…
So do you feel ready for the next two assessments? ~ Duskstorm

*narrows her eyes as he blocks her* I’m a warrior now, we’re not equals. Move. ~ Thundersky

Well that’s good! What’d she say? ~ Cloudpaw

What’s your darkest fantasy that you haven’t already enacted with Falconstar? ~ Shiverwind

*grooms between her shoulder blades* You could always retire and keep me company. You would loose a lot less blood here, unless you take that pain and pleasure stuff to a new level. ~ Mistybreeze
il y a plus d’un an tanglebelly said…
*sits as he reaches the bottom* I think so, im feeling pretty confident atleast.

Well maybe if you keep at your pace. *says thinking* I mean you keep up with Buckpaw dont you?

*follows after him* Starclan i can't wait to relax, i just want to sun.

Your telling me i thought i had the perfect spot but Blackpaw blew my cover.

Yeah i know...His parents are pretty nosey honestly.

*noses her chin* Awww do you really mean all of those?
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il y a plus d’un an TeamPeeta649 said…
Then don't. Test. Me. *steps closer so they were nose to nose* Don't underestimate me, Thundersky. I could make you weak in the knees if I felt like it. -Blackpaw

That pleasuring yourself is the easy way to get through your heat in the beginning, but after doing it yourself for so long your body gets used to it and it ends up not being enough. Making it worse, even. She did say she knew a special method to getting off that still works. *swallows laboredly* -Pantherpaw

*opens her mouth to protest, but gets cut off by Frecklenose reminding her of the punishment for backing out**stares at her paws, unable to look anyone in the eye as she blushes* If Falconstar were to see another tom trying to get close to me and make him back off, then take me back to the den and...have his way with me. -Sweetbriar

Very nice! Truth or dare? -Frecklenose

You can't ask me this many- -Sweetbriar

*cuts her off* I'm gonna assume truth. What's the best position you guys have ever done? -Frecklenose

H-Him on his back, me on my back against his stomach...-Sweetbriar

Trust me, you don't know how wild Skyheart and I can get. What I did to you was kitten steps. *purrs* -Hushpool
il y a plus d’un an TeamPeeta649 said…
That is true. I've beat him a few times now! -Sunflowerpaw

You can say that again. And get something to eat. I'm starving. -Darkmist

Did he find you on accident? -Ivorykit

That's their nature. *purrs in amusement* Want to keep practicing or head back? -Featherwing

Duh! You know I don't lie. Especially not to you. -Bloodmoon
il y a plus d’un an KatieK102 said…
*bristles but doesn’t move away * You’re the one who constantly follows me around and hurrasses me, and now that you get a smidge of that treatment back, you can’t handle it! You’re such a kit! ~ Thundersky

*stares at her* Uh, Pantherpaw, are you okay? You don’t look too hot. ~ Cloudpaw

*squints, trying to picture it in her head* How does that work? ~ Ambershade

You’ll find out one day, Ambershade. So if you call him daddy, what does he call you? ~ Shiverwind

I’m trying to extend your lifespan, Hushpool, *purrs* ~ Mistybreeze
il y a plus d’un an tanglebelly said…
Oh any fun gossips from the apprentices? Im sure our deputy would love to know whats going on.

Exactly i dont know how but you did. *chuckles making his way towards camp*

Oh yeah food aswell what about you Badgerpaw? Going to cuddle with your friend?

Lets head back i dont want this black bird to waste.

*nips her ear* Well glad to hear my hot sexy mate thinks the same about me as i think about her. *glances around* You know i realized almost all the she cats are gone where did they all go?
il y a plus d’un an TeamPeeta649 said…
*scoffs* Oh please. You constantly antagonize me. You've done it since I was a new apprentice who barely knew your name. *backs her into the den* You like to play fucking coy. -Blackpaw

*shakes her head quickly* I'm fine. I was just working out a little hard while you guys were gone. My body is all worn out. -Pantherpaw

Y-You didn't even ask truth or dare. *protests half heartedly before heaving a sigh and relenting* Sweetness, Sweetie, sweets. A few different things. -Sweetbriar

And you mentioned before he doesn't let you keep quiet? How exactly does that work? -Creedstorm

He doesn't like me holding back so if I do I get punished. He wants other toms to hear me so they don't think about getting too close. -Sweetbriar

Awww well I appreciate that. I've got some fun stories if you ever wanna hear them. -Hushpool
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il y a plus d’un an TeamPeeta649 said…
No way! I'm not spilling her secrets. -Treetail

Starclan sake I can only imagine. -Wrenflight

Maybe you're just a really good mentor! -Sunflowerpaw

*rolls his eyes* why does everyone think that's all we do? -Badgerpaw

Because we know how your parents are. -Darkmist

Well come on then. *nudges him with a purr* so are you making other friends than just Badgerpaw? -Featherwing

They went on an outing. I'm sure they went to gossip and make out in secret. -Bloodmoon
il y a plus d’un an KatieK102 said…
And you like to play like you’re so nice and normal, and like you can’t do anything wrong, like Blackpelt, but if anything your a disgrace to his fuxking memory. *digs her claws in the dirt when her back his the back of the wall* ~ Thundersky

Yeah? You’re really determined to become a warrior with the older apprentices, huh… that’s actually why I want to talk to you. I have an idea for you to become a warrior early. ~ Cloudpaw

How does he punish you? ~ Shiverwind

This. This is TMI. ~ Ambershade

You know where to find me if you ever feel like reminiscing. I’ve gotten good at listening to Scorchgaze’s stories too. ~ Mistybreeze
il y a plus d’un an TeamPeeta649 said…
*snarls under his breath* And what about you? You're named after your father's brother who was murdered in cold blood. What grace and honor are you bringing to his memory? None that I can see. -Blackpaw

*raises a brow* Lay it on me! -Pantherpaw

*pats Ambershade's back and shushes her playfully* We're doing Starclan's work. -Frecklenose

Different ways. *shuffles her paws* Making me beg... Making me wait to orgasm. Making me orgasm over and over without a break. Making me touch myself while he watches. -Sweetbriar

*raises a brow and turns to Berryfrost* You knew my sister was a freak like this and you let us all believe she was sweet and innocent? -Frecklenose

I'm not a freak! *looks at Berryfrost for help* -Sweetbriar

I can guarantee you mine are ten times more interesting. And I can give you stories about Scorchgaze that you can use against him. *laughs* -Hushpool
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il y a plus d’un an KatieK102 said…
*snarls and tackles him, sending them rolling into a nest* ~ Thundersky

So Sunflowerpaw is probably going to win the hunting assessment because she’s perfect, and you’ll probably get second again. But since you’re trying to be apprenticed early then you need to win at least one assessment, right? The only other one is the climbing assessment and that’s the one thing that I happen to be really, really good at, because I didn’t need Sunheart to teach me how to climb, so I’ve focused the most on that. But I’ll throw the assessment and climb just high enough to beat everyone else, and then I’ll still let you outclimb me. That way, you win an advanced assessment. ~ Cloudpaw

Sweet, I love you like a sister, but you’re a freak. It’s okay though, Falconstar is a freak too! ~ Berryfrost

*eyes Frecklenose and thinks of Wrenflight* Does that level of freaky run in the family? ~ Shiverwind

*sighs loudly * Please retire, it’s so boring here! ~ Mistybreeze
il y a plus d’un an TeamPeeta649 said…
*pins her down under him, his body tense against her's* Who is the mature warrior now? *sneers in her face* -Blackpaw

You'd do that? You'd throw the assessment for me? *blinks before narrowing her eyes suspiciously* And what do you want in return? -Pantherpaw

*sighs dramatically* I'm afraid so. Sweet has her daddy kink, Flint is a versatile gay who likes to imagine getting laid by your step father, none of us know Wren's kink because he won't say, and I'm just fun all around. -Frecklenose

Oh you can spill our secrets but we can't spill yours? -Sweetbriar

You can if you know them. *grins* Or if you convince me to pick truth. -Frecklenose

I'm thinking about it. *leans against her shoulder* until I decide I'll just come pester you every day. -Hushpool
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il y a plus d’un an tanglebelly said…
*Nudges his mentor* I feel confident enough what do you think though?

Fine hold them ill get them out of you one way or another. *grins* Well Wren what are you going to do now?

Well thats obvious. *puffs out* But you are a smart girl so you pick up on things fast.

Exactly and you two are never apart like starclan i see you working out in the morning and he is gazing at you like a kitten to his mother from the den entrance. *laughs*

Oh and thats not something you would want to be involved in? You know we are trying to make more friends.