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Lately I have come across many, many, many blogs talking about how twilight is better than Harry Potter. Now I'm going to tell toi the reasons why that is so completely wrong!
1. Harry Potter has structured plot. If toi think about it, Twilight is just about a girl with no emotion who gets stalked par a sparkling pixie. Harry Potter is about a boy who has to endure many difficult challenges growing up in life, like having to face the fact his parents were killed par Lord Voldemort, and eventually overcoming all of this and defeating the darkest wizard of the age. Plus there are things like ACTUAL...
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 Rita Skeeter
Rita Skeeter

Here I am, in an isolated lit wing at St. Mungo’s . And for once, interviewing ( not quite the right way ) Rita skeeter who apparently isnt in the best of condition to reveal about the extraordinary interview with the “MAN WHO LET THE BOY LIVE” and the “EATEN par DEATH” crowd there . par hearing this we can easily guess why she has turned up at St.Mungo’s.

Anyways skeeter who – for the first time brilliantly found a way to penetrate into the after death world had successfully but unfortunately met them there in an interview.using a pensieve...
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Be prepared for my long rant:

Harry&Ginny: Okay, so first I'd like to say that I do not believe Ginny even deserves Harry. She's undevolped. But I won't get into that too much. I don't think they belong together because:

-It was random
-They are not 'perfect' for each other because they haven't been there for each other
-She's a fangirl and used guys that Harry knew so he'd like her

My first point: Harry didn't care at all about what she did in book five. She was going out with Dean and Ron got mad, but Harry thought he was over-reacting. In book 6, however, he has a monster in his chest!...
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Lily's POV

My biggest problem at the moment was getting a horcrux. That wasn't exactly something I wanted to do: my father had spent a long time destroying them, and he had to give up a lot of things to get them all. Such as my mother, people he knew. Close Friends of his died. Like Fred, Dobby.. countless people. But still, if I had to be a good spy, I had to do it. But I didn't know what to use.

Suddenly, I had the perfect idea.

Rose's POV

I still didn't think interrogating Kendall would be the answer to all our problems. Yes, she was involved...
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The world finally felt in balance. And for some reason, I knew that my mother would eventually find out about Hugo becoming back to ''normal'' again. My father would probably tell her.
But Hugo is far from being his normal self. Whenever we're at meals, he always glances awkwardly at Abby and Blake, his two ''friends'' that practically changed him completely. But now, all is well.

''So,'' I ask Hugo, ''Have toi caught up with all your homework?''

Today, we're sitting with our usual crew: Lily, James, Albus, Aimee, and Lizzie, but with the exception of Roxy and Fred.

He takes a avaler, hirondelle of...
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I thought of all these myself, so don't go saying I copied off of you!

In The Store
#1: Hum Hedwig's Theme ou the Sorting Hat's song very loudly, and maybe throw in some spins
#2: Point your wand at everyone toi see and mutter spells
#3:Ask the manager if house elves do the cleaning, and if it's dirty, tell him ou her that they should get clothes
#4: Ask at a mall cafeteria if they have citrouille juice
#5: Look for licorice wands at local Candy stores
#6: Attempt to withdraw galleons from the bank
#7: Ask if any local stables have hippogriffs ou threstrals

At School
#1: Ask toi teacher when Potions class starts
#2: Ask lunch ladies for cauldron cakes

If any of toi have anything to add, please do so i comments.
((In preparation for the July release of my newest fanfic, "In The Background," I present to toi a short excerpt. The story strongly follows Ms. Rowling's original plot, but with a few changes of my own. As toi can see par the titre here, this will most likely be the largest fanfic you've ever seen.
I have seen a lot of stories here centered around the Trio's fifth year. This is one of the few (if any) stories that follows all seven books.
Most of the chapters in the story are loosely based off the original. However, this chapter is one of three I wholly invented.))

Hailey Potter strode down...
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