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AnimaIuco a dit …
Hi dear! I'd l’amour if toi left a commentaire in my poll, maybe voice your opinion in the subject?

It's that you're a huge BatB fan and I've never seen anything written par toi about the live action.. I'd l’amour to see some of your thoughts posté il y a 2 jours
Swanpride commenté…
Oh, I have...Beauty and the Beast was the fairy tale I covered last an on my wordpress bog, Honoring the heroine...and what I a dit back then still stands: I just think that it is pointless and I have no intention to discuss it. Anywhere. (Sorry). il y a 2 jours
AnimaIuco commenté…
No problem! Are films and Lyrics and Honoring the Heroine your current blogs? Is there any other? il y a 2 jours
AnimaIuco commenté…
I just had a nice time lire your Honoring the Heroine article about Belle. But the way toi answered to my question it seemed that the article a dit something about the live action. Anyway, I agree that it's pointless. il y a 2 jours
Swanpride commenté…
Well, it did...that it is pointless. Have toi seen Lindsey Ellis excellent vid about it? To me the BatB remake represents everything which is currently wrong with Disney. il y a 1 jour
Sparklefairy375 faîtes-moi des propositions pour my answers
Okay, so for the suivant theme I wanted to use this Epic Angel dress up: link

The titre is Fallen Angel and the princess is free-pick. posté il y a 13 jours
Swanpride à dit à propos de Princesses Disney
So...I am still working on my suivant alphabet, which has now evolved into covering all Disney Princess characters. But I have kind of run into a wall.. My problem is now that there are a few which I can't find in the typical line-up "2 D but plus shaded than in the movie" style. I am particularly looking for good pictures of the characters of Rebelle (minus Merida and her brothers, I have those), Wiggins, the Thugs from Raiponce (especially Ulf the Mine) and Naveen's parents. Any pointers? posté il y a 18 jours
MissCinico commenté…
I wish I could be of any help, but I don’t have the slightest clue. Really looking vers l'avant, vers l’avant to seeing your alphabet though! il y a 18 jours
phalangeregina commenté…
The only thing I could find of Wiggins is this from the movie. linkNot in the clipart style but maybe toi could adjust the lighting. The other characters are not cared for in my country. il y a 17 jours
Swanpride commenté…
Thanks for answering. Won't work, but I guess it is pretty unlikely that someone finds something I haven't found after weeks searching the Net. il y a 17 jours