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8theGreat à dit à propos de aléatoire
TFW Your cat is the most adorable thing and toi just want to snuggle her but toi put an essential oil blend on a rash and those are really bad for chats so toi can't snuggle her for her own good BUT SHE'S TOO CUTE UGH
This is true pain. posté il y a 1 jour
Mauserfan1910 commenté…
Your cat is cute, but not quite as cute as toi il y a 1 jour
8theGreat à dit à propos de aléatoire
I took screenshots of most of everything that happened except the really récent stuff so hopefully we can look back on this for years to come. posté il y a 17 jours
8theGreat commenté…
Right now I'm way too cold to continue and need to lay down with blankets and art things. il y a 17 jours
TheLefteris24 commenté…
It seems that this jour will be preserved for the suivant generation of Fanpoppers to come. Let them know what kind of people their predecessors truly were. I feel so proud right now !!!! il y a 17 jours
Referee_Of_Hope commenté…
Wow, seems like things escalated pretty quickly in here XD il y a 17 jours
zanhar1 commenté…
I can get the rest of the screencaps of toi want lol. il y a 17 jours
8theGreat à dit à propos de aléatoire
Little Witch Academia was the worst animé to come out of 2017 posté il y a 17 jours
THaSlimJim commenté…
8thegreat u r 100 percent not a cup of ramewn ok? il y a 17 jours
8theGreat commenté…
ooooohhhh noooooo we all know how much I loved being a cup of ramen... il y a 17 jours
TheLefteris24 commenté…
It is not surprise since it was made par filthy Satanists who worship Memes. toi should stay away from it !!!! il y a 17 jours