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Opinion by luthorlex posted il y a 1 mois
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The 2017 My Little poney animated film has a lot of characters. Some of the characters are from the montrer and others are new characters. This ranking excludes background characters. The characters are ranked from least favori to favorite.

18. Princess Celestia

Celestia is my least favori character in the montrer and my opinion on her in this film is pretty similar. She is a questionable mentor to Twilight and she easily gets defeated par Tempest Shadow. Considering that Twilight is way plus heroic, helpful, and saves Equestria frequently why is Celestia still in charge?

17. Princess Luna

My feelings about her are similar to her sister. Luna just doesn't interest me as a character. I keep forgetting she's on the show. Like her sister she's not very helpful and easily gets defeated par Tempest Shadow.

16. Queen Novo

Queen Novo is nearly as bad as Celestia. She had a pearl that could of helped Twilight stop the Storm King, but she bans her from using it. In other words the world could be saved, but Novo won't take the "risk." Novo is a bad ruler.
Opinion by luthorlex posted il y a 3 mois
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My Little Pony: The Movie is a 2017 animated film that is based on the populaire animated montrer My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The film has the show's voice cast playing the main ponies and célébrités playing the film's new characters.

The Plot

Twilight Sparkle and her Friends (Applejack, arc en ciel Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Spike) try to save Equestria from the Storm King. The Storm King had his haut, retour au début sidekick (Tempest Shadow) get the world in danger and steal the princess' magic. The ponies are helped out par some new characters who become their friends.

Although this is a overly cute My Little poney film the film's plot is actually really epic. The world is put in danger which makes this far plus important ands epic than most My Little poney stories. The characters' storylines may be predictable, but the conflict is awesome.

The Characters

Twilight Sparkle (as usual) is my favori of the main ponies due to being plus important, interesting, and glacière than her friends. Twilight's Friends have forgettable roles in the film. Tempest Shadow's storyline is predictable, but at least she has a...
Fan fiction by luthorlex posted il y a 3 mois
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Notes: The My Little poney franchise and the Batman franchise are not owned and created par me. This is a story for both this website and Fanfiction.net. This story is dedicated to Adam West and Cesar Romero.

Twilight Sparkle and her Friends were getting ready for Discord's birthday party. Twilight a dit "It's amazing how Discord used be 1 of our arch enemies and now he's 1 of our arch friends."

Fluttershy a dit "You're right. Discord seemed evil, but he turned out to be a gentleman."

arc en ciel Dash a dit "Yeah right."

Pinkie Pie a dit "At least Discord's funny."

Rarity shook her head and a dit "Discord's hardly funny, but at least he has John de Lancie's eloquent voice."

The ponies put up the birthday banner and decorations.

Mr. Cake and Mrs. Cake delivered Discord's birthday cake.

Twilight Sparkle a dit "This cake should be much better than your précédant cake."

Mr. Cake nervously a dit "I'm sorry about selling toi a cake from 2007. I thought that quality taste lasts forever."
Opinion by Windwakerguy430 posted il y a 3 mois
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Alright, so, I know I haven’t posté an article on this club for the last… Two years? But I felt like this was the best place to add it. Because I don’t want to post this on my club. Wouldn’t work well there. So, let me tell toi what I thought of the new My Little poney Movie that got released. I So, I was dragged to this movie par my Brony friend as revenge for talking mad shit about Life is Strange (Terrible game, and I don’t care what anyone says), so naturally, being part of a revenge plot, I decided to watch it with him, and, honestly, it wasn’t half bad. I thought it was pretty good. But not a flawless movie. So why don’t I talk about what I liked about this movie first? And I will try to avoid spoilers as best as I can.

First off, I liked the new characters that were introduced. I liked the side characters, and I especially liked the villain. I enjoyed the cat character Capper. I enjoyed the gang of bird pirates. I enjoyed the Hippogriffs as well. The singer Songbird Serenade was…. There… But I felt that, out of all the new characters were the villains. I mean, yeah, Storm King wasn’t the worst villain I’ve seen. He was kind of just in the...
Fan fiction by candylover246 posted il y a 7 mois
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God i have no idea why i decided to go through with this but zanhar told me to to write a Pinkie/Rarity crackfic so here i am. This is probably the stupidest thing i've done and i'm most likely gonna regret doing this thing the seconde i publier it but i can't back down now so just take this cringe-fic.

*once upon a time in Ponyville*

It was a lovely nice beautiful jour in horse town and Pinkie Pie was skipping in the streets because she can't walk normally until a aléatoire gay thought suddenly popped up in her rose head.

"I heard from somewhere that 1 in each group of Friends is gay", Pinkie a dit out loud. "I hope it's Rarity, because Rarity's cute!" And with that she went to the marshmallow's 10-story house.

Rarity was eating raw onions (the ones with layers, the real kind™) until suddenly,,,

"RARITY!!!11! I RLY LIEK UR H0RN!!!34!52!!!"
Pinkie π bust through Rarity's house and made a huuuuuge hole on the wall.
Fan fiction by Kibahina96 posted il y a 7 mois
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Tears rolled down arc en ciel Dash's cheeks. AppleJack,Twilight,Pinkie and Rarity tried to comfort her but nothing helped.Finally Fluttershy spoke up "what if I got toi a new pet" she offered."No" arc en ciel Dash told her."He was the best one."Rainbow Dash walked away sadly.


'Well justtwo plus to go" arc en ciel Dash said.Suddenly she spied something asleep under one of the clouds.She flew down. the creature woke up and shook its face. "Hello there" arc en ciel Dash said.The creature smiled bright eyed."You got a name Buddy" she asked."Pikachu" it replied."Alright im arc en ciel Dash" she told him. Pikachu smiled.Rainbow Dash held out her hoof for Pikachu to shake then got zapped with electricity. Pikachu giggledRainbow dash smirked and kicked a nuage zapping Pikachu with lightning.Then arc en ciel Dash saw Derpy jumping up and down on a cloud. She nodded at Pikachu and he shocked Derpy. Pikachu and arc en ciel Dash laughed.

The suivant Day
Opinion by mariofan14 posted il y a 7 mois
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OK, so hear me out on this one. People have been wondering what kind of warriors we have now ou then the ponies would be. This article here is my take and why it would be so. Of course, I will be prone to error with my reasons to my opinions, but they should be able to make sense in a way.

Without further ado, here we go!

Twilight Sparkle: Samurai

Why?: Twilight Sparkle is one of the most knowledgeable ponies around in Ponyville, as well as a loyal subject under Princess Celestia, who used to have Twilight as her student. The Samurai were knowledgeable as well, serving the daimyo with honor and valor. They were trained in armed and unarmed combat, learned short poems, and showed fierce loyalty to their leader. Twilight Sparkle should make for a good Samurai warrior. Just give her a kabuto and a wakizashi and watch her intellect turn into strength.

arc en ciel Dash: Greek Hoplite

Why?: As the athletic poney of the Mane 6, arc en ciel Dash also proves herself as a loyal contender in the safety of others. And so it is with the Greek Hoplites, be they Athenian, Phocian, Spartan, ou anyone else. They are proud, but...
Article by mariofan14 posted il y a 8 mois
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I was watching some Yo Mama vidéos on YouTube before I started écriture this article, and I was inspired to make some myself. So I hope toi guys have a laugh with this.

-Yo Mama is so stupid, she tried to put the square block through Chrysalis' holes!

-Yo Mama is so ugly, when Discord saw her, he said, "That is too chaotic for my tastes."

-Yo Mama is so hairy, she makes up part of the Everfree Forest!

-Yo Mama is so fat, it takes a jour for Pegasus ponies to fly around her!

-Yo Mama is so stupid, she thought arc en ciel Dash was made out of Skittles!

-Yo Mama is so fat, Starswirl the Bearded couldn't banish her to the human world!

-Yo Mama is so stupid, when King Sombra tried to get crystals, she gave him crystal meth!

-Yo Mama is so ugly, Pinkie Pie broke the fourth mur to get away from her!

-Yo Mama is so fat, when Tirek consumed her magic, he became obese!

-Yo Mama is so stupid, when she tried to make cupcakes, she put the cup in the cake!
Opinion by Kibahina96 posted il y a 8 mois
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1.Derpy Hooves
3.Luna And Nightmare Moon
5.Fluttershy and Dashie
8.Big Mac


1.Her eyes are cute and her voice is adorable.
2.She's always cheerful and loves blowing raspberries.
3.I l’amour the nighttime and the stars.
4.Shes an amazing villain.
5.Fluttershy because I l’amour animals. Dashie because I l’amour her determination.
6.They kept trying until they got their cutie marks.
7.Hes funny.
8.Hes a good brother.
9.shes smart.
10.Hes funny and kind.

Opinion by Kibahina96 posted il y a 8 mois
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1.RAinbow Dash And arc en ciel Blitz
3.Rainbow Dash and Soarin
4.Applejack and Brayburn
5.Shining Armor and Cadence
6.Pinkie and Cheese
7.Spike And Rarity
8.Twilight And Flash sentry
9.Big Mac and Cherilee

Reasons think there meant to be ou I like them :

1.They have the same cutie mark which means they're meant to be together.
2. Who doesnt l’amour Yuri ? Not to mention with ponies !!!
3.Theyre both in the Wonderbolts !! Need I say plus ?
4.They both have(red) apples for cutie marks.
5.theyre in the Canterlot Wedding episode and completely dedicated to one another.
6.They're both party ponies.
7.Do I really need to say it?
8.She blushes every time she gets near him.
9.They fell in l’amour cause of a potion.
Opinion by Canada24 posted il y a 9 mois
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#5: Anthropology par JasonTheHuman
Okay, I haven't actually read it..But it's on Triq267's liste of must reads, and I want to have at least ONE story to hate on, despite never lire it. Cause, as Brad Jones would say.
"Hating on stuff everyone likes, makes me think I'm being cool.. But really it makes me look like a total asshole"

#4: THE rose TEMPTATION par CooperCrisp:
Look I just don't care about Carrot Cake.. I'm sorry.
But this writer has some really well done talent..


#3: SPIKE'S arc en ciel DASH par MallaJone:
SpikeXDash isn't the WORST idea for a ship. And this writer is kinda talented.
But this WHOLE story is so mean spirited. I can't enjoy it..


#2: FALL OF THE pomme FAMILY par Deathbolt:
A sequel to Rocket to Insanity.. I remember this being one LONG story of FIMfiction.. I actually labeled it one of the greatest stories ever.. Before I knew it, I spent 4 hours lire it.. But in truth.. It's not really that good.. But this writer...
List by triq267 posted il y a 9 mois
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salut guys. So a couple months il y a I did an article on my link, as toi may recall. Well, since then there have been a couple big changes to my list, large enough that I felt it was worth re-doing. The format is gonna be pretty much the same as it was in the other one, and for some of the returning stories I'll pretty much just be copy/paste-ing my précédant thoughts. I would like to blame btflash for being the dork indirectly responsible for most of these changes. And here we go.

15. Night Guards par Raugos

Tags: Adventure
Chapters: 12, including the author's note and the bonus chapters
This is the story of Hammer and Anvil, the batpony guards seen in "Luna Eclipsed". Like there's so much I want to say about this story but I can't because I don't want to spoil some of this stuff because it really doesn't hit as hard if toi know what's coming. I would definitely suggest that everyone read through the whole thing, including the bonus chapters, because...
Fan fiction by Windrises posted il y a 9 mois
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Notes: My Little poney is owned par Hasbro and created par Lauren Faust. This is a story that I wrote for both Fanfiction.net and Fanpop. I hope that toi enjoy and comment.

Discord was walking around Ponyville, resisting his temptation to pull pranks on the residents of Ponyville. A building was being made to protect animaux that didn't have anywhere else to live. It was Fluttershy's idea so Discord pretended to care.

Discord went to Sugarcube Corner.

Mr. Cake a dit "Hi. How can I help you?"

Discord a dit "I'm going to a important party and I got the job of ordering and picking up the cakes. I need toi to have 50 of your nicest cakes made par tomorrow."

Mr. Cake a dit "Are toi serious?"

Discord a dit "Yes."

Mr. Cake passed out.

Discord a dit "Is he okay?'

Mrs. Cake a dit "Yes. He passes out all the time. We'll try as hard as possible to get those cakes ready par tomorrow. Are toi sure toi have enough money?"
Fan fiction by Canada24 posted il y a 9 mois
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Yeah.. There IS more.. This scene is based on PIEMATIONS

Twilight is quitely lire one of her livres when Trevor bursts though her window while escaping the cops.

"AHH! IT'S YOU!" Twilight screamed, reaching for a phone but Trevor grabs her, and orders her to stay tied in the corner.

"If toi let me hide here, I'll let toi go out with me"

"But I have no intention of dating you"

"Oh come on, toi don't want some this?" Trevor said, referring to himself.

"No for all the money in the world" Twilight says.

Suddenly Ditto. "I have toi Trevor" He says.

Trevor puts on fake glasses, with the big nose.

"Who's Trevor? I was here with Twilight all day"

"No toi haven't, toi just got here" Twilight said.

Trevor glared at her angrily, for not playing along.

"Give it up Trevor" Ditto says, gun in hand.

Trevor, in panic, grabs Spike, holding him at gun point.
Opinion by Windrises posted il y a 9 mois
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Discord is a supporting character and former villain in the animated montrer My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.


Discord was a villain who considered himself to be "the master of chaos." He highly enjoyed the life of villainy, but being stuck as stone wasn't too much fun. Thankfully Fluttershy helped him get over his villainy and the 2 of them became close friends. However that doesn't stop Discord from being tempted to doing sneaky things.

Why Discord is Such a Good Character:

Discord is 1 of the funnest characters in the My Little poney franchise. In fact he's probably the funnest. He's got excellent cartoonish antics to keep him from getting boring. He's a odd mix of being grumpy and fun loving. The grumpy parts of him are his intolerance for the ponies being annoying and yet he's often the most fun loving character in the show. It's actually quite nice to have Discord make fun of the ponies with a attitude so monkish it seems cynical and then act like 1 of the funnest characters ever.
Fan fiction by Canada24 posted il y a 9 mois
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I did a crossover of Saten Twist and his crew in GTA.. And than decided to do a sequel, where crazy man, Trevor, follows them back to Ponyville.. And how this is JUST as bad as toi would think..

This also introduces Pita and Maggie.. My first openly GAY characters.. Who are actually badass..


Saten Twist and Derpy are seen eating subway, and watching a old cowboy movie.

Suddenly Trevor Phillips burst down the door. Demanding his money.

"WHAT THE!?" Saten cried.

"WHERE'S MY MONEY!?" Trevor cried.

"WHAT MONEY!?" Saten cried.

"You owe money to HIM, what's wrong with you!?"

"No, I owe to his daughter.. She found me some grass" Saten admits.

"And toi didn't share it with me!?" Derpy cried.

"We don't have to share EVERYTHING Derpy"

"We don't. But it's still highly recommended that we do" Derpy said.
Opinion by Windrises posted il y a 9 mois
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Twilight Sparkle and her Friends should be careful, because this liste is about their enemies. This liste is about my haut, retour au début 5 favori Equestria Girls antagonists so both villains and their sidekicks are allowed.

5. Sunset Shimmer

Sunset Shimmer is the main antagonist in the 2013 Equestria Girls film. She was a cool enemy to Twilight Sparkle who managed to be quite threatening. In the sequels she's not a villain. Darn. Um I mean good. Sort of.

4 and 3. Snips and Snails

Snips and Snails share the part of secondary antagonist in the 2013 Equestria Girls film. They were Sunset Shimmer's sidekicks who tried to help her defeat Twilight Sparkle. They were entertaining guys.

2. Filthy Rich

Filthy Rich is the secondary antagonist in the 2016 Equestria Girls film. His lack of screen time doesn't stop him from being a enjoyably fun character. All of his lines are delightfully corny. I l’amour him.

Article by mariofan14 posted il y a 9 mois
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Greetings, readers. Here in this article, I will be talking to toi about characters and how they have been affected par wrath. But what is wrath exactly? In layman's terms, it's a bottled up feeling of negative emotions that will explode into a frightening display.

Here is a fair example of wrath. Remember in The Last Roundup when cidre fort, applejack made a Pinkie Promise with Pinkie Pie that she wouldn't leave Dodge Junction? cidre fort, applejack wanted to raise money to support her family and friends, but out of fear from her failure, she broke her promise and tried to run away, only to make Pinkie Pie very angry. A grand chase ensued, all while Pinkie was filled with explosive ire. But at least in the end, everything was resolved, and cidre fort, applejack returned home, reminded par her Friends that, though she failed to raise money for her cause, she was no failure. Of course, this was without Pinkie Pie... and Rarity.

How about in Ponyville Confidential, where the CMC was part of the Gabby Gums editorial? They were being forced par Diamond Tiara, who was still mean at that time, no thanks to worst pony, the three fillies were making very rude and exposing tabloid stories because they...
List by triq267 posted il y a 10 mois
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1 6x08 A Hearth's Warming Tail
2 5x18 Crusaders of the Lost Mark
3 1x26 The Best Night Ever
4 4x26 Twilight's Kingdom - Part 2
5 2x03 Lesson Zero
6 2x01 The Return of Harmony - Part 1
7 2x02 The Return of Harmony - Part 2
8 5x02 The Cutie Map - Part 2
9 5x09 Slice of Life
10 5x26 The Cutie Re-Mark Pt. 2
11 5x25 The Cutie Re-Mark Pt. 1
12 6x23 Where the pomme Lies
13 6x20 Viva Las Pegasus
14 6x21 Every Little Thing She Does
15 6x25 To Where and Back Again Pt. 1
16 6x26 To Where and Back Again Pt. 2
17 2x26 A Canterlot Wedding - Part 2
18 2x25 A Canterlot Wedding - Part 1
19 4x02 Princess Twilight Sparkle - Part 2
20 4x25 Twilight's Kingdom - Part 1
21 5x01 The Cutie Map - Part 1
22 5x07 Make New Friends but Keep Discord
23 6x17 Dungeons & Discords
24 6x13 Stranger Than fan Fiction
25 5x24 The Mane Attraction
26 4x20 Leap of Faith
Opinion by Windrises posted il y a 10 mois
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This might sound like a weird idea, but I think that Princess Twilight Sparkle should be the Queen of Equestria. I think that Twilight Sparkle would be a better ruler than Princess Celestia, Luna, and Cadence.

Although Twilight may be younger she's a way better hero than the other members of royalty. I thought the other princesses were fine, until watching some of Lily Peet's YouTube reviews which changed my vues on the princesses. Lily pointed out than when the villains come Celestia, Luna, Cadence, and Shining Armor do nothing. Twilight and her Friends are the Heroes that defeat villains.

If toi need proof of how bad the princesses are at protecting others watch the show's 2 part episodes. Starlight Glimmer, Tirek, and Sombra got defeated par Twilight Sparkle. In other words Celestia, Luna, and Cadence are weak and Twilight is awesome! It seems like Celestia, Luna, and Cadence's only role is boring exposition scenes.

In addition to being Queen Twilight and her Friends should guard the kingdoms, because Shining Armor is a bad guard. Twilight doesn't work for the Crystal Empire, but she's protected plus times than Shining Armor. He's a...
Opinion by Windrises posted il y a 10 mois
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Despite having minor roles the background ponies from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic are popular. Thislist is about my haut, retour au début 5 favorites. I hope toi like my list.

5. Octavia Melody

Octavia Melody is a musique poney who takes her job seriously. She's a violn player. She's on the liste for her really stylish design.

4. Lyra

Lyra is Bon Bon's best friend. The 2 of them have a cutely close bond which is why Lyra's on the list.

3. Bon Bon

Bon Bon is on the liste for the same reasons as Lyra. However I like Bon Bon more, because of her mysterious and cool job.

2. Derpy

Derpy is a comedy relief character who's totally popular. She's on the liste for being a amusing comedy relief.

1. Dr. Hooves

Dr. Hooves is a time traveler. I was indifferent to him until the episode staring the background characters. In that episode he go to montrer off his enjoyably eccentric personality traits.
Opinion by Windrises posted il y a 10 mois
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Am I excited about the 2017 My Little poney film? Well I'm nervouscited for the upcoming My Little poney film.

A major problem I have with the upcoming film is that it's not a Equestria Girls film. Because of that I'm worried that Twilight sparkle's Friends will be protagonists. I think that Twilight's Friends are weak protagonists, but decent supporting characters. I'm worried about Sunset Shimmer not being in the film. How can toi have a good My Little poney film without Sunset? I'm hoping that Celestia, Luna, the cutie mark crusaders, and Starlight Glimmer don't appear in the film. I hope that Discord has a role in the film. I'm hoping the new villain is cool.

It's cool that Emily Blunt's in the film. Emily's my favori actress and I'm sure she'll do a great job. Plus having Twilight and Emily in the same film is awesome. However I'm indifferent to the other famous people that are in the upcoming film.

My Little poney pretty much always has beautiful animation and awesome songs so I'm looking vers l'avant, vers l’avant to the upcoming fim's visuals and songs.
Opinion by Windrises posted il y a 10 mois
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It's time to discuss the greatest film series ever. The My Little poney Equestria Girls has 4 films and it's time to review them all.

Equestria Girls review

Summary: poney Twilight Sparkle goes to the human dimension to get her princess crown. She becomes Friends with human versions of her Friends and they team up to stop Sunset Shimer.

Review: My favori Equestria Girls film. Twilight's my favori character and this film lets her shine. The jokes about her being a human are hilarious. Her Friends work better in this film, because they hog less screen time. All of the characters are decent ou better, even Flash is a pretty good character. The film is cute, amusing, exciting, and tons of film. 10 out of 10!

arc en ciel Rocks

Summary: Sunset Shimmer has stopped being a villain and is helping Twilight and her Friends stop the new villains: the Dazzlings. The Dazzlings are taking over the school and it's up to Twilight and the others to stop the Dazzlings.
Opinion by btflash posted il y a 10 mois
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2 fans
The montrer that defined an entire generation of not simply adults, but people, is actually not as good as toi think it is.

I, going back to my roots of... let's say a an ago, am going to be the asshat that tells toi why. I do this mostly because I was inspired par a really shitty article I found while lazily scrolling through facebook.

Not saying it's a bad thing to watch this show, of course. I'd be a hell of a hypocrite for saying that, and even I know it.

I'm also not claiming this montrer is bad. I'm just being an idiot and claiming it's not AS good as it's hyped up to be.
(these are also not in any kind of order of importance ou anything because I'm too lazy to decide on stuff like that).

5. Right Place, Right Time

Let's be honest, the entire brony phenomenon was the result of an accident in the first place. The only reason the montrer blew up as much as it did was because some idiots on 4chan decided to piss off the wrong mods par posting the wrong images in the wrong places at the wrong times.
Fan fiction by MephadowFan1 posted il y a plus d’un an
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Warning: Sonic the hedgehog is in here. If toi don't like Sonic, Tails, ou Shadow, ou anyone from Sonic the hedgehog for that matter than don't read! Oh and there will be bad words in it. Not that much but still some.

Twilight's P.O.V

I heard a crash come from the east. When I ran over I saw all the ponies in Ponyville was there. A hand came out of the crater. A blue thing came out, and pulled a renard with two tails out. I started to power up my horn and ask, "Who are you?" The blue things saw me powering up my horn and said, "um....I'm Sonic the hedgehog the fastest thing alive and this is my little bro: Miles Prower the renard but he prefers to be called Tails."

All of us laugh. Sonic asks, "What's so funny?" I say, "Well arc en ciel Dash is the fastest actually." Sonic says, "In your world maybe. But I come from another world. Do toi really think she is the fastest when she doesn't race any other people from another dimension, world, ou galaxy? And even if she's the fastest she isn't going to be as strong." arc en ciel Dash asks, "is that a challenge?" Sonic says, "we will share our fights and see who has been through worse things. Oh and if toi think...