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posted by NekoTheif
So I'm écriture this story on my account on Quizilla (Google- LunariAssain1) and as I a dit will be placing mises à jour for it. So here is this update before I start because i will WRITE THIS STORY even if it kills me.

Title- Birds Of A Feather
She is a weapon. donné a power she is afraid to use. She loves it and hates it. When she is rescued Hawkwoman takes her in. She refuses to use her powers and joins Young Justice. Will she hide her powers ou hide them forever?

Hero Name- Angel
Secret Identity- Amelia Tor
Age- 13
Martial Arts


Shy about using powers
Prone to lashing out if pushed to hard

Protege Of Hawkwoman

"Erica! Erica, please wake up!" shouted a voice.
I choked on air. My lungs ached for some reason.
And then, someone pressed their lips to mine.
Was I getting CPR? I tried to wriggle away, but something was holding me. Hot breath intruded my system, making me want to hurl.
My head shot up like a rocket. "Who--What--Where--When--Why--How?"
And before I could get my thoughts straight, I was staring into the lovely blue eyes of the Boy Wonder.
"Erica!" Robin gasped. "You're alive!"
He kissed me. He kissed me!!I screamed through my head.
"You kissed me!" I screamed at him.
He stepped back, allowing...
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posted by Scarlet_Ember
Redemption Prologue

"Have toi retrieved everyone that I asked for Kuro Tenshi" asked a masked man as he sat down.
"Yes, everyone will be arriving soon" replied Kuro as he stepped out of the shadows.  Kuro looked pleased with himself for not having mascarade reprimand him for failing yet another mission.
"Check on our prisoner and see how she's doing" ordered Masquerade, Kuro only nodded back into the shadows to check on Mauve.  As he reached the dungeon-like rooms on the lower floor of the building, Kuro noticed the light scratching of a rat's claws.  He reached his arm up and shot something...
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posted by 66Dragons
Chapter 2: Damsel in Distress

Being Robin wasn't always easy. Dick had to constantly juggle schoolwork, hero responsibilities, and his own personal life. But the hardest thing was keeping toi cover when someone toi care about is in danger. Dick learned that lesson the hard way when Barbara was attacked. It wasn't even par some big villain like Joker ou Freeze. It was just some stupid rue thugs who wanted to get to the Commissioner.

Dick sat on his lit staring down at his phone in his hands. It had been a week ever since his 'almost kiss' with Barbara and they hadn't talked ou seen each other...
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