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posted by Robin_Love
 Tara with glasses
Tara with glasses
Okay this is another updated bio. I have only a few plus after this (remember it doesn't include the Resistance form ou the Outsiders team). Along with other news, Dylan's personal story series, Journey, is cancelled. I have a new story in mind that makes plus sense to the timelines I've written and I will be starting that soon. If toi haven't read Dylan's bio, his character update is posté so please read and enjoy guys! <3

Name: Tara (pronounced Terra) Almaraz
Alias: Midnight
Occupation: Minor, hero
Powers: acrobatics, agility, speed, flexibility, force fields, weapons, handcuffs
History: Tara...
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posted by Eclipse-YJ
Name: Pandora Maria Elizabeth Diana Alice Ruby Rouge-Spade

Nick Names: Pan, Phoebe, Phoebs, Love, Moonshine

Occupation: Hero, Magical Ambassador and Gardian to Earth, Spy/SHIELD Agent

Hero Name: Eclipse

Age: 17

rendez-vous amoureux, date of Birth: 25/12/1997

Type:Human Host, Goddess Soul, Human weapon

Nationality: American, French, Canadian, Japanese

Hair: Dark Brown (almost black) ou some times a fair shade of Blue (it changes in the sun) has a side fringe that covers one eye and medium hair in a side parting)

Eyes: émeraude Green

Powers and Ability's:
-Powerful and God-like Magic (to a certain limit) and...
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I'm so tired. but salut i finished the outlines..and ye. i'm pooped. I tried to put at least one OC from every person but towards the end I got lazy. anyway. C'mon - P!atD ft. Fun. Great song for great OCs.
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:'3 I l’amour this video. I thought this fit them. ^.^
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Co- discovered par Raven! And of course I found a YJ vid to go along with it..... ;)
aleksander felis
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posted by MafiaYJ
"It doesn't make any sense Ethan! They are real! I know it! I've seen them! AND I TRIED TO KILL THEM!" Babylon shouted from the siège she was in. Ethan paced in front of her, glancing at Adrian who, for once, looked serious.
"Ethan." Babylon snapped. Ethan paced.
"ETHAN!" She screamed hysterically. Ethan stopped and he and Adrian looked at her. Babylon was not supposed to scream that way. She was supposed to be calm and wise, like they were. Sure, have her quirks and the like...but not like this.
"Babylon, dear. toi need to relax. We..we are going to figure something out." Ethan stated. He knew...
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posted by SilverWings13
“Lesson learned: Avoid wearing cashmere on drug busts,” Vika stated as she glared as the culprit of her annoyance- a short navy dress and the red staining the white collar.
“Did toi try hydrogen peroxide?” a voice behind her suggested. Of course the girl recognized his mocking Londres accent. She attempted to sound miffed at his sneaking up on her unpronounced, but she could do little about the blush that darkened her cheeks.
“What are toi doing in a lady’s bedroom?” she demanded from him, hoping to fluster him. But when she spun to face him, he was leaning leisurely in the doorway...
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posted by YJTTFAN
“Wow...” I breath out. This place was amazing, so many hallways and rooms hidden inside a freaking mountain! I have to jog to keep up with Nightwing, the handsome leader of Young Justice, the first Robin. This man was a living legend, who really lives up the the legend. I could see the walls turned from shiny silver metal to a dull grey metal, there was literally fuse marks in a shard-like shape, as if someone had took two pieces and welded them together. My eyes grow wide and a crazed grin comes over my face.
“Are we in the wing that wasn't blow up par Black Manta?!” I a dit giddily....
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Dr. Varhiez yanked his head into his hands., "I cant believe we Lost her! Twice! She was our first successful creation!" His assistant, Dr. Foriam pulled out a chart, "Dr. Varhiez, why don't toi just make another one of her? I mean, toi created her, toi have all the information. and," Dr. Varhiez cut him off, snapping his head up. His large blue eyes and messy brown hair made the 45 yr old man look crazier than ever. "that right there Foriam, is where toi are wrong! When H-K4escaped from here, I had not finished my diagnostics, i did not finish recording all her information. I have no records...
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