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 Human Form
Human Form
Name: Tabitha Macon
ID: Tigress
Age: 17
Hair: Black (Red as Tigress) Eyes: Blue Height: 5'7 (5'11 as Tigress)
Nationality: Brazilian/American
Father: John Macon
Mother: Anna Macon
Job: Intern at Daily Planet
Affiliations: Young Justice

Powers: Heightened: Hearing, Smell, Sight, Strength, Speed, Agility. Can turn into tigresse ou remain human. Has claws as tigresse and a tail. Can take a beating, her Bones can easily pop from their sockets to allow less injury. Roar. As a human she is very agile, just as she is as Tigress. Speaks to all felines. And can do some sorcery, but not very well.

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 Nothing to do with the article, but it's cute~!
Nothing to do with the article, but it's cute~!
She sat on the haut, retour au début of the mountain, looking at the sun's amber rays against the dusty rose sky. She slowed her heavy breathing. Every part of her hurt, but she had wanted to get a good view of the silver moon as it rose. The crescent sliver was to appear in a few moments.
She could see for miles up here and enjoyed the way the wind cooled her down; the climb was well worth her pain. She made herself comfortable and waited. minutes later, she heard a noise behind her. She didn't move, hearing plus than one warning. But she knew she was safe. If someone had attacked them, she'd have been the...
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The girl walked in the cave, laptop in hands, wearing sweatpants, a T-shirt, and multi-colored socks. She sat down on the couch, her legs crossed, and opened the laptop, setting it in her lap. Immediately, the lock screen showed up, having her type in her password. After she typed it in, the laptop went to the main screen, a picture of her, Rosie, and Maxine appeared in the background. The red head moved the souris pad and left clicked on the documents tab, opening a file about Joker that Zack had gotten for her. Rene put it on full zoom, lire everything over a billion times, getting as much...
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Name: Damian Hellsing

Nickname: D

Alias: None

Occupation: Vampire Hunter

Race: Vampire

Age: 160 years old, but, in what he calls, "human years" he's 18.

Personality: He's looks at humans as nothing lesser than him. He will not take a human's life unless forced to, ou if they're just being stubborn. *COUGH COUGH* What?
He's kinda a tease, but is plus often serious. He does have a soft spot for some people but usually does not montrer it, of course.

Appearance: He has lengthy black hair with burning red eyes. His skin, unlike what most stereotypes believe, is not super pale, it's a light color with a hint...
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This is not a fairy tale. There are no happy endings

Power can make even the greatest among us fall.

Allies Fall
Enemies Rise
Friends Return

The Story that changes Everything,
Starts Now


"Mr. Grant, Wayne Industries is the biggest company in the world seconde to LexCorp and us. I highly doubt a buy-out would be a good déplacer on our part. Even if we did buy out Wayne, that would leave us with no money."

Sam looked at the man for a long moment before standing up.

"Follow me, all of you."

Eight Chairmen looked at each other before following the man who's name was hanging above the door. Grant...
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Lucas and Artemis sat in the cuisine with milk, sugar, plastic bags, salt, and ice on the counter with their science notebooks with them. " Okay so we need to put the ice and the sugar together " Lucas a dit putting ice in the big plastic bag and taking some sugar, " No Luke we need to put salt with the ice " Artemis a dit picking up the salt, " uhmmm no we need the sugar " Luke a dit grabbing the sugar, Artemis grabbed the plastic bag aswell getting annoyed with Luke " we need the salt " she a dit pulling the bag towards her, " no we need the sugar " Lucas a dit getting annoyed as well pulling...
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 Michael (Scud) Franz
Michael (Scud) Franz
Name: Michael (Scud) Franz
Alias: requin
Occupation: weapon/gunsmith of Mount Justice.

Appearance: Scud has messy medium guy length brown hair, blue eyes, he usually wears dark coloured clothing, and he occasionally likes to wear headgears including caps, bandanas and headphones.

Power: he has no power

History: Michael Franz, ou Scud as he likes to go by, was born in Atlanta and raised par his father after his mother who he can no longer remember died in a car accident. Instead of montrer his brilliant mind from a young age, he dropped out of school finding educational system too boring and showed...
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Red Revenge slowly walked onto the windy roof. It was familiar. His father had died here. He had hunted down his killer and almost avenged his fathers death had the NYC Police not stopped him.

It was cold, even through his suit. Colder than it should have been for late March.

The déplacer was sudden. Guys swarmed the roof, pointing pistolets at Revenge while a single cloaked figure and two smaller, female ones walked out onto the roof.

"Been a while, hasn't it?" the cloaked figure asked as the two females stood at the edge of the building.

Revenge didn't move.

The lights flickered on and everything was...
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