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posted by ZekiYuro
écriture and design have always been two passions of mine. When someone first approached me with a écriture opportunity for their blog, I was shocked. It hadn’t crossed my mind for a moment that the two could be brought together harmoniously. I still remember écriture that article and building my first brainstorm of topics. I found myself asking, "What makes a good article?"

But, to hell with good articles. Anyone can write a good article. I wanted something that would floor everyone–that would make everyone say, "Who the heck is this guy, and why haven’t I read his stuff before?"

I’m always...
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 Hmm...James, bringing back any memories-Lulu
Hmm...James, bringing back any memories-Lulu
____after school_____getting ready in Lulu's bathroom
I was listening to "Bella's Lullaby"from my faveorite Robert Pattinson flicks.It was blasting through the speakers.Andria was applying baby blue eyeshadow.I was putting on mascara.I popped my lips when the song was over.The suivant song that came up was Ke$ha's "Blah Blah Blah".I looked over towards Andria.We loved this song.We started singing.Halfway through the song I heard my phone chant "Fearless"by Taylor Swift.That meant it was Rob.I picked it up and put it on speaker."Hey Rob!"I said."Hey,Lu."he said."Andria's here too."He chuckled."Cool.Hey...
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posted by tayandkris4evr
Third part. Comment, fan, but above all... enjoy. :)


“Where am I going to take care of toi then, Tye?” I ask, already worried for my new little brother. That’s how I thought of him anyway, a little brother! I’ve always wanted one.

“Not sure… Let’s pretend we’re orphans and walk around see if anyone has the cœur, coeur to take us in.” He snickers. He really is my brother! I laugh then knuckle bump with him.

“Hey, I get a new name now, right? I’ve always liked the name Dean, can I be Dean?” I asked excitedly. I need to start jouer la comédie like a guy, puh…

“Ha ha! That sounds...
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Jonas and Gabriel laughed as the ride ended. He could still hear something that he had never heard before. Perhaps it is what Giver called misuc, he though. Gabriel, who was smiling and chuckling with delight, was now quiet tilted his head in one direction as if he heard something. Then he yelled out, "Bird!"
Jonas, thinking that he meant that there was a plane near by, quickly picked up Gabriel and seeing that there was no where to hide, layed flat on the snow holding Gabriel tightly. He heard a cry, and looked up to see a white bird flying to the south. Instantly he remembered a time when...
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The suivant jour at school they had an athlete tryout at lunch time in the stadium. “Alec, there toi are I’ve been looking all over for you, why are toi watching the tryouts, man” a dit Marley. “Nothing, just supporting people” a dit Alec with a big smile on his face. “Your perving on the girls aren’t you?” a dit Marley. “You know me too well man; take a sit, perv with toi fellow friends” a dit Alec with the same smile. ‘I’ll rejoindre toi guys” a dit Nathan while watching a girl sprint. “You guys are such pervs, man” a dit Marley even though he was sitting right suivant to them...
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posted by BellaSwan636

When the movie was over, I had no idea what I'd just seen.


We sat down in a restuarant.

It was so easy to talk to him. Not in the "Tia" way, but just that I felt I could say anything and not be judged.

I told him about the Michigan boyfriend, and he didn't stop laughing for a full minute.

"So I should probably not mess with your mom," he said.

"Probably not," I agreed, as I tried to stop laughing par forcing myself to take a sip of coke.

I ducked my head in an attempt to prevent another laughing fit, and the irritating piece of hair that...
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posted by gossipgirlxoxo
(a/n:Rate and message me if toi like it!)

Another jour at another life, I thought to myself as I walked home. I won’t go all emo about it and tell toi my life sucks, because to toi it would most likely be heaven. My family is rich, I am in the populaire group every girl in my school is obsessed with my brother. Everything about me is picture perfect, my looks. I have wavy blonde hair to die for; my eyes were very light green almost yellow. I was slender I had always been. And to haut, retour au début it all I have a jock boyfriend, I know how cliché. I let out a deep sigh once I looked at the clock, it was nearly...
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posted by gossipgirlxoxo
Today was Saturday. It had been 3 days since Ethan’s and Thor’s night of fun and ever since then everyone has been laying off the whole fall in l’amour thing so today I decided to give the pendant thing ago.

But this time something was different
This time when I closed my eyes and the pendant went up in the air and I saw the man with the woman she looked sad.

Like she was hiding something

I tried to get into her thoughts tried to see what her feelings where but it stopped again. I got up and ran down stairs, Thor was the only one that was accueil and with him was Ethan. I was panting, Ethan got up,...
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posted by khfan12
Vialo By: Josie Mahre

"Run, Ella, run!" a dit Vialo. "I'm running as fast as I can!" Ella said. Vialo is a 14-year-old girl with the unique name Vialo Tarah Wilson, also, she has superpowers and the ability to take over / rule the universe / save the universe. Her friend, Ella Newbie, also has superpowers. "Ella, we can hide here." a dit Vialo. "Vialo, go on without me. I'll catch up." a dit Ella. "No. I'll just telaport us out." a dit Vialo. "No! Vialo, they'll find toi easier!" a dit Ella. All of a sudden, some people walked up to them. "You two aren't out yet?" asked one. "No Jasper....
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posted by Mermaidsea
Hair Ppllllllllllllllllllllllll! I am a mermaid fan and wanna be a mermaid! But I wanna see if I'm actually a mermaid... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm................................ we can find out together :) commentaire if I know a sight that tells us if I they a mermaid :)
I heard that I can have these signs:
1. U l’amour the ocean
2. The ocean is calling out for u
3. U don't like wearing pants
4. I r naive
5. I l’amour baths
6. I watch jour little mermaid everyday. But the question is are we mermaids? Do we have a psychic connection with the ocean?
Are we even humans?...
Pls we can help each other find out :)
posted by zanhar1
toi hear a lonesome bird call as toi wander out of the forest. It is dull and misty. The sky is concrete, toi can taste rain in the air.

Fell it on the breeze.

But toi don't care, toi keep waking. Walking into the opening where the trees grow ever plus sparse. Where the woodland meets the grassland and all that remains are the twigs and trunks the forest had coughed out. Your bate feet slide over the greenest dewy grass. And here toi arrive with a sense of peace despite the chilly drizzle that has just begun to fall. A few plus steps have toi standing in the center of an earthy ring. toi are...
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posted by FalliNgSparks
The girl I saw had a pure soul
Her eyes sparkled like a precious stone

Her cœur, coeur was much golden than her hair
her charming hair flew in the air

.......But I knew she had an aimless life

Every part of her body was filled with an innocent tear
But I made her comfy and told her dear,

nobody is useless.

As she heard this,
every part of her body went fearless.

In a hand I saw a pearl...
& that hand was of the blonde girl.
posted by MagicalMadness
I've always wanted to be a mermaid! I recently found this spell and I've already got some of the side effects! I know that not all spells work for everybody but I hope this one works for you;)
First the side effects: (are some of the side effects I got)
-itchy legs and back
-singing a lot
-crossing legs a lot

What toi will need:
-water(warm ou cold doesn't matter)
-tea spoon
-belief that the spell will work
-10 pm-11
-a symbol (necklace, bracelet)

What toi need to do:
1.fill the cup/bowl halfway with water
2.put a thé spoon of salt into the water and stir
3.drop your...
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During the first episode of "Austin and Ally", Ross and Laura already had lots of chemistry.

At the end of season 2, there was a very magical moment in the austin and ally life, there was a first kiss, after "Ally" Lost her stage fright.

In season 4, if toi remember the ballroom dance class, "Ally" asked "Austin" to dance, and toi might have saw a lot plus Ross than "Austin", but Laura is better at hiding herself

Out of Austin and Ally,

Anytime that Ross, Laura, Calum and Rani sit in Ross' car, Laura and Ross always sit together. Although Laura may have a boyfriend, I still believe that Raura could, in future times, be real!
“Bow before oh bow before the Mistress of the Blade.”

She dances in shrouds of silk scarlet.

Heel over heel in spinning in time.

Fabric twisting ‘round her delicate ankles.

“Praise oh praise the Mistress of the Blade.”

The sword an extension of her graceful arm as she twirls it about in Mid-September air.

Crisp September air.

The blade slashes through leaves as they fall.

Hilt of or adorned in ruby and diamond.

Gleaming and glistening as it slides from her grasp. Wailing through that oh so crisp Mid-September air.

“Watch in wonder oh watch the Mistress of the Blade.”

By night she finds...
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posted by Abyssail
A shapeless void. Interrupted only par the occasional shooting star. Every now and then toi can see colour flare into existence but as soon as toi notice it, it vanishes and the void returns. Sparks. Vessels. Charges and Impulses. Back and forth and back and forth across the void. Basic, baseless functions repeated to death and beyond. The system is all they know, all they're aware of. Incapable of comprehending the couture of convalescence conveyed about their crafted construction. Barricades exist, of course. Occasionally one of the roads will shut down and the vessels will be stuck in a “traffic...
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posted by StarWarrior
    “I’ve got it!” Shade squeaked.
    “Hurry!” émeraude barked, trying to keep up with him.
    “Corner it there, quick!” Kitmira barked.
    Shade turned the rabbit toward the thick thorn bushes. It was getting tired. Shade pounced; he landed perfectly on its back.
    “Bite it!” Neko commanded.
    Emerald lunged vers l'avant, vers l’avant and sunk her teeth into its neck.
    “Good catch!” Mamma called.
    “Did we hunt...
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posted by EmilyMJFan910
Chapter Four of the fiction story I wrote EXCLUSIVELY for Fanpop. Enjoy!

Summer rode her bike down the pathway excitedly. "I can't wait to get toi two home!" she exclaimed.
But as soon as they stopped at the farm gates, the chiens began to get scared. The cour de ferme, à la ferme was full of animaux they had rarely ever been around. Cows and horses, sheep, pigs, ducks, and goats made all sorts of commotion. The chiens whimpered.
Summer stroked Zoey's back. "It's okay. You're not going to stay here. We'll go over to the house. Follow me."
Summer got off her bike, lifted Zoey out of the basket, and leaned her bike...
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posted by pugglelover2000
The girls came back with a huge jug of water."Okay,now it's time to get down to buissness."Rachel said.She moved over to the drawer,and slowly opened it.She took out a long,silver key.

"Okay,look I have way plus power than you,and I really don't need you,only as bait of course."Rachel added quickly,so Josie would get it,"Once your silly,dumb,sister knows I have you,there'll be no stopping me.Haley,get me my phone!"Haley obediently retrieved the phone.

Rachel texted Laura:
Looking for your sis,well we have her in my summer accueil in Salem Woods.Oh,and if toi tell anyone,especialy the cops,we'll...
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Who was that girl? How was my sister there? What was the place I was in? I have so many questions and so little answers. After lying on the ground for a while I start to hear footsteps coming towards me so I sit up to investigate. It was a man in a heavy black manteau with a capuche, hotte on and a emballage, wrap around his mouth. With his mouth covered so much I couldn't see who he was. He walks past me without even noticing me so I stood up to follow him.

As I am walking buildings start to appear around us forming the empty l’espace around us into a city. He walks around a corner causing me to lose sight of him....
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