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This Will Help toi Write Better Dialogue - Frank Dietz via FilmCourage.com.
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Why Are Some People Better At Story Than Others? - Aaron Fradkin via FilmCourage.com.
posted by mermaidgirl112
These are the haut, retour au début 4 mermaid spells that have been known to work, we did number one and got the side affects instantly.

(These side affects will occur for any spell toi do)
Side affects:
Keeping legs crossed
Very itchy legs
Singing a lot
Rash on legs
Making un-normal sounds
Acting a bit out if the ordinary (goes on and off for about 6 hours)
Drinking lots of water.

Where it says the couleurs of blue and gold, that was just an example. toi can choose your own couleurs and powers. (Ex. Freezing, heating, shaping)
Most girls that have done these have started getting tails (when wet) within 45 hours. The time...
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In a weekly "test" single people who are looking for a partner ask their mother and their best friend to help.Their mother chooses one partner and their best friend chooses another.The test is to see who can choose the best partner!
This week's single man is Richard Taylor,a 26-year-old musician from Southampton.His mother Meg chooses one girl,and his best friend Danny chooses another.Then Richard goes on a rendez-vous amoureux, date with each girl.Which girl does he prefer?Who knows him better,his mother ou his best friend?Who chooses the right girl for him?

"I usually work in England but sometimes I work abroad...
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posted by ZekiYuro
A superhero is a fictional character with special powers.Since the first Superman story was written in the USA in 1938,superheroes have appeared in various comic livres around the world.But plus recently they have become better known as film characters.

Although superhero powers vary widely,superhuman strength and the ability to fly are common.Some superheroes do not have special powers but have developed other important abilities.In order to protect Friends and family,a superhero's identity is normally kept secret,which often means superheroes have complicated double life.

There have been successful...
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Not long il y a people believed that in the future we would work less,have plus free time,and be plus relaxed.But sadly this has not happened.Today we work harder,work longer hours,and are plus stressed than 10 years ago.We walk faster,talk faster,and sleep less than précédant generations.And although we are obsessed with machines which save us time,we have less free time than our parents and grandparents had.But what is this doing to our health?An American journalist James Gleick in a new book,Faster:the acceleration of just about everything,says that people who live in cities are suffering from...
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posted by liviabutterfly
Chapter [#2]

Narrators POV

An old man in a manteau walked into the neighborhood in which Olivia lived. Everyone stared at him as he walked around.

Olivia's POV

I smiled brightly as I dived into the ocean, "wait up!!!" Oliver laughed as my five brothers ran after me with surfboards, buggy boards, buckets for picking up sea shells, and dad brought out our special maid sandcastle buckets. They were big and made the best structures ever!!! Plus our family is known for our sand castles/structures. I smiled and dived down, feeling the salty cold water against my skin, it's the best feeling ever. When...
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posted by EvanlovesAzula
Authors Note: A little something from my wandering mind tonight. I'll warn u this is a bit sad, but I think toi all will like this one very much. Enjoy.

He was angry. He was exhausted. His cœur, coeur pounded against his chest with pulsating curses on her. On Olivia. James lept up from the hardwood floors and began to wipe his eyes.The vestige of tears still stung on his cheeks. What had he done wrong? What had he missed? How could he fix it? Those questions would soon be erased from his mind and replaced with the real question: Why didn't she ever say she loved him?

James had been waiting for eight...
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posted by 7seablue7
Episode 1~ We meet again, setting hotel in New york (Hilton) an 1982. Scean1
---------------------------------------------------------------Micheal: well we're here guys...... guys
hey what are yall lookin at?
Marlon: check out theses girls at the pool over
there... (practically drooling)

Michael : all toi do is watch girls all the time man.. come on.

Jermaine;yeah marlon( laughing) although they cut
Michael: now toi too Jermaine( annoyed)

Jermaine:Mic toi can't lie to your self they look good.
Michael:your right.... they do (sighing) we gotta
hurry up and cheek into our rooms so we can get ready...
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posted by edwardsca
    I was sitting at my bureau at school, écriture my Christmas list. It was hard to think of plus than three things, so I wrote down a gift card to itunes, some movies, and a new pair of nike shoes. I'm trying to think of something, and my teacher a dit "Emily it wouldn't be wise to ask for money for a present". When I went accueil I was still thinking about my Christmas list, but then my little sister came up to my face "Sissy, sissy, toi should ask for a super big princess kit'. Then dîner came, we had roasted chicken. My older brother Eric was bragging about making the basketball...
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posted by ZekiYuro
If toi were hiking in the North American Wilderness and toi saw a ours coming slowly towards you,what would toi do?
a)"I'd talk to it quietly"
b)"I'd walk away slowly"
c)I'd try not to look at it"
d)"I'd make a loud noise"
e)"I'd run"
f)"I'd climb a tree"
g)"I'd pretend to be dead"
h)"I'd spray pepper in its eyes"
i)"I'd try to fight it"

Well,all of these are possible-the best thing to do depends on the mood that the ours is in.If it comes towards toi slowly,experts say toi should talk to it quietly,walk away as slowly as possible,and don't look the ours in the eye.It's possible that it will lose interest....
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posted by para-scence
I know the Columbine Massacre anniversary was Friday, so I decided to put up a story I wrote about it. I wrote this a couple months il y a from the viewpoint of Craig Scott. Please commentaire and let me know what toi think.

“Craig! Get up! We’re going to be late!“ My sister Rachel pounded her fist on my door. I reluctantly opened my eyes to look at the clock. I had only ten minutes to get ready. I cursed under my breath and got dressed quickly, not bothering to grab anything to eat. I got to Rachel’s car just before she was about to ditch me. I tried to catch up on my algebra homework on the...
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posted by Okuni
Just a short one-shot I thought of on the spot...Mother's jour is coming so I thought, why not? It's not that good, just so toi know...

I hate her. I really really hate her. Sure she's the woman who gave me my life. Sure she's the woman who raised me all the sixteen years I've been alive since my father left us shortly after my birth. But I cannot bring myself to l’amour her. What has she ever done that actually made me smile? She has always been a cruel and selfish woman who would do anything to get what she wanted. She would gladly hurt others for her own benefit, even me, her own flesh and blood....
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posted by malmcd
My journey hasn't been easy for me. Every step of the way I've struggled, stumbled, doubted, cursed, and felt sure that I couldn't go on. But I feel stronger because of it, almost like I needed to go through it to get where I am now. I still don't believe I'm perfect ou beautiful. Maybe I'll always doubt. But maybe it's the doubt that keeps me determined. Hungry. Always looking to prove and improve myself, make myself better.
Every night, as I lie in my lit I wonder if there girls like me out there around the world...
Maybe like me, your father abandoned you, ou perhaps toi never even knew him....
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