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 White loup Pups With Blue Eyes
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Source: nationalgeographic.com
beautiful white loup pups with blue eyes
white loups
blue eyes
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Do toi think its right for loups to be hunted down for such foolish reasons? I mean sure if a loup does attack toi and toi have to kill it, okay, i can understand that. But most hunters like to kill loups for their beautiful fur, as trophies,and for other various reasons.

I TOTTALY disagree with the whole reason of hunting down poor animaux like wolves! loups are like a 'belief' to me and i know to other people. They are suck graceful, caring, loving, feirce, vicious, and beautiful creatues. They have NO right to be killed. If They over populate in one part of our coutry; let them live,...
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It is sick how people kill animaux and only for a sport ou to sell their pelt.

It is also sick how people can hurt them and trap them because They are beautiful animals, I l’amour them so much and they are like us and we are like them.

I am not in for the whole lets kill loups and sell their coats and then dump their bodies ou hurt them and leave them to die.
It is like if loups we to come into our house take our lifes and wreck our whole house, I find it so wrong and all those pictures i have seen.

I mean they are: Beautiful,Lovely, Mysterious, Great caring mother and yes thats another thing is that if we kill the aphla female ou a female that has wolf-pups they dont have their mother imagie growing up without you're mother even if toi have a fill in its not the same.
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