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 White loup Pups With Blue Eyes
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beautiful white loup pups with blue eyes
white loups
blue eyes
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Thunder led me out of his office with an arm around my shoulder. My tattos started hurting again, so I rubbed them.

"What's wrong?" Jenny came up to me.

"Uh, I just had an itch," I said, putting my arms down to my side. Thunder took them though and rubbed my little bird tattos with his thumb.

"When did toi get this?" He asked.

"Like last night," I said, taking my arms back.

"What does your loup look like?" I sighed. I really don't want to Change, but I guess I have to. So I let my mind and body "go wolf". Scarlett, Jenny, and Thunder gasped. Hugo's already seen me as a wolf, so this is nothing...
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