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We all know how overused zombies are. They are in movies, tv shows, videogames, books, but rarely do we see them in anime. It’s weird. But, in the an 2010, we got an animé known as Highschool of the Dead, which showed the classic zombies that was seen in films like Night of the Living Dead. The zombies were slow and lumbered, but were huge in numbers. This animé had a lot of scenes like this.

Like this.

And even this.

But, the zombies aren’t what make Highschool of the Dead so recognizable. No, if you’ve seen this anime, you’ll mostly recognize it for scenes like this....
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Theme Song: link

Pony: *Walking in front of a green background, but gets crushed par falling letters that say...*


Pony: *Gets stuck under the P, but gets himself free. The background then changes to red. He continues to walk when he sees numbers falling toward him. He runs, but gets crushed by...*


Pony: *Gets out from under the 6, but as he does, it leans to the right, and the 0 rolls away. As the background changes to orange, he whistles when he sees plus falling letters*


Pony: *Surprised that he's not stuck under any of the letters. He rearranges...
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I don’t know what it is, but I always enjoyed foggy environments. I mean sure, people have gotten into… plus than one car accident in them, but they still fascinate me no matter what. It’s almost as fascinating to me as snow is (Trust me, that’s an upcoming list). Though, unlike snow, fog is used to give off something scary, depressing, ou mysterious. And I freaking l’amour that. Hell, even making this list, it’s foggy right now. So, what better time to make a liste about foggy environments. Now, some rules. Only from games that I have played, and only one per franchise, as usual. Also,...
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Famous Newgrounds content creator, also known as Arin Hanson from the let’s play channel Game Grumps, was once a prolific animator and considered one of the biggest. If toi don’t know Arin as an animator, you’d be forgiven for that. Arin Hanson’s old career has been buried and forgotten, but hey, times change right…. Right…. Right?! Hello, boys and girls. Welcome to another episode of Content Cop. Idubbbz here with the new rant article. I ranted before about David Cage and his creeping abilities, but now it’s time to talk about something else. It’s time to hit closer to home....
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Okay, let me just get this out of the way, right now. The Devilman run is one of the silliest things I think I've ever seen. I can't handle looking at this without laughing. It's the stupidest thing ever and I l’amour it. But, that aside, let us discuss the Netflix original anime, Devilman: Crybaby, and why people have gotten so excited when talking about it.

Devilman: Crybaby is a ten episode Netflix original anime. Now, there haven't been much Netflix original animes. Including this one, there's about... three.... One of them being Neo Yokio. Oh, now that's true terror. Anyway, Devilman:...
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(Hello everyone. A quick note. This is a reaction article. In it, I will type down every last word I say and toi can see how I react to whatever it is I do. Will I do plus of these. I don't know. But, with that, lets start with the reaction)

Okay, so its started... And we got us some thunder clap... Very scary... Ohhh... So, we get some Japanese kids talking... In Japanese... Thankfully, there are subtitles..... Oh, we get a backstory. Thats good........ And, we get some kids talking about ghosts in the dark. How cliched........ On dark stormy nights. CLICHED!!!....... Cliches! Cliches everywhere.........
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Sean: Ah, they didn't start yet.
Mike: Come on.
Jerry: There we go.
Shayne: Yeah!!
Jesse: *Arrives with Jeff, and Bryce* Why did toi tell us on Instagram to come here?
Sean: Because of this.
Jeff: *Hears the music*
Bryce: Now we're talking!
Sean: While we enjoy this music, enjoy The Seven Ups.

Seanthehedgehog Presents

A ponified fanfiction based off a 70's movie

The Seven Up's

Near Grand Central Station in Manehattan

Buddy: *walking along street*
Ponies: *driving cars*
other ponies: *walking down street*
Buddy: *sees window washer* (He's above a building I have to go into)
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Song: link

Sean: *Laughing*
Shayne: *Laughing*
Jerry: *Laughing*
Mike: *Stops suivant to his friends* Heeey. What's with the laughter?
Sean: Listen to the music.
Mike: Ah. *Laughing*
Jerry: We oughta do something like that. Think of how famous we could become.
Shayne: We could, but let's focus on hosting the very last episode of Sean's Spectacular Saturday of Stories.
Sean: This is the last one?
Shayne: Yeah. Let's give the audience one hell of a show. We'll feature an episode of Trainz, and Johnny Lightning, then montrer off The Seven Ups.

Theme Song: link

Welcome to a place called The Island Of Errol. A place...
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