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This Monster High fan-art contains anime, bande dessinée, manga, and dessin animé.

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posted by Clawtina
NOTE TO READERS: This Artical/Story may have
PG +13 ou M +15 scenes please be careful what toi read.
But this Story is meant to be put that way so be careful.
Enjoy :)
1:22am, 5th March 2012

Clawtina's Apartment, Paris, France...

Clawtina just woke up from a deep sleep.
Silver light poured through the crystal clear window.
The dark sky was out. The stars shined and not a nuage in sight.
Clawtina went out on her balcony and sat on a chair. She was only dressed in a singlet and underwear.

Went a gun.

Clawdeen from the F.I.S...
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