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(We now head to the Famous Penguins cabin. Heather had hearts flown all around her.)

Izzy: Hey, Heather pie! What's up with you?

Heather: Well, i think i have a secret crush on Trent.

Alejandro: toi do?

Heather: That's correct.

Beth: But it's too bad that he has already been takened par Gwen.

Duncan: Guess toi have no choice but to find another man.

Heather: No way! I want to win Trent's heart. Gwen will not have him.

Izzy: Good for you.

Courtney: But toi have to wait for the merge to get him.

Harold: Can toi survive some eliminations until the merge starts?

Heather: Of course i can, Harold. I'm a game player.

Beth: Good luck then.

Alejandro: Hey, who wants to have plus lait and ice-cream?

Izzy: Oh! I do! I do! I do!

(As they begin to eat, we head on to the étoile, star Monkeys cabin.)

Trent: Um, Gwen, there is something i have to tell you?

Gwen: What is it?

Trent: toi see, i'm not in l’amour with you. Sorry.


Gwen: It's alright. I'll find a man of my dream.

Trent: Thanks for taking that personally.

Owen: What's going on, Trent and Gwen?

Gwen: Oh nothing. Me and Trent are finish?

Sierra: What? Is that true?

Trent: Unfortunatly we are.

Sierra: Okay.

Eva: Anyways, toi all better not try to vote me out again.

Leshawna: We won't.

Eva: Good.

Justin: Only four plus days till the merge.

Sierra: That's awesome.
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gwen is going to look like dj
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Sofie: Ok, this activity is just for fun ^^ Who's ever heard of a Ouiga Board*?
Ava: *waves hand* I have! It's those boards that toi summon ghosts eith right?
Sofie: Correct :)
Harold: And if toi don't use them correctly demons will haunt your house, and you! *gives Ava high five*
Everyone: O___O'
Kieran: :D

Everyone: *sitting on the ground in the dark with candles around them holding hands*
Sofie: Now, place your hand on the Ouiga Board.
*everyone puts hands on board*
Sofie: *closes eyes* ... Is there someone here?
*board spelling out words*
Board: (yes)
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I know I already did one of these but my opinion changed a lot over the mois since I had to re watch everything because of the villain vs hero game.And I didn't explain my opinion very well in my last haut, retour au début 10.I wasn't really that excited when I made the last one either.
So let's start.

I know she dropped down a lot.But I kinda of notice that she doesn't really have any development and is very uninteresting.I'm mean she's very likable but she Lost interest my favori character trait but she's still funny once and a while.But I do think she's almost a Jem character.She's starting...
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Ok,if toi read TDIfangirl storys,you should know that chris and izzy are together.But im sorry to say that they didnt meet each other like that.they actually met when they were 11 years old.Ok,let me start telling the story.One day,a little boy was playing in his yard with his dog,melody."Ready girl?lets go!" chris was racing his dog,until he bumped it to a girl he had never met before,and droped all of her stuff:her ipod,pencil,a pad of paper...every thing!"Oh,im so sorry!" they a dit at the same time.As chris helped the girl get all of her stuff,chris said,"Um,hi,im christopher McClain,But...
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