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le choix des fans: Mike
le choix des fans: It's AMAZING
le choix des fans: Dawn
le choix des fans: Sisters (Emma and Kitty)
Sisters (Emma and Kitty)
Police Cadets (MacArthur and...
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GroovyAhma2010 a dit …
If Don was the main villain of "The Ridonculous Race", aside from the villainous contestants, then Don's villainy would be on the same spectrum as Alejandro, Scarlett, Max, and Heather, as he is Intelligent, Sophisticated, Polite, and Dashing. posté il y a 2 mois
GroovyAhma2010 commenté…
Chris, Justin, Courtney, Scott, Lightning, Mal, Sugar, and the Ice Dancers would be on the opposite side (Unsympathetic). il y a 2 mois
noahrosslol commenté…
This site is still active, huh? il y a 2 mois
GroovyAhma2010 commenté…
half-active. il y a 2 mois
GroovyAhma2010 a dit …
If Trent was on TDAS, he would definitely steal Heather's immunity idol and eliminate her for what she did to him in TDI. posté il y a 5 mois
big smile
TDrocksand6teen a dit …
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!! posté il y a 11 mois