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posted by bcthestrongest
Name: Sweeney
nicknames: Magic Juvenal and Babs
friends: sky(oc) ,Jessica(oc) and Seth(oc)
bio: grew up suivant to duncan but became enemies to him she hates being called gothique even know she is one her twin sisters is Bloody b and gothique
likes:hanging out with courtney and Gwen
dislikes: Duncan flirting and Alejandro muscles
crushes: Noah and Owen
boyfriend: none
Name: Gothic
nicknames: Gwen and Evil
friends: Sweeney (sister) Sky , Jessica and Seth (three oc)
bio: with her twin sister Sweeney she grew up suivant to duncan and hates being called emo even though she was one
likes: hanging out with Gwen and shopping with Lindsay
dislikes: Noah brains and Alejandro flirting
crushes: Duncan and Trent
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posted by Duncan-superfan
This is a Skyle article. (LylexSkeater)
Warning:There may be slight lovely-doveyness and mild sexual scenes [More in the 2nd part, but it won't be too dirty.].
There might also be some OOCness. ^^;
Oh and this is yaoi. [BoyxBoy] So don't read if toi don't like. >3<

"A-a date?"
Skeater a dit through a slight smile as Lyle sat down on the canapé beside him. "Yeah, I bought two tickets to the fair. It'll be fun." Lyle smiled as he took out the tickets from his chemise and showed them to Skeater. Though Skeater didn't seem like it, he was super excited about the idea of going to the fair with...
continue reading...
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