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ONCE UPON A TIME ║RobinღRegina - "I'm with you... Always"

Regina's Journey Once Upon A Time

Regina Mills - Evil

Regina Mills - I Believe

Tribute To Lana Parrilla /Regina Mills - I'll Always Remember toi

Once Upon a Time - Regina Mills - Shake It Out

Shake It Out - Once Upon A Time - Regina vid

Once Upon A Time | Shake It Out [2x02]

A Character Study- Once Upon A Time: Regina Mills

Regina Mills - Scars

Regina Mills - Heartbeat Song

The Evil Queen/Regina - Rise

Regina Mills | Wonderland

Regina Mills ♛ Titanium

regina mills | château

Regina Mills | Hold Me Down

Regina Mills - Explosions

Regina Mills - Broken

Regina Mills | Alive

Regina Mills | Fight Song

Evil Queen - Everybody wants to rule the world

Evil Queen & Regina Mills - Girl on feu

the evil Queen | dangerous woman

Regina Mills | Tougher than the rest

Regina Mills | Halo

Once Upon A Time - Regina Mills - Roar

Regina Mills | Rise

The Evil Queen/Regina chant "Love Doesn't Stand A Chance" - OUAT Musical Episode

Regina/Evil Queen | I gave toi all

Regina Mills || Alive

Regina Mills: "Castle"

regina mills || oops .... i did it again

Regina Mills | i cry in silence.. can toi not see my tears?

Regina Mills - Loving can hurt

Regina Mills ♛ They'll never l’amour me

regina mills || fix toi

● Regina Mills | Cry

● regina mills | primadonna girl

Regina Mills || CRACK! [S4B]

timeless | a regina/henry trailer

Regina Mills | The Evil Queen (HUMOR)

regina mills | a character study

regina mills || broken crown

Regina Mills | "After all, l’amour is weakness" [4x20]

Regina Mills ► I'm a bitch, I'm a lover.

♛ Regina's nicknames #Sorry No Sorry

Regina Mills | I'm a killer babe [+4x15 CRACK]

regina mills [i'll be good]

Dark!Regina | Exit Wounds

♛ Sassy Regina 2.0

take me to church [regina mills multicrossover]

regina mills | a character study

Regina Mills |✘| Female Robbery

►Robin + Regina | A Little Taste

Regina Mills | Dead Things [4k]

Regina Mills | the dreams toi held so tight Lost their meaning..

until it hurts [regina mills multicrossover]

Burn With The Brightest Flame | Regina Mills

regina mills {let it go}

unconditionally | robin&regina

►Regina Mills | feu Inside

regina mills || human

Regina Mills | the lonely (OUAT)

Evil Queen ♛ Demons

► Regina Mills | Carmen

►Regina Mills | What Makes A Hero?

toi always | regina/henry

regina mills | bleeding out

Regina Mills | toi have changed

Regina Mills: "Mirror Mirror"

Regina Mills || iNSaNiTY

Living Dead | Regina Mills

Regina Mills | Help I'm Alive

►Regina Mills | château Walls

Regina Mills | "I've done some terrible things."

Regina Mills ll Let It Go

The Evil Queen || DID IT ON EM [vidlet]

Regina Mills || Problem

Regina Mills || Voodoo Applause

Regina Christmas

SQ family || If I could

regina + La Fée Clochette | save me from the nothing i've become

Bad girls do it well | Regina Mills

Regina Mills; ″I was afraid ″ (3.03)

Regina Mills ~ Break toi Hard

Regina Mills - Exit Wounds

Everybody Loves Me || The Evil Queen [3x02] #Crack

❝Look out for Cruella DeVil..❞ ➟ Regina Mills (the Evil Queen)

Regina Mills|| Satellite cœur, coeur

Regina Mills in fantaisie Land - Lana Parrilla Behind The Scenes


Too Close To l’amour toi - Behind the Facade

The cercle of OUAT: The Birth of the Queen

Regina Mills|| No-One Knows What It's Like

Regina and Henry | The Reason

F*ck U [From Evil Regals, with love]

OUAT Regina Mills Devil In Disguise

The Evil Queen - Vanity

• regina mills | oh yeah [HUMOR]

Regina Mills {тнe evιl queeɴ} ❝ I am a zombie ❞