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Opinion by zanhar1 posted il y a plus d’un an
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This is sort of AU as it takes place in Storybrooke despite the new curse and what not).

Roland stretched his arm out as far as he could, yet the boy still couldn't seem to reach the haut, retour au début branch on the tree. In fact he barely reached the middle of the tree. Regina looked up from her place on the sofa, taking one plus sip of her coco she a dit to Robin "Why don't toi give Roland a hand?"

To which Robin stood up and walked over to Roland. He lifted the boy off the ground. "Alright Roland, put it wherever toi want." Roland smiled and placed the last ornament on the tallest branch.

"Got it dad." He chirped.

"Good job." Robin stated giving the boy a pat on the back. He then carried the boy over to his mother. She pulled the boy into her arms.

"I don't suppose toi want a sip?" Regina offered. Roland nodded and reached his hands out. Regina glanced up at the clock. "Alright, toi can finish it off. And then it's off to bed."
Opinion by Camronjo posted il y a plus d’un an
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Dress #1-White
I have a theory about the costuming for the Evil Queen. In the episode "Fruit of the Poisonous Tree," we see a transition in the Queen's personality. She goes from being plus of an innocent person, even a victim, to creating an evil plot. As her personality changes, so does her choices in clothing. She goes from a white dress, to a light blue dress, to a dark blue dress. In the episode "A cœur, coeur is a Lonely Hunter," the huntsman asks if she is still is in morning and she replies, "The time of morning is over, I simply find that black suites me." It seems as though she literally "wears her emotions on her sleeves."