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Jordy_Dash: (Walking to the université with Onyx, Sean, and Prince)
Student 1: Hey, is that Onyx, the celebrity? What would she be doing at a school like this
Student 2: Who knows. I’m just plus worried about how toi manage to make your hair so shiny
Student 1: ….. okay
Jordy_Dash: (Now, if I’m correct, then I could use Onyx’s Shinigami Eyes to find out W’s name. Once she does, I can kill him)
PrinceLightning: What are toi thinking about
Jordy_Dash: Oh, Prince. Good. Listen, I need your help
PrinceLightning: Am I at least donné a choice
Jordy_Dash: No, now, listen. Onyx is going to find out W’s name. Once she does, he must die. That is where toi come in. When I give toi the signal, kill him
PrinceLightning: Fine. But, I’m doing this for Onyx. Now you
Jordy_Dash: Fair enough (See’s W playing on 3DS)
W: Goddamn, those bees are fast (See’s Jordy) Hey, Jordy. How’s it going.
Jordy_Dash: Just fine. Let me introduce toi to Onyx
Onyx050569: (Takes W’s hand and shakes it) Hi, I’m Onyx. Pleased to meet you
W: …. indeed. Jordy, may I speak with toi for a moment in private
Jordy_Dash: Fine (Follows W away from Onyx)
W: Jordy, even though I a dit toi passed the test, plus events occur that lead me to suspect you. Of course, I doubt it, but, just to be safe. The two Killer’s are working together, and since the seconde Killer can kill his victims without a name, it is clear that I could die easily. So, Jordy, if I die in the suivant few days, than toi are Killer. End of story, Jordy
Student 1: Hey, what do toi think For-Thirty and Jordy are talking about
Student 2: Wasn’t paying attention. All I can think about is your shiny hair
Student 1: …. Kinda creeping me the f**k out
Jordy_Dash: (Damn it, I can’t kill him right away. I need to stay calm, otherwise, I’ll blow my cover)
Onyx050569: (Comes over) Sorry, I couldn’t stay away for too long
Jordy_Dash: It’s alright
W: Hmm… Well, anyway, I suppose toi two are busy with something, so, I’ll be sure to be lea-
Students: (Begin to crowd around Onyx050569, jouer la comédie all fanlike)
Onyx050569: Hi, everyone (Waves while smiling, then gives a sudden yelp) Someone just touched my butt
W: (Right behind her when it happens) Oh, uh….. I saw who did it. It was some guy with brown hair, possibly a homeless bum, and who was standing right in front of me. I saw it. Don’t worry, Miss Onyx. I will find the man responsible for this
Onyx050569: Oh, thank you, For-Thirty. Your so sweet
SeantheHedgehog: From what I’ve seen, he’s plus acide, sure than sweet
Onyx050569: (Alarm on her phone rings) Oh, I almost forgot, I have to get ready for a photo shoot. I’ll see toi later, Jordy. Bye (Leaves, with LightningPrince still there)
LightningPrince: Just remember to give me the orders once toi want him dead. I already have his name, I assure toi (Leaves with Onyx)
Jordy_Dash: (So, he got her name. Good, I’ll be sure to call her right away) (Dials Onyx’s phone number, while this ringtone plays nearby)
W: (Holds out a phone that isn’t his) Huh, catchy ringtone (Answers it) Yes?
Jordy_Dash: (See’s W holding the phone right suivant to him) W, why do toi have Onyx’s phone
W: Oh, this is her phone? Oh, maybe I just happened to walk up behind her in the crowd, and snatch the phone out of her back pocket. But that would be dumb
Jordy_Dash: (Damn it, he took the phone)
SeantheHegehog: toi know, toi really say Damn it a lot. I hear its good for your health, though.
W: But, I’ll be sure to return it to her once she’s out
Jordy_Dash: What do toi mean, return?
W: Well, toi see, the police came and took Onyx away
Jordy_Dash: What?
Onyx050569: (In a cell) So, how long am I gonna be here, because I have a photoshoot in an hour
Jordy_Dash: Why would toi do that
W: It was the only way to prove she wasn’t the seconde Killer. Don’t worry, we’re just gonna take her in for questioning. She’ll be out in thirty minutes, giveortake
(3 Days Later)
Onyx050569: Oh, this is too much to handle
W: (In voice changing microphone) Now, Onyx, tell us what toi know
Onyx050569: I don’t know anything
W: How do we know toi aren’t working with Killer
Mr.Brightside: W, are toi sure this is necessary
W: Who’s the worlds greatest detective here?
(Meanwhile, in the cell)
Onyx050569: LightningPrince?
LightningPrince: Yes, Onyx
Onyx050569: I want to forfeit ownership of the Death Note. I can’t risk information about Jord getting out
LightningPrince: (Shocked at first, but keeps calm) Very well, Onyx (Leaves)
W: (Finally stops arguing with Mr.Brightside) So, where were we?
Onyx050569: …. I’m sorry, what?
Jordy_Dash: So, if I forfeit ownership of the Death Note, I will forget about it entirely
SeantheHedgehog: Yep
Jordy_Dash: And I’m hearing this now, Why?
SeantheHedgehog: Because I just got around to giving a crap
LightningPrince: (Appears) Jordy_Dash
Jordy_Dash: (Not caring) Hi
LightningPrince: Onyx is in W’s custody because of you.
Jordy_Dash: Than just kill him
LightningPrince: No, toi are going to get her out yourself. If toi do not, I will kill toi (Holds his Death Note in his hand)
Jordy_Dash: (Sarcastically) Wow, what a great selection of choices. I guess I’ll save her
LightningPrince: Your damn right, toi will
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Derpy: salut cousin.. I got the money.

Saten: Really, ho-.. toi robbed another store didn't you?

Derpy: ... Maybe.

Saten: Derpy.. This isn't Fillydefia, toi can't go around robbin-

Derpy: Maybe toi can't.. But unlike you, I've been robbing sense I was a little girl, remember?

Saten: Yes.. Some seem to think that I'm a bad influence on you.

Derpy: (laughs) Oh please.. When I found you. toi were pathetic.. I made toi tougher.

Saten: Yes.. But toi ALSO made me into a drunken pot head.

Derpy: Well, who ISN'T in our family (drinks Volga).

Suddenly Master Sword appears, covered in red, and holding a small knife.

Sword: Good news Saten.. I dealt with that that guy that made fun of toi earlier.

Saten: Uhh.. G -Good to know.

Derpy: toi know Sword.. There's a Carly girl might have things in common with.. Your both.. Something.

Sword: (cleaning blood off the knife) What makes toi say that?
Glaze: Here's your stuff (hands over a bag of weed).

Saten: Thanks Mrs WoodenToaster, wanna smoke it with me?

Glaze: No thanks, I don't smoke that stuff anymore.. This isn't high school.

Saten: Maybe not to YOU.

Glaze: Whatever.. Usual price.. $280.

Saten: Sure, here (hands her the money).

Glaze: Thank yo-.. This is 2 dollars!

Saten: I'm a little low on cash, okay.

Glaze: Low on cash!?.. What, did toi spend it all bière again?

Saten: No.. I realized.. If there's the risk of becoming my father.. It's probably time to stop drinking.

Glaze: Ahh... Some could say that jour came and went after toi gave yourself...
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Typical car chase in San Franciscolt is typical. Pierce, and Bob were crossing the Golden Neigh Bridge.

Pierce: *Sees Bob behind him in the Oldsmobile*
Bob: *Passing a tanker, and a mail van*
Pierce: *A light bulb appears over him as he comes up with an idea* Where did this come from? *Takes the light bulb, and throws it at a car*
Mare: *In a Buick, freaking out as the bulb hits the front of her car. She swerves, and crashes into a truck*
Stallion: *Flips the truck over*
Bob: *Stops, inches from the truck*
Pierce: That'll take a long time to clean up. *Over the Golden Neigh Bridge*

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 Mare colline Asylum
Mare Hill Asylum
,"so do toi wanna go?" arc en ciel Dash asked. Fluttershy gave a confused look ,"where?" Dash facehoof'd at her Friends question ,"to the asylum..." ,"oh um sure" and with that the two trotted their way out of ponyville and towards Mare colline where the asylum was. ,"what was up with toi earlier?" RD questioned her shy friend and Flutters took in a deep breath ,"I knew somepony who got sent to it..." Rainbow's eye widened ,"are they still alive?" she asked interested in the moment. ,"yes, i won't say where they are now though" Dash just shrugged not caring much about that part. a few minutes and...
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Jordy_Dash: So, L, any idea on what we should do about this seconde Killer
W: I’m not thinking yet. I gotta drink my thé (Sips tea) ……….. Okay, now, believe that the seconde Killer is able to kill anyone he wants, and in a matter of secondes too. However, is the seconde Killer is willing to follow your rules, then I doubt he’ll kill innocent people. However, we’ll need two people to investigate, so that they can identify the seconde Killer.
Jordy_Dash: Well, if toi don’t mind, I would like to volunteer
W: Hmm… yes, very good. Now, if we could have someone else join
Izfankirby: Me
W: It...
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Theme Song

Jordy_Dash: (With W at the tennis court) So, tell me, For-Thirty. Were toi raised in the United States
W: Unfortunately, yes. But, thats all I can tell you. Now, why did toi bring me out here
Jordy_Dash: I thought we could play a friendly game of tennis
W: … Okay, I know we met, so, I’ll keep calm when I tell toi this. I hate tennis
Jordy_Dash: Oh, what’s the matter, are toi afraid
W: (Now plus angry) Give me a raquette (Takes raquette and moves to his side of the court) (Now, lets see here. If I know anything about Killer, it’s that he...
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