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I've been planning to do this for a while but I never really got around to it. Surprisingly, it took A LOT plus thinking for me to decide for my worst actrices liste than it did my best actrices list. jouer la comédie is amazing for some people and unfortunately some lack any ability to act at all. And this will be my personal opinion on who I consider to be the worst and the best actrices I've ever seen. Now, keep in mind that this is all opinion based and feel free to create your own article on this subject. Also, eventually I will be doing my article of my haut, retour au début 10 best and worst actors, although...
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posted by HollyWoodBigFan
 Nikea Gamby-Turner
Nikea Gamby-Turner
If you’ve been hiding under a rock lately and haven’t seen Steven Soderbergh's Liberace bio-pic “Behind the Candelabra” on HBO – you’re missing some amazing performances. Actress NIKEA GAMBY-TURNER had a front row siège to not only watch the magic but also participate in what is likely to be a front-runner during suivant year’s awards season.

Nikea has been making a name for herself in Hollywood, turning small roles into big opportunities. She’s worked with some major A-listers and is quickly becoming a sought after character actress. It’s not been an easy road, having to take...
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It's been a while since I last made another movie article (2 years, to be exact). I'd like to contribute to this club once plus par making a liste of my favourite superhero movies. And with The Green Lantern and Captain America: the First Avenger finally playing in theaters, and The Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises coming up, I'll be sure to post reviews about some of them after I've seen them! ;)

Without further ado, here they are in no particular order.

1: Iron Man (2008).

In it's opening weekend, Iron Man grossed $98,618,668 in 4,105 theaters across the United States and Canada,...
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posted by whatsupbugs
In 2018, the classic Disney film Mary Poppins got a sequel called Mary Poppins Returns. I have such strong feelings on this film that I felt like sharing how I felt in a full review.

The Plot

The Banks family, a widowed dad and his three kids, are dealing with the loss of the mom of the house being gone and their house at risk of being taken away. Thankfully, Mary Poppins arrives and teaches the family how to deal with their family loss in a respectable and meaningful away. She, along with a lamplighter, helps the family with their mission of saving their house from the greedy Mr. Wilkins....
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 Jenni Melear
Jenni Melear
It’s 1977 and four college Friends who parted ways years il y a have reunited for what’s supposed to be a raucous bachelor party. Instead, time has brought a few changes and they find themselves on a treasure hunt down Kentucky’s bluegrass bourbon trail. The story starts simple and slowly unfolds into a twisted maze of greed, guilt and murder.

This is “Bullitt County” -- the new indie film currently in limited theaters par AMC Independent and set to launch on VOD/DVD in early 2019.

Keeping up with the men, the only female amongst the once tight-knit group is the wiseass Robin -- played...
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 Nyle Lynn
Nyle Lynn
New Yorkers l’amour a good pizza. It’s a classic taste of the city -- and so are the owners of the local pizzeria shops. But, what happens when toi get a well-intentioned younger generation moving into the neighborhood and looking for a change?

This culture clash is the subject of the indie short film “The Kids Menu,” pitting a young mother (Nyle Lynn) on a mission to get a kids-friendly menu against a steadfast, traditional pizzeria owner ("Soprano's" favori Vincent Pastore).

Directed par Paul Borghese and penned par Richard Vetere, the film has become a stand-out on the festival circuit,...
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posted by mrcodegeass
Suicide Squad is a DC film that was directed par David Ayer. The film has lots of fans, but the film was highly disliked par critics. I personally think that the film is great. This article is about discussing various things that the film did a great job at.

The first thing about the film that's worth noting is that it's such a unique film. A lot of films are about very morally responsible Heroes ou flawed people who eventually become great people. Although films like that can be heartwarming and inspiring I feel that there should be films that are entertainment instead of lessons. Suicide Squad...
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 Sally Maersk
Sally Maersk
Danish actress link has emerged as a fast rising étoile, star on the American indie film festival circuit.

Most recently, her talents have been on full display starring as a sister fighting for survival after an alien invasion in link; and starring in the titre role of the experimental musical link, based on the real-life model and singer.

Sally originally made her way to America to study at the renowned California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), and she’s been building a solid reputation and resume ever since.

Sally Maersk recently took time to answer a few questions:

Tell us about your role in BEYOND...
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posted by Windrises
I watched The Lego Batman Movie. It's a 2017 animated film that's a spin off of The Lego Movie. Is this Batman film hilarious and heartwarming ou is it a bad comedy film? Please read the review to find out.


Batman (Bruce) is still sad about his parents being gone and because of that is a loner. Robin wants to be Batman's son. Also the Joker is putting Gotham City in danger. It's up to Batman to accept Robin as his son and stop the Joker.

The film has both silly and drama scenes. The drama of Batman dealing with his parents being gone and moving on to a new family is well done, but the...
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 Salina Duplessis
Salina Duplessis
Actress/Filmmaker Salina Duplessis brings her award-winning dark comedy short film “My Name is Karma” to the Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles on February 7th.

The film earned ‘Best Comedy Short Film’ when it premiered at the Urban MediaMakers Film Festival and is quickly becoming an audience favorite.

I had a chance to interview Salina to find out plus about her directorial debut, “My Name is Karma”.

Tell us about “My Name Is Karma.”

SALINA: MY NAME IS KARMA follows the young and seemingly successful Robin Clarke, whose only downfall is her deadbeat boyfriend, Garrett (Rashod...
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posted by BellatrixCissy
here's all of the films i saw and liked not in any order lol

New Moon
Harry Potter and sorcer stone
Harry potter and chanmber of secrets
harry potter and prisoner of azkaban
harry potter and the goblet of fire
harry potter and the order of the phoenix
harry potter and the half blood prince
corpse bride
nightmare before christmas
sweeney todd the demon barber of fleet street
willy wonka and the chocolat facotry
charlie and the chocolat factory
little mermaid
finding nemo
alice in wonderland 2010
These are some of my favori romantic moments. In no particular order:

1. Little Women Friedrich and Jo

Jo runs out to thank him for her book. He proposes, she accepts, then he says- "But I have nothing to give you. My hands are empty." she puts her hand in his with the reply, "Not empty now."

2. The Family Stone Ben and Meredith

Parked in the car he talks about this cute dream he had about her. Then they simply just sit in comfortable silence.

3. Persuasion (1995) Wentworth and Anne

Seeming to forget his umbrella he brings a note to her attention giving her a hopeful, nervous expression (and it's...
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Not too long il y a I made an article about my haut, retour au début 20 favori films of ALL-TIME, so I thought I'd do the same for what I consider to be the WORST films ever made. Also, with a lot of these movies, I've discovered that they broke a rule that I strongly believe that every character has a personality no matter how poorly done they are unless they're VERY minor characters with one of two lines. In turns out toi can be so bad that toi don't give a character personality in several of these movies. If toi enjoy any of these movies, that's fine, this is just my personal opinion. Please comment, but...
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Well, I a dit I would get to my best and worst actors article and I did. These are in my opinion the best and worst actors and if toi saw my best and worst actrices liste you'll know how this works. I will provide a link to the actor jouer la comédie and will montrer honorable and dishonorable mentions. If toi like the actors on the worst list, please don't take offense to this, it's just my personal opinion. Everything about this article is CLEARLY opinion based, so please be polite. Please commentaire to let me know what toi think, just don't be rude about it.

The Worst

If you've watched the Nostalgia...
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Just in time for Valentine’s Day…the new traditional romance film “Old Fashioned” is hitting theaters.

Actress Anne Marie Nestor hopes to heal her broken cœur, coeur in this new indie from writer, director and étoile, star Rik Swartzwelder. “Old Fashioned” tells the story of traditional courtship between a former frat boy, who gives up his reckless lifestyle, and a free-spirited young woman with a restless soul.

I recently caught up with Anne Marie to find out more.

Tell us about your role in “Old Fashioned.”

ANNE MARIE: I play the role of Kelly, the lead character Clay's (Swartzwelder) college...
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Tim Burton's First Breakout movie was Beetlejuice; His wife/partner played an evil witch in Harry Potter named Bellatrix -On the Constellation Orion- Beetleguise and Bellatrix are the two brightest twin stars on his belt.

Janet Leigh is best remembered for Psycho and was a scream Queen of her time. Her daughter Jamie Lee Curtis is best known for Halloween and was also a scream Queen ( they appear together in horror flicks " The Fog" and Halloween H20).

There are two rebellious " Ariel's" in two 80's flicks that liked to betray their fathers wishes: Ariel Moore in 1984's " Footloose" and Princess...
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 Sarah Skeist
Sarah Skeist
Ever wonder what it would be like to flirt with Owen Wilson? How about Ed Helms? Do toi think toi could keep a straight face?

Well, that’s exactly what actress SARAH SKEIST did for her latest role in the Warner Bros. road-trip comedy “FATHER FIGURES.”

The film follows two fraternal twin brothers (Owen and Ed) as they head out on a chercher for their father. This quest kicks off after their mom (played par Glenn Close) lets it slip that she’s not exactly sure who their ‘real’ dad is. Sarah joins in as a fun and flirty Flight Attendant the guys meet along the way.

Previously, toi might...
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The Secret Life of Pets is a 2016 animated film that was made par the people that made Despicable Me. The film stars Louis C. K., Jenny Slate, Kevin Hart, and Albert Brooks.

The Plot:

Max is a dog who had a happy life with his owner Katie until Katie gets a seconde pet named Duke. Max and Duke start off as rivals who get Lost from home, but eventually team up and try to get home. Gidget, a dog that has a crush on Max tries to find Max and a villainous bunny named Snowball is after Max.

The main plot of Max and Duke is okay, but Gidget's scenes are what make the film good. The subplot of Gidget...
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posted by Windrises
Masterminds is a 2016 comedy film. The film stars Zach Galifianakis, Kristen Wiig, and Owen Wilson. The film got mostly bad reviews which is normal for comedy films. The film is a adaption of real life events. I'm not joking.

The Plot:

David Ghantt (Zach Galifianakis) is a Loomis Fargo worker. Despite being engaged he has a crush on of his co-workers (Kristen Wiig). His crush has a greedy friend (Owen Wilson) who wants to rob Loomis Fargo. David robs Loomis Fargo and tries to get his crush to rendez-vous amoureux, date him and avoid getting arrested.

The plot of this film is actually good. The plot is unique enough...
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posted by Windrises
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Out of the Shadows is a 2016 action film. It's the sequel to the 2014 Turtles film. I was eager to watch this film, because it's the first turtles film to have Krang, but is this film good?

The Plot:

It's up to the 4 turtles along with April and Casey to stop Krang from taking over the world. Well there's plus going on than that. Some of the side plots include: the turtles not getting along with each other and Casey trying to prove he can be a quality detective. Plus there's Krang's helpers.

The Krang storyline is cool despite the film focusing too much on Krang's...
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