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Opinion by LisaForde posted il y a plus d’un an
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Ok so here is a little review of films that I saw and didn’t like.

#1 Just Like Heaven

Ok seriously who in their own mind would fall in l’amour with a dead woman OMG how stupid was this movie. It stars my favourite actress(Reese Witherspoon) and I have no idea why she signed up for this depressing romantic comedy. Sure its funny here and there but I was disappointed with this movie.

#2 Stardust

Ok I know a lot of people probably like this movie but I for one found it depressing and disgusting(did toi see the part where the wicked Queen cut off the king’s penis OMG it was such a horrible film. Give me Il était une fois anyday instead of this crap.

#3 Just My Luck

Horrible film. Lindsay Lohan stars in this romantic comedy about a woman who loses her good luck to a loser played par Chris Pine. Seriously why the hell did they make this stupid movie all about luck WHO CARES.

#4 Kung Fu Panda
Article by Persephone713 posted il y a plus d’un an
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" the wide world of cinema"
films films

Gone With the Wind
Wizard of Oz
Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion chant
because, because, because

films Movies

Norman killed Marion in the douche cause his mom's a weirdo

films Movies

Brody's last one standing saying " Smile toi son of a Bitch!"

films Movies

Everyone in Haddonfield gets killed cause Michael's no where to be seen

films Movies

étoile, star Wars
Breakfast Club
Han + Leia, Claire + Bender don't know if they're in love

films Movies

The Little Mermaid
Beauty and the Beast
both lived happily ever after with a prince to say the least

films Movies

Jack and Rose explored the ship before the iceberg caused a panic

films Movies
Guide by jony02 posted il y a plus d’un an
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films originated in the form of silent movies, which depicted everyday tasks of life performed par ordinary people. Gradually, as cinema evolved, filmmakers categorized the different films based on plot and characterization, and films began to be made on a particular theme. Nowadays, with the prevalence of internet, toi can download films based on your favori theme in quite a small amount of time. These themes ou genres have now become an important aspect of film-making.

The liste of genres is quite long, but some of the main genres are horror, action, comedy, adventure, epics ou historical movies, dramas, crime ou gangster movies, science fiction, musicals, western and war films. Action films are usually big budget films which are full of high-energy physical stunts and chases. They include battles, fights, rescues, non stop motion, destructive crisis ou spectacular rhythm and pacing. Normally, in an action film, good guys battle with bad guys.

Among the most populaire downloads are the adventure movie downloads. These films contain a dose of excitement and depict exotic settings ou new experiences. These include disaster films, traditional...
Review by nightrider posted il y a plus d’un an
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I just saw INCEPTION and here is my review on it:

Inception, the highly anticipated sci-fi epic from Christopher Nolan, finally arrives. I’ve been waiting for this movie for a quite a long time now (maybe two years). And I am gonna throw some statements out there that might seem outlandish ou ridiculous, but trust me, after toi see this movie, toi will definitely be on my side.
Let’s get these statements out there shall we..... Inception is not only Chris Nolan’s masterpiece; it is one of the best films I have EVER seen. I honestly mean that and I do not say this very often. And also, Inception IS BETTER than The Dark Knight.

Where shall I begin people? Inception is so damn CREATIVE! A movie like this RARELY ever comes around the band. This is the first time probably since The Dark Knight (which was made par the same guy) where I literally sat in my siège with my jaw dropped to the ground like I just found out I was adopted!

The visuals are outstanding! I literally could not believe what I was seeing on the screen. It was INCREDIBLE! The musique is FANTASTIC! Hans Zimmer is the man when it comes to musique in movies. His score...
Review by doctor-reid posted il y a plus d’un an
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Ok, so here I am, sitting on my laptop, browsing on Amazon, searching for a movie I recently watched. I find it and decide to take a quick look at the reviews and I have to say that I did not like what I saw. When I say that I enjoyed this film, it appears that I am in the minority.

The film in question? Dreamcatcher, a horror/thriller based on the novel par Stephen King.

The main cast includes:
Jonesy (Damian Lewis; ‘Band of Brothers’& ‘Life’)
Beav (Jason Lee; ‘My Name is Earl’ & ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks’)
Pete (Timothy Olyphant; ‘A Perfect Getaway’ & ‘Deadwood’)
Henry (Thomas Jane; ‘Deep Blue Sea’ & ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’)

I read copious amounts of bad reviews, calling it the worst movie ever made and other phrases of similar nature, all of which told other possible viewers to never watch it. Sure, it may not be ‘Avatar’, but while it’s not an Oscar-winning piece of film, I found it a pretty good watch. It combines horror and action with some light comedy to bring to life the novel that King wrote when he was recovering from...
Opinion by disney505218 posted il y a plus d’un an
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20.Jacob Black (The Twilight Saga)

To start this off, I'm a teenage girl. So my hormones will have a lot of influence on this list. But I have weird hormones, which should be another warning...anyway, I'm Team Jacob. He's hot, he's sweet, he's friendly...he's basically the perfect guy. Besides the werewolf thing, obviously.
Why so low?- He has no real super-powers and takes part in a series that's not that great.

19.Joe (Princess Diaries)

I l’amour JOE!!!!! Just hearing his name makes me happy!!! Although he's never the lead male in any of the Princess Diaries movies, he always contributes and moves the plot forward. He's really loyal and he's a good bodyguard. Plus, he gets Julie Andrews at the end of the 2nd film. JULIE ANDREWS.
Why so low?-He's a sidekick/lacky. He needs a little plus heroism to get higher.

18.Basil (The Great souris Detective)

Who doesn't l’amour Basil, honestly? He's awesome! Plus, who knew that a cartoon souris could be hot? But that's beside the point. He's a great detective ( like Sherlock Holmes ;) ), smart, clever, brave, and a good person. And British, which earns some points....
List by BellatrixCissy posted il y a plus d’un an
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here's all of the films i saw and liked not in any order lol

New Moon
Harry Potter and sorcer stone
Harry potter and chanmber of secrets
harry potter and prisoner of azkaban
harry potter and the goblet of fire
harry potter and the order of the phoenix
harry potter and the half blood prince
corpse bride
nightmare before christmas
sweeney todd the demon barber of fleet street
willy wonka and the chocolat facotry
charlie and the chocolat factory
little mermaid
finding nemo
alice in wonderland 2010

Review by popdrive posted il y a plus d’un an
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Nevaville - next generation online live event marketplace
Zindy Laursen is a Danish American singer, songwriter, performer, model and actress.

After beginning her career with the Danish band Smallstars that performed Laursen's original tunes, Laursen made her télévision debut in 1992 on Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, the Danish preselection program for the Eurovision Song Contest, which earned her a seconde place finish. This paved the way for Laursen's rise to a lead singer in the dance/pop group Cut 'N' Move. Already well known in Denmark, the group sold over one million copies of their single, "Give It Up" (a KC and the Sunshine Band cover), from their album Peace, l’amour & Harmony. Their suivant album, The Sound of Now, was also a hit, and propelled Laursen and the band on tours of Scandinavia, Germany, England, Scotland, France, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Austria and Australia.

Laursen has now teamed with Nevaville - the suivant generation of online live event marketplace! The company is the brain child of New Yorker's 23 years old Joswell Neva Valdez, Paolo Marchica and David Catorred who combined have worked with the likes of D-Block Latino, Homestead Editorial, CBS Sports, Dancer/Choregrapher Tommy Tune, and violinist...
Opinion by disney505218 posted il y a plus d’un an
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1.The renard and the Hound

-There are two reasons this movie could make a person cry. First off, the ending. It's heartwarming, and bittersweet. The story between the two chiens really is something that could make a grown cry. But not me. What did it for me was the song, "Goodbye May Last Forever". Honestly, what kind of a Disney movie is this that would make such a dead depressing song in it? And the faces of the old lady and Todd are heartbreaking. The old ladies face is of sadness and remorse, while the fox's face is just happy and curious. That is, until he realizes what is happening to him. Plus, I have a huge fear of things ending...it's one of the few themes that can make me cry like a baby...and now the relationship between these two characters is over. And they sing a sad song about it. So cruel.-

-I saw this when I was a 14 an old teenage girl. It wouldn't be human for me to not cry. With an heure and a half to get aquainted with these characters, it's hard not to grow attatched. Then suddenly Titanic hits. And, call me heartless,...
Opinion by LisaForde posted il y a plus d’un an
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Ok im bored so here is a liste of actors that sang in movies.

Kirsten Dunst: Get over it /Spiderman 3. She’s not a bad singer.

Reese Witherspoon:Walk The Line.I l’amour her chant voice.

Joaquin Phoneix:Walk The line.Too bad his turned to rap music

Eddie Murphy: Shrek I,II,III: Believe ou not but this guy was actually a sing back in the 80’s . One song he sang was Party all the time. His good btw.

Zac Efron HSM II & III/Hairspray: I like his chant as we hear him chant in part II of HSM as he never sang in Part I of the franchise.

John Travolta: Grease/Hairspray/Bolt: Although Bolt isn’t a musical but he sang the end song with Miley Cyrus. His quite good too.

Mel Gibson: Pocahontas. I never knew that he could sing so well.

Amy Adams: Ms Pettigrew lives for a day/Enchanted:
This girls voice is quite excellent, she’s a good singer.

Patrick Dempsey: Enchanted. When I heard him chant to Adams in Il était une fois I was in shock to hear him chant a bit of the song So Close. His actually a good singer to be honest with toi all. Well done...
List by LisaForde posted il y a plus d’un an
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The Little Mermaid
My favourite films

Ok so here is a liste of films that I l’amour to watch over and over again. Note some of them are my least favourite so please enjoy and rate.(* is for least favs)

#1 Enchanted

#2 Anastasia

#3 The Lion King

#4 The Little Mermaid

#5 Walk The Line

#6 Maid in Manhattan

#7 Beauty & the Beast(don’t own it but I’ll probably get the DVD of it soon)

#8 27 Dresses

#9 Aquamarine

#10 13 going on 30

#11 Aladdin

#12 Tarzan

#13 Shrek 1 ou 2

#14 Herbie: Fully loaded*

#15 First Daughter

#16 A Cendrillon Story

#17 Spiderman 1 ou 2

#18 Night at the Museum II

#19 Snow White*

#20 The Parent Trap

#21 Princess Diaries II

#22 Pocahontas

#23 cygne Princess

#24 High School Musical III: Senior Year
Opinion by kikavika13 posted il y a plus d’un an
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So toi went for a romantic movie. toi watch the whole thing, except for the toilet break. And the ending is just the same like 3 films toi seen before. WHY? It does have a reason. Romantic films are for people that l’amour romance and live for happy endings. Happy ending is a thing that make the movie a good romantic movie, in a way. It's plus a woman thing, than a man thing. Happy ending is a RULE of romantic films and adds Romance to the movie. Just like an action movie needs loads of movement and action itself. dessins animés MUST be animated. Comedy needs to be funny. films are for entreating people. films have a rating, but there is NO POINT going to an action movie, rated par a Girly Girl. Also, if a Romantic movie is rated par a man, it will not give a good effect.

KikaVika/MultiCartoonlover for Fanpop
Opinion by Persephone713 posted il y a plus d’un an
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This is just something I have noticed over my years of watching cinema. I started watching films when I was two years old. I am now 21. I grew up watching the old Disney animated Classics long before Pixars domination. I am the only grand-daughter on my mothers side with a younger brother and four boy cousins so it wasnt long before I watched étoile, star Wars- the Original Trilogy. I enjoyed them very much. Your always intimidated par the bad guys when toi are little but then when toi get older, toi feel for them ou wonder " what would the dark side be like, anyone can be good?" Same with the Disney classics, of course toi always like the antagonists, but when I watch it now, I wonder things like " Hmm... what if Gaston got his wish and Belle became his wife, ou what if Ariel never got her voice back and Ursula ruled the Seas?" Things like that. But Im getting off track. When I say " old things have to be replaced," Im talking about a trend I have noticed in the media. When they say Things like " Avatar is the suivant étoile, star Wars" ou " Twilight is the suivant Harry Potter" ou when we realize that we wont be seeing much of 2D animation anymore and all computer. Heck even TV has been replaced with...
Opinion by Senecane posted il y a plus d’un an
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I looked around and didn't see a review for this, plus it's one of my favori all time films so I decided to write a review.

Every once in a while, someone makes a movie that kicks toi in the stomach and leaves toi breathless and thinking. 'Requiem For A Dream' is one of those. It's a sad, scary, excellent, grim, disturbing, well-made movie. I'm one of those people, who hear that a movie is disturbing and shocking, want to see it even faster. For the aesthetic of it.

This movie is one of the most amazing creations I have ever seen. In the beggining of the movie, everything is so vibrant, full of life. As the story progresses, in the end, all that is left is despair. This is not your usual 'drugs are bad, never do them' movie. It's so much more. Darren requested both Jared and Marlon to give up sugar and sex for thirty days, just so they could understand the overwhelming craving. This obviously makes their performances even plus amazing, it gives a plus realistic edge and makes it painfully real.
Opinion by dramaqueen00 posted il y a plus d’un an
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I have seen lots of films but this one is AWESOME!!!! This is about a girl named Alice who stumbles into the magical world of wonderland for the seconde time. She soon realizes that shes not in a dream that shes been having since she was a little girl & Wonderland needs her.
This movie is the perfect mixture of real and fantasy. In the begining she is a normal girl with a normal life. But then all changes when she falls down the rabbit hole. She has to face all sorts of creatures like the jabberwocky(?) and the red queen. But Friends come along the way. Like the mad hatter and the white queen.
My favori character is the mad hatter. I believe Johnny Depp was genius in this movie. He played his character so perfectly. He fit this role really well.
This movie was really good and i encourage toi all to see it.

Opinion by AnnaSmiley posted il y a plus d’un an
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Hey, guys! :D I am Ann and I'm 13 and I have a huge problem.
I can't really remember the name of my childhood favori movie. -.- :D cause it was a long time ago! I know the name of it in my language and all the scenes from it. Pls help! Here are some hints:

Help me name a movie.
It's about 2 sisters whose mum died. Their father is teaching in a school. One night, a troll (or some mysterious creature) comes to their house and lead them into a ship. I think that there's a mermaid on the deck. And, there, the older sister gets the prettiest stuff and the younger one looks like a peasant. And, in a land, they get some assigments. I remember going to the half taureau, bull half man thing. And medusa. And "what is this? in the morning it walks par 4 feet, in the noon par 2, and in the evening par 3?" thing happens. And once they are in a land...meeting a unicorn, and they gave him a golden apple. I remember them wearing prettiest white dresses. And, in the end, they are fighting the bad trolls. and I remember they had to walk over hot things (the trolls). In the completely ending, they are back accueil and they were all like "OH! What a dream I had!"...so the younger...
Fan fiction by EdwardxBella4ev posted il y a plus d’un an
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I have to say right off that though Edward is totally sexy and has the perfectly gentlemanly like character, Bella is my favori person in the Twilight Saga.

The reason why is powered at the end of every book. If toi read carefully and really look at it, Bella is the real hero in each book, but she never acknowledges it, she gives Edward all the credit, she's endlessly selfless.

In Twilight, everyone turned out fine (except Bella, the real hero) because Bella went to the ballet studio and faced James. If she had never done that, out of being misguided ou otherwise, then Edward would have picked her up, and then they would have to run all their lives from James. I know, you're thinking what's so bad about that? Well, Bella would've missed Charlie and Renee, and since Edward was dead set against changing her in Twilight, she would've died. Bella saved herself from that fate and Edward from that loneliness.

In New Moon, Edward lived to see Bella again because she jumped off a cliff. Many people think that Edward lived to see her again because she went to Volterra and saved his sorry cul, ass (I'm sorry, I can never forgive the New Moon Edward).
Opinion by shannon9396 posted il y a plus d’un an
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Twilight trailer
Now that the full trailer for 'The Twilight Saga's' newest installment is here, we can't help but notice the similarities between the previews for 2008's 'Twilight,' last year's sequel 'New Moon' and the upcoming summer release, 'Eclipse.'

Each trailer includes sweeping shots of the Pacific Northwest (Oh, was this filmed on location?), faux-sexual tension between the leads illustrated with a shot of Edward getting all up in Bella's grill (so to speak), and piano musique transitioning into thumping basse, bass to introduce the Supernatural (thanks, 'Harry Potter' trailers).

Are the 'Twilight' editors using the same seven-item checklist to churn out these trailers? Maybe this is what it looks like.


Sweeping shots of the Pacific Northwest? Check. Did toi know they have nature there? Tons of it! Just look at that deer!
Close-up shots of Brooding R.Patz and his lady love? Check. We could drown in their moon eyes.
Opinion by LisaForde posted il y a plus d’un an
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B-Bennie and the jets. A funny rom com about a woman who was a bridesmaid 27 times, is in love with her boss but he loves her wild sassy sister,while a cynical reporter is using her for an article about always a bridesmaid and never a bride.Katherine Heig
Since tommorow is Valentine's jour im gonna tell toi what my fav romantic comedies are:

1. Enchanted

A cartoon maiden comes to life and falls in l’amour with a handsome attorney.

What I like about it

I l’amour the chemistry between Dempsey and Adams and the story is cute.Also I l’amour the romance and the connection they had.

2.27 Dresses

A woman who is always a bridesmaid and never a bride has the hots for her boss and a cynical reporter tries to blackmail her but romance blossoms.

Very funny and I like the chemistry here too.

3. 13 going on 30

A 13 yr old wishes to be older and plus populaire and ends up as a 30 yr old the suivant morning.

A cute film with a nice story about accepting who toi are and that been an adult isn't that great.

Guide by tatajackson posted il y a plus d’un an
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1. "We're obsolete? No way!"

Hard to believe, but movie theaters have been holding their own, despite intense competition from cable, the Internet and other media. After a 2005 slump, box office revenue increased over the past few years, and it's likely 2009 will have set a new record. But that growth is due largely to inflation; the number of tickets bought has stayed close to 1.4 billion since 2005, while the average ticket price has climbed from $6.41 to $7.46.

plus from SmartMoney.com:

• Coming to a Theater Near You: The Snack Police

• Video Store Closed? The Best Way to Rent Now

• Is Web TV Worth It?

Looking for new ways to make money, theaters are exploring options like plus in-house advertising and expanded concessions. But the biggest potential lies in digital technology and the flexibility it affords programming. For starters, events like live opera ou college bowl games can draw 75 percent capacity on slow days, when theaters are usually "lucky to fill 10 percent of their seats," says Richard Herring, consultant for Davidson Theaters in Virginia. The trend is still young: Just a quarter of...
Opinion by LoveDraco123 posted il y a plus d’un an
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Well, I decided to make a liste of my favori movies. There is no specific order ou anything so here goes...

The Sixth Sense (Actually, this IS my favori movie so yes, it's number 1)

Exorcism of Emily Rose

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Ocean's 11, 12 and 13

The Bourne Trilogy

The Godfather

The Dark Knight



Spiderman (First movie only)

Mean Girls

Kung Fu Panda

Finding Nemo


Monsters Inc.



The Lion King (Oo, defo. =P)
Opinion by LisaForde posted il y a plus d’un an
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Hannah Montana: Worst Ending

Best movie endings

The Little Mermaid



Beauty and the Beast

13 going on 30

why I like the endings to these?

Because it has a happy ending.

Worst Endings

Just like Heaven


Just my luck

Hannah Montana the movie

Kate & Leopold

Ok I did like the movie of Hannah Montana but Why could Miley choose both ..............the tagline obviously says : She has the best of both worlds now she has to choose one.....

List by LisaForde posted il y a plus d’un an
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Enchanted which starred Amy Adams is my fav film of 2007
Well since its near the end of the an I decided to liste my fav films from 2000-2009. Note this symbol (*) are my all time favs. Rate and commentaire as well as picking out your fav here on the liste and why toi like it?


The Emperor's new groove
Miss Congenialty*
Pokemon the 1st movie


Legally Blonde
The Princess Diaries*
The Wedding Planner


Maid in Manhattan*
Scooby Doo
A Walk to Remember*
Stuart Little 2


Bruce Almighty*
Lizzie Maguire movie
Cheaper par the Dozen*


requin Tale*
Spiderman 2*
Shrek 2*
A Cendrillon Story*
The Prince & Me
13 Going on 30*


Herbie : Fully Loaded

The Perfect Man*

Walk the line*

Opinion by tatajackson posted il y a plus d’un an
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Let's face it. We've all done our share of "dumping". Whether it's the, "Lets just be friends," ou the all too familiar, "It's not you, it's me," tactic, as long as you're not on the receiving end it becomes a question of, "How quickly can I get this over with, so I can déplacer on with my life?" Equally, all of us (yes even Brad Pitt) have experienced what it feels like to "be" dumped and the complex emotions that unexpectedly follow. If you're one of the fortunate souls that have managed to escape the throws of relationship hell, you'll probably fare better with renting the newest addition to the Rambo series. For the rest of toi who've at one time ou another gotten your hearts ripped out of your chests and stomped into a million pieces only to turn toi into unshaven, alcoholic hermits on the brink of starvation…this movie is dedicated to you.

Tom (Joseph-Gordon-Levitt) is a wanna-be architect turned professional greeting card writer whose life is thrown for a loop when he suddenly falls for the "new girl" Summer (Zooey Deschanel, Almost Famous). As one who appeared most certainly unattainable at first glance, Tom manages to charm her into what she coins as a, "casual...
Opinion by stephen9527 posted il y a plus d’un an
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Johnny Depp is one of my favori actors. Here, I want to montrer some of his classic films which I think should be his haut, retour au début 3. I got almost all his films with DVDs and backed up some great into my computer hard drive with a good DVD tool names WinX DVD Ripper Platinum which is indeed very useful. OK, now, get into the films.

Edward Scissorhands

Johnny Depp cooperated with his friend Tim burton a lot of times, such as Sleepy Hollow, Charlie and the chocolat Factory, but Edward Scissorhands is their first film worked together. Absolutely, it is an amazing and moving film. The hero is a robot who was created par an inventor. But, unfortunately, the old inventor died suddenly and leaving Edward with scissors in place of hands. What will Edward gonna to be? Although the touching sweet film shows us the cruelness of society especially for the different people, we still can feel the l’amour fairy inside our hearts. The music, scenery and video art are excellent, and Johnny Depp made a classic and memorable screen character in the movie history with his eyes and gestures acting. Do toi know the mysterious stories of snow? toi can get one from this film.