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After long waiting they brough out new season...of relife ReLIFE: Kanketsu-hen (Specials) Episode, eventhough im happy to see new season, but its a bit sad that this new season are specials that it will be complete after 4 episodes........i really wished to have this season a bit long, minimum 12 episodes, ou max 24...or 25 episodes.......he he he
well everything have to come to an end...!!!!!
if anyone like this animé and was waiting for new season just like me here is the link
hope u enjoy posté il y a 20 heures
link il y a 20 heures
applebear123 commenté…
do u read the manga?? il y a 11 heures
NagisaFurukawa- a dit …
So we did get D.Gray-Man Hallow and the series on going in Dub. And the manga on going as well. So anything is possible. I pray for Katsura Hoshino the creator of D.Gray-Man's health to be better than it ever was before. Not just for this Anime/Manga series. But because she is a human being like us. And i hate to see anyone die of a sickness for no reason really. posté il y a 11 jours
NagisaFurukawa- a dit …
I can't wait for SAO Sword Art Online Season 3. Hype! posté il y a 17 jours