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Hello wierdo2 here(in actuality i am normal)and welcome to fanpop and The Roman Camp!

Part 1 écriture Fan-fictions and opinions
Section A)Forums
1.The forums are where we keep multi-chapter fanfictions.There is a seperate area for oneshots,opinions,so dont put it there.
2.Please rate all stories to be sûr, sans danger to young fans.ex.rated T for Language.Well we wouldnt want younsters learning new vocab.
3.You MUST have a DISCLAIMER on anything toi right here so toi dont get sued for copyright infringement(i think thats the right word).
4.NO LEMONS.There are other sites for that so please keep it clean.(FYI lemons=sex)
Section B)Articles
1.No chapter stories here.(post those under forums)
3.Only post oneshots and opinions here.
Part 2 Commenting
1. Be nice.(a wise man whose name I dont remember once said"If toi dont have anything nice to say dont say anything".)
2.DO not preassure writers theyll update when they can.
3. DO NOT SPAM.It is a huge nuissance
Basically anyone can add RELEVANT of these.
PART3 Crossovers
1. Crossovers belong under forums(multi chapters)or articles(oneshots)
2. toi must give credit to BOTH people who own the two things bieng crossed over.