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A REALLY good fan-made musique video of "I Will Believe", from the "Inspired par Narnia" album. Great song. :)
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i will believe
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musique video
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The world of Narnia was finally destroyed some two hundred years later during the reign of King Tirian, son of King Erlian and seventh in descent from Rilian.
A talking ape named Shift constructed an elaborate conspiracy in a selfish attempt to change Narnia to his liking. par dressing a donkey named Puzzle in a lion's skin and claiming him to be Aslan, Shift began surreptitiously to gain control of the country, forcing inhabitants to do his bidding in the lion's name. He then made contact with the rulers of Calormen, inviting them to conquer Narnia for their mutual advantage. Calormene soldiers...
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 Barbara Kellerman as 'The Lady of Green Kirtle' and as 'The White Witch' from the BBC TV series, 1989 – 1990.
Barbara Kellerman as 'The Lady of Green Kirtle' and as 'The White Witch' from the BBC TV series, 1989 – 1990.
Some readers believe that the White Witch and the Lady of The Green kirtle, rapporté are the same person. So before toi disregard it, keep in mind that it is a possibility. Their are arguments for both sides. First off, two witches are mentioned par name in the Narnian books, the White Witch (Jadis, empress of Charn, ou the "White Lady") and the Lady of the Green kirtle, rapporté (or "the Green Lady"). Long after Lewis's death, character sketches appeared in later editions of the livres that seem to indicate that these two witches are the same, but these are not according to the auteur C.S. Lewis.

Proof that they...
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